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Check your free credit report and FICO credit score, understand, manage, and improve your credit and protect your personal information.


Experian is a credit reporting company that allows you to access your FICO® Score and credit report, actively improve your score using Experian Boost™, protect yourself from identity theft, get credit alerts, and much more. With the power of data, Experian also creates opportunities for you to discover financial products tailored for you and keep track of your credit score for a better financial future. 

Experian’s Commitment to You

For the last 125 years, Experian has been helping people prosper financially, and economies and communities flourish, and they keep going to this day.

From buying your home or car to sending your children to college or growing your business exponentially, Experian empowers you to manage your data with confidence to maximize financial opportunities.

Their ultimate goal is to help you take financial control and access financial services, make more intelligent decisions to succeed in your business. They also want to assist lenders in lending more responsibly and to prevent identity fraud and crime for everyone.

What Can Experian Do For You?

Experian offers credit reporting and credit score monitoring services for both consumers and businesses.

As a consumer, these are the primary services they can offer you:

  • Free Credit Report and Score: By signing up for Experian CreditWorks Basic, you can access your score and report and a set of free tools, like Experian Boost, to help you keep track and improve your credit score and prevent identity theft. If you want more out of your account, you can sign up for CreditWorks Premium paid plan to unlock extra features, like identity theft protection and insurance.
  • Experian Boost: Improve your credit score by adding positive payments to your credit history automatically. Once set up, the system does everything for you, and it is free to use.
  • One-Time Credit Report: You can quickly pay to access your credit reports and score from one or three credit reporting bureaus once.
  • Experian CreditMatch: Get matched with credit cards, loans, and other financial products based on your credit.
  • Experian IdentityWorks: Access extra identity theft protection features, such as locking and unlocking your Experian credit report, real-time notifications if someone uses your details to apply for credit or up to $1M in identity theft insurance.

Experian also helps small businesses and larger companies access their business credit reports, access business loans, collect a debt or target new customers.

Experian Customer Success Stories

Experian helps consumers, businesses, and lenders make better financial decisions. With credit report data and credit repair educational services, customers can thrive with Experian. Check out their success stories.


Intuit is a financial software company that uses Experian services to mitigate risk and prevent fraud. With credit reports, ID verification tools, and customer service, Intuit can withhold its company values while helping the shareholders reduce losses.

Contract Callers

Contract Callers needed a better way to get accurate information about consumers while remaining compliant in the debt collection industry. With a combination of Experian services, they have found higher contact and success rates. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Contribution

Experian partnered with the NAACP to create a grant to help homeowners receive mortgage assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tanya, a Home Preservation Grant recipient, was able to keep her home and get her financial standing back on track with the help of Experian. 

FAQs About Experian (7)

  • What is Experian?

    Experian is a consumer credit reporting company that helps consumers understand and check their credit scores. Their mission is to educate consumers to help people make better financial decisions. Credit score data is also processed and given to lenders to help lenders manage risk.  Experian offers free services as well as paid services, including identity theft and fraud prevention.

  • How often is the information updated on Experian CIR?

    Your Experian Credit Information Report (CIR) is updated every time the credit bureau receives new financial organizations’ data. Banks and other financial offices send reports once a month, but the specific day that this happens each month varies from bank to bank. Once the data is received, it is processed and added to your CIR. In other words, it is hard to predict when your CIR will be updated, so it is a good idea to check it regularly. The CIR shows updated credit history, including loans, inquiries, and payments.

  • Is it important for me to check my credit report?

    Yes, if you check your Credit Report regularly, you can make more informed financial decisions. Periodically checking your Credit Report helps you understand your current financial circumstances with the most up-to-date information. With the information, you will be able to make buying and lending decisions that fit your finances and credit score’s capabilities. If you check your CIR frequently, you can also catch any errors if they were to arise.

  • How will Experian's credit score affect my loan application?

    Your credit score is an important factor that lenders will look at when reviewing a loan application. A higher credit score is better, but lenders will also check other aspects of your overall financial profile to get a complete picture of your economic standing. Lenders may also look at your income, expenses, credit history, down payment, employment history, assets, and more.

  • How many times can I check my Experian credit score?

    You can check your Experian credit score as many times as you want, and checking it does not affect your credit score. It is a good idea to check your score regularly, but it is unnecessary to do it every day. Experian suggests that you only check your score when you think it could have changed, like when you applied for a new credit card account or opened or closed an account. 

  • How will I benefit from a high Experian credit score?

    There are many benefits of having a high credit score, including more loan opportunities with better terms, discounted insurance, access to the most rewarding credit cards, and lower interest rates for large loans. Ultimately, a high credit score allows you more opportunities for borrowing and saving money. What is considered a good credit score range depends on the credit score simulator, but typically a credit score above 670 or 700 is deemed to be good. The highest credit score is in the 800s.

  • Is Experian free?

    Experian offers your access to credit reports and credit scores for free, as well as Experian Boost that allows you to improve your credit score quickly. They also offer paid plans to unlock extra features like identity theft protection and insurance.


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Experian Products and Services

Why Us

Access Your Credit Information

Access your credit reports and credit scores to determine your creditworthiness to a lender.

Boost Your Credit Scores

Automatically add positive information to your credit history or remove inaccuracies with the free service Experian Boost.

Monitor Your Credit

Keep track of your credit history with automated alerts for free to avoid fraud and identity theft.



Boost Your FICO Score Instantly

Experian can help you raise your FICO Score by automatically adding bills like phone and utilities you pay to your credit report using Experian Boost. It is a free program that adds new, positive information to your credit report, a quick way to improve your credit score.

Check your Free Credit Report and FICO Score

Take control of your credit with Experian credit monitoring and reporting services. Check your FICO score and your credit report for free, understand the factors that are currently affecting your credit, take actions to actively improve your credit score and get matched with lenders and credit cards, all with Experian.

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    Learn what a bad credit score is, and how it can have serious consequences for your financial health unless you improve it.
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