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Access flexible job opportunities to earn extra income, cash rewards and save money with offers in essentials like healthcare or tax advice.


The Steady app was created to help people finding jobs fast, getting financial advice, and saving money with offers on things like healthcare plans or tax help. The Steady app platform puts the power of technology and information into American workers’ hands to help them find jobs, improve their income, and prepare for financially stable futures. 

If you are looking to earn extra income to meet ends or maybe save money, the Steady app can help you meet your goals and stay motivated. The job board is full of high-demand gigs updated every day. With the income boosters, find cash rewards and offers on essentials like healthcare or tax advice. The income tools can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

The over 2 million strong members share their stories and work with other members in the Steady community to help each other improve ways of working and earning money.

The Story Behind Steady App

The Steady app was established in 2017 by Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb, and Eric Aroesty. Roseman grew up in a single parent home, which made him experience first-hand the financial struggles many Americans face. His father had to work part-time to make ends meet when he realized he did not have enough funds to retire. Roseman suggested his father look for flexible work opportunities that fit his needs, availability, and interests. His vision for Steady then came to help not just his retired father but millions of more Americans.

After launching the app in August 2018, Steady gained hundreds of thousands of members. Today, the Steady community has more than 2 million members, who motivate and encourage each other to steady their lives, income, and future.

The Steady App Community  

The steady app is designed to help you set and meet your financial goals. Since people are usually inspired and motivated by other people’s wins and successes, the platform allows members to share tips and stories and connect to inspire and be inspired. 

What You Can Do With The App

The app can help you achieve your income goals by earning extra income when and where you want and stay motivated through the Steady app community member’s stories. These are the features you get when you sign up for the Steady app, all for free:

  • Flexible job opportunities: Jobs a d flexible gigs are added daily to help you get extra work when and where you want to earn extra income when you need it.
  • Income Booster: Earn cash rewards and access exclusive offers to save money on essentials like healthcare or tax advice.
  • Financial Management Tools: Set income goals and stay on top of your progress to achieve them.
  • Steady Community: Stay motivated by inspiring and getting inspired by other members of the community.

You can upgrade to Steady+ for a small monthly fee to access extra benefits, like up to twice as many cash rewards, personalized income trends, and exportable financial history.

How To Get Started

Start earning extra income and saving more for your future by simply downloading the Steady app from Google Play or Apple Store today.

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Find flexible job opportunities to help you earn extra income, from part-time, one-time or anytime work any time and any where.

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Set income goals and track your progress while also getting personalized job offers that fit your location, availability and interests.

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All your personal information is safe and secure by latest technology to protect data and never selling information to third parties.


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You can contact the Steady app team if you are having problems with the app, or just would like more information.

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