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Money Market vs Savings Accounts: Are Your Funds FDIC Insured?

When deciding where to put yours savings, it is imperative you understand the difference between money market vs savings accounts. You may consider placing some of your available cash into a money market fund, but do you really understand what’s different between a money market vs savings account? The first thing you should understand is […]

How Banks Work With Credit Reporting Agencies

Understanding how banks work with credit reporting agencies is very important for your financial health. Your credit report has a lot to do with how you’ll be able to borrow money and what rates you’ll pay when you do. That’s because your history of borrowing – and paying back – money is one of the […]

How Money Market Rates Interact with the Federal Reserve

Money Market Rates and the Federal Reserve How money market rates interact with the federal reserve is an the intricate process. The Federal Reserve Rate, also commonly referred to as the Federal Fund Rate, is what one bank charges another bank when they lend money overnight from their reserve funds. Federal law says that banks […]

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