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7 Benefits Of Accredited Debt Relief For Debt Settlement

For a consumer who has found they cannot keep up with debt payments because they have suffered a setback at work, a family crisis, or a medical emergency, debt settlement may be an option. There are many debt settlement companies who can help a debtor who finds themselves in this position, but Accredited Debt Relief […]

What Are The Negative Items That Impact Your Credit Score?

Do you know what the negative items that impact your credit score are? Is a problem with your credit report costing you? It could be, according to credit repair firm Lexington Law. Negative listings on your credit report could prevent you from getting loans or credit cards, or it could mean that you pay higher […]

The Equifax Settlement: What You Need To Know

What is the Equifax settlement about? One year ago, some 147 million consumers learned their personal data was exposed by the credit monitoring service Equifax. Actually, probably many of you didn’t bother to learn if you were affected, but it’s important that you do.       In August, government regulators announced they have reached […]

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