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Personal Budgeting App
A personal finance management app to create budgets, track your spend and get notifications to stay on top of your finances.


Mint is a personal finance management app that allows you to create budgets, track your spending and get notifications about your bills to stay on top of your personal finances and meet your savings goals.

How Does Mint Work?

As a personal finance management and personal budgeting app, Mint is designed to help you take control of the money you spend and reach your personal finance goals. 

With Mint, you can link all your financial accounts in the app to have a big picture of your finances. It also allows you to create custom budgets and saving goals to track your spending and progress. In addition, since you can set up alerts and notifications within the app, Mint easily helps you keep your finances under control. 

These are the top features you can use in the Mint app to help you achieve your financial goals:

  • Link all your accounts to view your finances in one place, including credit cards, investments, cash, or loans.
  • Create custom budgets, and Mint will automatically categorize your spending accordingly.
  • Since all your spending is properly categorized, you can easily view where you have savings opportunities.
  • Get alerts when bills are due not to miss payments or when subscriptions go up, and overdraft ones to avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Receive personalized recommendations to save more and spend less.
  • Access your credit score through the app at any time and get notified about important changes.
  • Track your investments and portfolio in the same place as the rest of your finances.

Mint is also committed to protecting your financial information, so they use the latest technology like 256-but encryption to ensure your data in the app is secure.


Mint app is a top-rated free online personal finance app you can use on your browser or as an app on your devices. It has no monthly or annual fees, and you can use all the features at no cost. 

How to Sign Up for Mint

You can sign up on Mint’s website for free, link all your accounts and start managing your personal finances right away. You can also download the Mint app, available for iOS devices on the Apple store and Andriod devices on the Google Play Store.


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Why Us

Create Custom Budgets

Use the budget planner to understand what categories you are spending money on and find savings opportunities.

Track your Progress

Create your saving goals and track your spending to make sure you achieve them.

Link all Your Accounts

View your financial picture in one place by linking all your accounts, from credit cards to investment accounts.


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Manage all your personal finances in the Mint app to track your spending, create personalized budgets and monitor your subscriptions to meet your financial goals.

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It’s critical that young adults learn personal finance skills before they start earning substantial incomes, like writing a resume.
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