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Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account

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No Fee Checking Account with Cashback Rewards

The Discover Bank Cashback Checking allows you to earn cashback on qualified purchases with your debit account and get paid earlier.


Up to 1%

Monthly Fees


Faster Direct Deposit

Up to 2 Days

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Best for

Those who want to earn cash back on debit purchases


FDIC-insured deposits up to the maximum allowed by law


Get free ATM access to your money from 60,000 ATMs across the U.S.


Get mobile-first banking using the Discover App to meet all banking needs


Tools and features to provide ample fraud protection for most people


Get free overdraft protection on transfers

For those with a Discover® checking account, getting the Cashback Debit card could be the ideal tool to maximize your use of your money. The Discover debit card pays a 1% cashback benefit on up to $3,000 in debit card purchases each and every month, allowing you to earn money just by using cash instead of credit. This Discover Cashback Debit review showcases just how beneficial this simple-to-use feature is for those who qualify for the account.

About Discover Bank

Discover Bank is a large, trusted financial lender offering credit cards, banking solutions, and other investment tools. The company began in 1985 and has progressed to be one of the most innovative and modern companies available today for credit and banking. Discover Bank has a consumer-first design, meaning they work to support the unique needs of each of their customers. For those who are looking to add a Discover Bank checking account to their lineup of financial tools, there are some clear benefits to taping into the Discover Cashback Debit card because of the features it offers from a reliable, large financial institution.

What is a Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account?

As the Discover Cashback Debit review insights offer, this is a checking account that pays consumers cashback each month when they make qualified purchases using the card. As a debit card, it does not function as a credit card. Rather, the money used to make payments comes from your Discover checking account. The benefit is that the account will pay you up to 1% on all qualified transactions made on up to $3,000 worth of transactions each month.

This Discover Bank checking account provides all of the other needs you have in making payments, including paying bills and getting cash out of your account. The key here is that it does not charge any fees, which makes it a solid option for those who use a cash-based budget or who want to move away from using credit.

How Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account Works

Like any checking account, the Discover joint checking account or Discover individual checking account requires setting it up by opening an account. You then can fund it with your paycheck or other funds. When it comes time to slide a card to make a purchase at a store or restaurant, using your Discover checking account for that purchase allows you to earn 1% cashback on that charge. This builds up over time and can be applied to as much as $3,000 worth of charges each month.

What are the Key Features of a Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account?

There are a few specific features that are evidenced in the Discover debit card review insights available about the card. Some of the most impressive include these.

Fraud Protection

Opening a Discover checking account like this and using it provides you with fraud protection. That means if someone uses your account to make a purchase without your permission, you can refute that charge with the credit card company and gain protection. They also offer features and tools to help to protect your Discover Bank checking account from fraud. This can help you to feel confident when using your account.

Digital Wallets

Another key feature is that you have a digital wallet. You can set up your Discover Bank checking account and debit card with Apple Pay, for example. This means that when you make payments using Apple Pay, they may help you qualify for cashback on your purchases. Keep in mind that these must be qualifying purchases, according to Discover.

60,000+ Fee-free ATMs

There are times when you need cash. The good news is that Discover debit card ATM access is available at 60,000 locations throughout the U.S. You can often find these ATMs at retailers or other locations. That means you can count on having access to the funds you need when you need them.

Mobile-first Banking

The Discover checking account provides consumers with access to mobile-first banking. This is done through the Discover App. You can download the app and use it to complete most banking needs. That includes accessing your account, reviewing the various cashback earnings, paying bills, and using it for anything you need to do. The Discover debit card review insights out there show that the app is very easy to use and personalized to meet your specific needs.

Online Privacy Protection

To protect your information, the Discover joint checking account (and the individual account) is designed to safeguard your information with full online privacy protection. It allows you to pinpoint information like your name, address, and Social Security number on some websites and then offers help in removing that information. This is a free service that is done once you set up the mobile app for the company.

FDIC Insured

The Discover checking account is FDIC-insured. That means that the money you put in your savings account is protected up to the maximum allowable limit by law. Even if something happens with the bank, you have financial protections in place to safeguard your money.

Where Does Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account Shine?

There are a number of ways the Discover Cashback Debit card stands out from others. Most importantly, it allows you to earn cashback on the purchases you make but does not charge you a fee. Many cashback programs are used on credit cards, which ultimately means that if you do not pay the funds back by the end of the term, you pay interest on them. Here, that is not the case because the money you spend comes right out of your Discover checking account.

There are a number of other ways this account stands out compared to others. It offers key features, including the ability to get paid up to two days before if you set up direct deposit. For example, if your employer typically pays you every Friday, and you set up your account to have direct deposit for those funds, the money is likely to be available to you by Wednesday, and there is no additional cost for this service.

In this Discover debit card review, it is also noted that there are no fees associated with just having the account, which is common in some other types of checking accounts. That means that you do not pay a monthly fee just to have an account open like you may with other banks. In addition to this, you do not have to maintain a specific balance in your checking account. There is no minimum to open the account or no specific need to maintain a balance over time. This Discover checking account also does not charge a fee for activity or transactions. You can use your account as much or as little as you would like to without having to worry about paying a fee if you do not meet the specific requirements.

The Discover Cashback Debit also does not charge you a fee for insufficient funds. For example, if you make a purchase and you do not have enough money in your account, you may be able to take advantage of overdraft protection, eliminating the risk that you have to pay a fee for the transaction (restrictions apply).

A few other savings opportunities include no fee for requesting an expedited delivery of a replacement debit card if you lose your first one and no fee for official bank check requests if you need it. There is also no fee for reordering checks.

Who Is a Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account Best For?

The Discover debit card review provides insight into this account that shows it could be a viable option for many people. If you want to earn cashback for the purchases you make using your debit card and checking account, this type of account can work well for you.

Discover does not have many local branches available, though. To make a deposit on your account, you will need to transfer it from another bank to this account or set up a direct deposit for your paycheck or other funds you receive. You can also make a deposit using a check that is payable to your Mobile Check Deposit Service using a mobile device or by mailing the check to the company. If you do not want to use these services to fund the account, this may not be the ideal option for you.

Is a Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account Right for You?

If you are considering the use of a cashback card, this one could be well worth a closer look if you plan to make purchases from a Discover checking account. This is not a line of credit. That means that any purchase that you make will be debited from your account right away. If you want to earn money for that, opening a Discover Bank checking account with the Cashback Debit can be a good option.

To find out if it is the best option for you, compare several cashback debit cards available to you from your existing bank or others. Take the time to compare them to find out if there are any fees associated with the account. You also want to determine if the account offers any limitations on opening and managing the account. Compare the rate of return, too. The Discover Cashback debit card provides 1% cash back on up to $3,000 per month in transactions. If you have other offers that may be higher, especially in areas where you usually use your card or cash to fund, then this may not be the best option for your needs.

For many people, who have access to the Discover checking account, this cashback benefit is ideal because there are no fees associated with it. Discover is widely accepted, making it a viable option for many needs.

How to Open a Discover Bank Cashback Checking Account

If you think that the Discover checking account is right for you, you can open the checking account on the company’s website. You will need to provide your personal information, including your name, address, and Social Security number. You may need to be approved to access this account.

You can then set up your account to send you a debit card and fund your account by setting up a direct deposit or other funds. You can then begin to use your account for cashback benefits as soon as the debit card arrives in the mail. This typically takes a week or longer. You can use your debit card like you would any other debit card to make purchases in retailers or stores, and you can link your Apple Pay account to it as well. Then, watch your reward dollars build over time.

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