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Make Your Money Work For You
A mobile app account with high-yield checking, credit card and investing. Automate your money management and build your wealth effortless.


Unifimoney is a neo bank offering a saving, spending, and investing app for high earning professionals. Through the mobile app, you can manage a high-yield checking account, your credit card, and your investments. Automate your money management and build and protect your wealth effortlessly. 

Who Is Unifimoney?

Based in San Francisco, the Unifimoney team brings experience working with traditional financial services and creating digital services. This combination results in the security, stability, and compliance of the conventional world and the innovation, flexibility, and user experience of the digital one.

With this experience, Unifimoney believes the use of technology can fundamentally change money management. They help people achieving a better return on their money with less effort by automating the manual tasks of money management.

Specialization is at its core to provide services: partnering with highly specialized companies and international people (their team speaks seven different languages) will create the best solution to help people run the finances with much less effort.

What Does Unifimoney Offer?

Unifimomey offers a single mobile account with a high-yield checking account, a credit card, and investing. 

High-Yield Checking

The hybrid checking and saving account gives you all the flexibility and features of a traditional checking account but with access to a high-interest rate like a savings account. For you, this means you can keep all your money in one place and manage your spending while still make your money earn interest all the time.

Visa Signature Credit Card

Unifimoney offers a Visa Credit card (coming soon) that invests cash back into your investment portfolio to maximize the return of your spending. With a flat cashback rate, it is designed to help you build your long-term wealth.

Unifimoney Invest

You can grow your assets with Unifimoney Invest, build a long-term investment portfolio, and trade when you want at no cost. Their investment platform offers both robo and free, self-directed trading as well as crypto and precious metals. This means you can passively invest regularly into a highly diversified, low-cost investment portfolio. Unifimoney believes an investment portfolio is essential for your long-term financial security, so better to start sooner rather than later. 

Other Financial Services 

Additionally, Unifimoney offers extra services to help you save, spend, and invest as efficiently as possible. Partnering with specialist companies in each category, they can help with student refinancing, home loans purchase and refinancing, car or home improvement loans, among other financial services.

Start making your money work for you.

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Products and Services

Why Us

One Single Mobile App

All of your financial needs into one app to make your money work for you, rather than the bank.

An Alternative to Big Banks

Lower costs and maximize profits of traditional financial services, like your checking account and credit card.

Grow Money Automatically

Passively invest when you want for free in a low-cost investment portfolio.


Make Your Money Work for You

Automate your money management to protect and build your wealth effortless.

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