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Subprime Auto Loans Make Their Return in 2019

Are subprime auto loans back? It may not come as a big surprise that, with car prices rising and wages staying nearly the same, many people are not getting approved for bank car loans. Instead, many consumers who need reliable transportation are turning to loans from car dealers which are often geared towards those who would […]

Should You Pay for a Checking Account?

Do you know when it makes sense to pay for a checking account? Whether you are searching for a basic checking account, or you are looking for a high interest rate checking account, finding one that meets your needs is easier than ever. Some consumers head to their local banks, others use credit unions, and […]

Can My Bank Account Get Hacked Through The Routing Number?

Is giving away the routing number safe? Consumers have natural concerns about their bank accounts being hacked thanks to the fact there are so many bank breaches. One common question is whether a checking account can be hacked using only the bank’s routing number. The simple answer is that accounts can’t be hacked with only […]

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