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What Savings Account Is Best For You?

Are you looking for what savings account is best for you? Is interest rate driving your choice of savings account? Are you thinking of saving for a short-term goal? Do you want to teach your child how to start saving? Depending on what you want, there are about three types of savings account which most […]

Are Money Market Accounts A Good Investment?

Many financial experts consider money market accounts a good investment. If you are looking to earn more interest than what your savings account provides, a money-market account may be right for you. Money market accounts are a good investment if you want a safe way to grow your money and can afford to maintain a […]

Are There Charges to Transfer Money from a Bank Account?

The type of charges to transfer money from a bank account varies depending on the bank you use. Customers should not worry when sending money to their family or friends using wire transfer given that they will not incur unnecessary costs from their banks. However, it is important to compare these charges before partnering with […]

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