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AI-powered Personal Budgeting
A personal finance and budget app that makes it fun to create personal budgets to save more money.


Cleo is a personal finance and budget app that makes it fun to create personal budgets to save more money. You can easily ask for information about your expenses or finances through the AI-powered Cleo app, and Cleo will quickly respond to you. Unlike other bots, Cleo replies and motivates you in an original way, including jokes and memes.

What is Cleo?

Cleo is a mobile to help you manage your personal budget and save money. Let’s review what you can do after you have downloaded the Cleo app.

Cleo App Key Features

Create a Budget

Cleo is an AI-powered budgeting app that makes it easy and more fun for you to create budgets and manage your personal finances. You can ask Cleo about your spending on certain items, weekly or monthly spend or bills that are coming to see if you can afford the next expense. She can also advise you if you are over-pacing or overspending on specific categories once you have created your budget.

Save Money

After you have created your personal budget, you get the help of Cleo to stick to it. So, for example, if you decided to spend $50 on coffee per month and are at risk of overspending for a particular month, the Cleo app will give you a heads up. And she will do it in a funny way, sometimes even including a funny meme. This helps you keep up with your savings goals in a way that is effortless and more fun.

Get a Salary Advance

The Cleo app also allows you to get small cash advances between $20 and $100 for those times where you may need extra cash between paychecks. To access this feature, you will need to set the Cleo wallet and connect a bank account. Once you can see the “Salary Advance” feature in the Cleo app, you can request one and see if you are eligible and how much money you qualify for. Then, you can pick to repay the amount between 3 and 28 days after receiving the cash advance, and the funds will be in your account in 4 days or for an extra $3.99 on the same day. To access the salary advance feature, you will have to sign up for Cleo Plus, which costs $5.99 per month or $72 per year.

Build Credit

The Cleo app also gives you an option to get a credit builder card. With no interest and no credit checks, this credit builder card is specially designed for people looking to improve their credit scores. Having a good credit score is very important, as it can help you with things like accessing better interest rates on your loans. Once you unlock your card, you need to transfer money into a security deposit, and you can keep spending as you usually do. However, the Cleo app will ensure that you don’t spend more than your security deposit, avoiding going into debt and missing payments. Then, they will report these payments to the credit bureaus, helping you boost your credit scores over time.

The Cleo builder subscription costs $14.99 per month and gives you access to the card, cashback rewards, cash advances, and support with your credit.

How to Get Started with the Cleo App

The Cleo app is available for Android devices from the Google Play store and iOS devices from the Apple store. To get started, download the app from either and start saving with this AI-powered budgeting app.


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Why Us

Save Money

Make personal budgeting more fun with the Cleo app to achieve your future saving goals.

Get Salary Advances

Access cash advances when you need them with no interest and no credit check and repay them in 28 days.

Build Credit

Get a credit builder card to easily improve your credit and access the benefits of good credit scores.


Own Your Money

Download the Cleo app to make it fun to create budgets and save money, getting salary cash advances, and build credit using a credit builder card.

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It’s critical that young adults learn personal finance skills before they start earning substantial incomes, like writing a resume.
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