Failure, by T.L. Jan 27, 2015

The other day my phone rang. I looked at who was calling and saw it was one of my main freelance clients (let's call him Jeff). My shoulders immediately tensed up and I became defensive and ready to have a conversation I wasn't looking forward to.

Life, by Banks Jan 26, 2015

Talking about your net worth can be awkward and confusing. It can easily be compared to watching your weight. Everyone loves to make goals for their current situation, but few actually consistently carry them out. Once you know how to calculate your net worth the first thing you will likely want to know is where do you compare with your peers.

Life, by Banks Jan 23, 2015

The president's yearly salary has increased just five times and a total of $375,000 since George Washington took office.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Jan 22, 2015

Know the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage: who can get one and what is it used for?

Life, by Sarah K. Jan 20, 2015

As someone who’s never met a fitness trend she didn’t like, I find myself constantly tempted by these new options — often to the tune of more than $20 a class. I drop in to huff, puff, and sweat with the best of them, though I only recently realized the true cost of my exercise habit.

Life, by Natalie H. Jan 19, 2015

We have all been there… Your neighbor just got a shiny new car, and it’s gleaming in the driveway. Your friend bought the latest electronic gadget that makes cappuccino for him every morning. You feel like a loser and the green-eyed envy monster has got you bad. No one likes this feeling, so what can you do to control it?

Failure, by Catherine Alford Jan 16, 2015

Just the other night, my husband asked me for an update on our finances. He’s a second-year medical school student, so he has zero time to manage our bills and accounts. That’s my job, and I love that he trusts me to take care of all of our day-to-day finances. During this conversation, we started talking about how far we’ve come financially and shook our heads in shame at some of the biggest mistakes we’ve made with our money since we’ve been together. It’s truly incredible how much we know now compared to what we knew then. If I could rewind time, here are the two mistakes that I’d go back and reverse:

Life, by Banks Jan 15, 2015

Finding ways to motivate ourselves and others will be a constant lifetime challenge. We can only rely on so much coffee. It’s a feeling that is hard to understand and sometimes even more difficult to replicate.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Jan 14, 2015

Many people looking to purchase a home have questions about how a mortgage works.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Jan 13, 2015

Sure we wish we would have known to buy Apple stock, invested in Facebook, or maybe even not married that person. But rather than lamenting on what you didn’t know, the time is now to act on what you know now.