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How to Choose a Bank
Understand all the facts to take into consideration to pick a bank that best suit your needs

Start Saving Money

Open a savings account to make the most out form your money. Don’t just store your dollars, make more money out from your savings

Money Market Accounts

Learn the differences between savings accounts and money market accounts to make the best choice in order to make the most our from your money

High Yield Savings Accounts

Shop for the top high-yield savings accounts. The more money you save, the more money you make. Start maximizing your savings today

Savings Accounts

You work hard to earn your wages, what if you could maximize the money your are saving to make more money? This is exactly what savings accounts do for you. The higher the interest rate and the more money you save, the more interest you will get back for your savings. So, are you simply storing your money at the moment? Find a high-yield savings account that will give you highest interest rates for the money you are saving.  But what does it really mean “high-yield”? The more money you save, the more interest you will earn.  Sounds like the best “banking” dream: earning money while you sleep. Start making the most out from your savings today..

Money Market Accounts

A Money Market Account is a deposit account that will pay interest based on the interest rate and the money you have store. Therefore, it’s very similar to a savings account, but has some features same as a deposit account. They usually require a higher deposit that a regular checking account and or require higher minimum balances. However, the benefit of having these type of account is that you can earn more money for your savings, as they usually have higher interest rates than other savings accounts. Make the most of your banking opening a Money Market Account today and start earning money off your savings.

CD Accounts

A certificate deposit (or CD) Account is a type of savings account, federally insured. This means this type of account is “risk-free” since the money is insured. They usually don’t have monthly fees and comes with a fixed interest rate. You will deposit the money a fixed period and get back the deposited money plus the earned interest at the end of this term. Some top CD accounts can pay higher interest rates than other savings accounts, including money market ones. So if you are looking for a low-risk high interest savings account you may want to look into this option as your next banking step.

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