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When is Your Credit Score Calculated?

When is your credit score calculated? We tend to talk about credit scores changing, increasing or decreasing over time. In reality, your credit score doesn’t have an independent existence, living in your credit report and growing or shrinking as your credit history changes. Instead, your credit score is calculated on demand whenever a lender requests […]

Why are Credit Scores So Important?

Why are credit scores so important? Your credit score is important because it is a financial tool used by banks, insurance companies, credit card issuers, landlords, mortgage finances, auto-loan providers and other lending entities to determine the creditworthiness of an individual and assess how much risk you carry before giving you any credit. Ok, so […]

Are ATMs Free Of Charge?

How can you find ATMs free of charge when they are used for withdrawals? Carrying large sums of cash is becoming less and less of a habit for people these days, which makes using an ATM a more essential need for many people. Anyone who withdraws from ATMs regularly knows that ATM fees can add […]

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