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Latest Medical Savings Accounts Trends – 2019

The number of Medical Savings Accounts burst over the 25 million threshold in 2018, and a number of interesting trends are still swirling around the industry. Health Savings Accounts, less commonly known as medical savings accounts, have been around since 2003. They have seen tremendous growth in popularity, though the growth rate has slowed a […]

The 10 Types of Savings Accounts You Don’t Know About

There are many types of savings accounts. You might be aware of the plain vanilla savings account you can open at your brick-and-mortar local bank or credit union. But there are many other types of savings accounts that offer better interest rates and might better suit your needs.     Here are ten types of savings […]

A Quick Guide to Deposit Accounts

Anyone new to the banking world may not even be familiar with the term “deposit accounts.” It is meant to encompass the various types of accounts you might consider opening with a bank or credit union. The two primary deposit accounts most bank customers use include checking and savings accounts. So, let’s look a little […]

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