The Top 7 Apps To Save Money And Manage It

Using apps to save money can make your life easier in the future. For most adults, especially students just out of college, saving, budgeting, and tracking finances can look like a foreign language. Our primary and secondary education systems don’t exactly teach us how to open and manage a savings account, much less develop a budgeting schedule that makes sense for our current and future expenses. First thing first, before having an app, consider opening a savings account.

Best Apps To Save Money

Lending institutions bombard adults every day with faulty marketing schemes, making false promises about savings accounts and what they can offer people who need to get ahead of their bills. Apps to save money are controlled entirely by you. Thankfully, in the world of digital technology, there are mobile apps to save money here to assist you in budgeting and saving. Not part of any marketing agenda, these tools are unbiased and quite resourceful when it comes to hitting a certain saving goal.

Here are the top 7 apps that help you save and manage your money:

1. SmartCredit

SmartCredit allows you to access your online accounts, credit reports, scores, and identity theft alerts all in one place. Manage your finances from your phone or tablet with notifications on transactions or payment deadlines. With SmartCredit you are able to start communicating with your creditors right there in the app if you see anything alarming or need assistance.

2. Clarity Money

An iOS app that helps you cancel wasteful subscriptions and create a savings account from within the app, Clarity Money also alerts you if you are spending more than your inputted budget for the month. If you go to make a purchase that doesn’t fit the budget, the app will send you a notification.

3. Mint

Developed specifically to be a budgeting app, Mint creates a personalized budget based on the financial data you provide the app. It also sends you notes for how to reduce your monthly expenses, as well as displays your credit score so you can easily check it from your phone.

4. Mvelopes

Another budgeting app, Mvelopes, like Mint, is available for both iOS and Android users. This app helps you manage your money by setting up a monthly financial plan based on your income. Additionally, it helps you manage credit card bills plus eliminate hidden spending you might not be aware of at this time.

5. Unsplurge

Unsplurge is an iOS only app that lets you save for something you are looking forward to. Based on delayed gratification, Unsplurge forces you to save for something you are going to splurge on later. It’s a social app by nature, working with family and friends who act as your cheering section within the app’s chatroom.

6. Good Budget

Based on an envelope system of budgeting, Good Budget requires the user to start by placing a certain amount of money for each expense that’s expected in a month, like groceries, gas, transportation, and eating out. It has a spouse-syncing feature so you and your partner can crosscheck spending and make sure you don’t duplicate unnecessary purchases.

7. Level Money

Both an iOS and Android app, Level Money tracks your expenses and budget, analyzing how much money you have and calculating how much you can spend. If you have a big purchase or a debt repayment coming up, the app gives you a plan for saving up in a reasonable way.

Use Technology And Apps To Save Money

Technology has made many things more complicated today, but it has also simplified everyday tasks like saving money and budgeting out your income. Leverage these apps and ensure your savings account is receiving some money every single month. Before deciding on the best one, make sure you compare to identify the right one for you.

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