Failure, by Banks Jul 20, 2015
50 cent money

We take a look back at how Curtis Jackson made his money.

Life, by T.L. Jul 17, 2015

In my opinion, being rich doesn’t necessarily mean having lots of money. To me, ‘rich’ means having enough money to be comfortable, but while living a fulfilled and balanced life that’s full of great relationships.

Some people work so much to earn money that they end up neglecting their family, friends, and even themselves. Do you ever feel like you’re selling your soul doing work that you hate? Unfortunately, you are not alone.

Life, by Banks Jul 16, 2015
Mailbox Identity Theft

Checks, financial statements, identifying information, and much more passes through the chain of the mail service, and it can be vulnerable at any time.

Life, by Banks Jul 15, 2015
Reverse Mortgate Pros Cons

A retirement free from financial worry may now be well within reach, especially when you own a home that is ripe with equity.

Life, by Banks Jul 09, 2015
City Rent For Millennials

According to a Bloomberg analysis prepared by real estate website Zillow, 23 of the largest 50 cities have rental homes that are unaffordable for millennials.

Tips & Tools, by Rachel G. Jul 08, 2015

It has been an absolute whirlwind these last 5 weeks since we had our first baby. We read, researched, prepped, and read some more – only to find we were still rather overwhelmed by this new person in our lives.

As much of a rollercoaster ride this short time has been, we’ve certainly learned many lessons – particularly money-saving lessons.

Life, by Contributor Jul 07, 2015

While you are responsible for making smart money choices wherever you go, location can still play a major role when it comes to your finances. Some states have stronger job markets, while others have higher average incomes. When you account for taxes and the cost of living, you realize that a dollar earned here is different from a dollar earned there.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Jul 07, 2015
Should Refinance Mortgage

Refinancing two mortgages allows you to consolidate your loans into one payment, often lowering your monthly bill. You may also find lower rates under the right circumstances.

Life, by Christopher Jul 06, 2015

When you think about getting married, you think about pretty dresses, big parties, and an amazing honeymoon. What you don't tend to think about is joint bank accounts, debt ratios, and discretionary income. I mean, who wants to walk down the aisle while they contemplate their long-term budget?

The problem here is that reality soon comes crashing down and people often realize they have two totally different spending styles – then the fighting begins. But this isn't the only way! It is actually very possible for two people to merge their lives without fighting about money. All it takes is a little forethought.

Work, by Banks Jul 06, 2015
Mark Cuban Perfection

Some people work so hard to get it absolutely right that they don’t have the bandwith to do all the other things that go into making a business successful. You can be so anal about the little details that you lose sight of all a lot of the bigger things that need to be accomplished.

One perfect example could be a company getting so caught up on having the perfect website that they lose track of some of the other vital components of the business.

If you’re an entrepreneur you start your company because you think you can be...