Investment Account for Kids
Save. Invest. Earn rewards. And help your children achieve their future financial goals.


UNest offers a tax-advantaged investment account for kids that you can conveniently manage through the UNest mobile app. Born with the idea of helping parents provide a financial plan to invest in their children’s future and dreams, UNest offers total flexibility. You can use the funds to help them pay for education, a wedding, their first home, or anything else to improve their financial future.

After listening to parents and families, UNest realized that current saving plans and schemes do not provide the service and saving plans that they needed. Therefore, they created new college saving plans to save and invest in your children’s education to provide easier financial planning and services for families who want to start saving for their kids’ education and future.

UNest tax-advantaged investment account offers adaptability and flexibility while giving you control over your money. The investing account has five different options to suit different needs, including age-based. You can set up and update auto-deposits to easily invest and access all the account information easily through their mobile app. Keep control of how your money is spent and invested until your kids become adults.

As part of their tax-advantaged investment account benefits, they also offer rewards to earn extra money on brands you love. And with their new feature, UNest gifting, you can invite your friends and family to contribute to your child’s account for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. 

UNest for Employers

If you want to offer your employees save for their kids’ future, UNest can save your employees thousands in fees over the lifetime of an investment plan. If you are interested in learning more about this partnership as an employer, schedule an intro call with a UNest account manager who can help you set up a plan to reflect your organization’s objectives. They will provide an educational session and demo to help your employees with their account setup. A simple, easy way to show your employees how much you care.

Give Your Children a Better Future

UNest believes everyone’s children should have a better future. Born to help parents save money easier to improve their kids’ futures, you can use the funds to buy them their first car, help them purchase their first home, support them through education costs, or any other dreams you have for your children.

UNest App: Manage Your Tax-Advantaged Investment Account

You can download UNest app to start improving your children’s future. You are in total control of your savings: start with as little as a $25 investment, and use automation that adjusts your portfolio depending on your needs. Some of the key features the mobile app offers to manage your account are:

  • Easy Setup: Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Tax-Free Growth: Tax benefit earnings in your account 
  • UNest Rewards: Financial rewards for top brands
  • Investment Options: Suited to your needs, age-based
  • Flexibility: Use the funds how you want
  • Control: Until your kid’s adulthood
  • Easy Tracking: Adjust contributions, track your growth, and see your asset allocation
  • Personalized Goals: Choose amounts based on budget and your child’s age
  • Low Minimums: Start investing in your child’s future with as little as $25/month
  • Secure: Bank-level security

How UNest Tax-Advantaged Investment Account Works

Start saving and investing in your children’s future dreams in easy steps:

  1. Open a UNest investment account in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Get personalized investment options to the age of your child.
  3. Set up auto-deposits according to your budget.
  4. Auto-adjust your investment portfolio depending on your needs.

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Invest, and save. Then use the funds for anything you want: your kids' college, first car or house, or their wedding.


Make regular and automated deposits to reach your savings goals faster. Start from only a $25 monthly investment.


Customize your investments to your needs. Your portfolios adjust as the child ages to maximize savings.


Over $3 Million Invested This Year


Achieve Your Children's Future Dreams

Invest in your kids by opening a UNest tax-advantaged investment account for your kids today. Easily manage your investments and savings using the mobile app: set up automatic deposits according to your budget, your portfolio adjusts based on your kids age and your can use your savings anyway you want.

Invest In Your Kids' Future

Invest in your kids’ future financial goals. Download the UNest app today.

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