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Credit Score

What's the credit score all about? How can I correct mistakes on my credit file?


I'm saving up for a deposit to buy a home. How can I improve my credit score for when it's time to apply for a mortgage?

Save Money

How can I maximize my savings? At which banks? You want advice and options; we'll provide them.

Fraud Prevention

What's the best way to protect myself from ID theft?

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How Blockchain Benefits Banks

If altcoins vanished tomorrow, the blockchain would still be changing approaches in industries from shipping to produce. The idea of a distributed, public ledger with thousands or millions of backups is a powerful one with some fascinating applications. But what will it mean, and more importantly, how will it benefit banks and financial consumers? Cost […]

What's Next for Bitcoin and Banks?

Bitcoin, in the space of a few years, has gone from a fringe experiment on internet message boards to a widely traded asset with a complicated future. Depending on who you ask, bitcoins and the various other altcoins are a new type of asset, a flash in the pan, or the future of currency itself. […]

How Did the Blockchain Come to Be?

The history of blockchain technology stretches back further than you might think. Here's a look at how blockchains originated and how they have evolved over the past decade. What Is a Blockchain? A blockchain is essentially just a special type of database. In that sense, the history of the blockchain stretches back to the 1960s, […]