Failure, by Banks Nov 11, 2014

Antoine Walker, formerly of the Boston Celtics, loses his entire basketball wealth through his extravagant lifestyle and uneducated approach to finance.

Life, by Banks Nov 10, 2014

Even though financial advisors are urging people in their 20’s to invest in stocks, research shows young investors have zero interest in doing so. These individuals are being tight with their savings similar to the generation born during the great depression.

Failure, by Contributor Nov 10, 2014

Remember when Atari buried a bunch of its games in the desert after it couldn't sell them? Well, they're for sale on eBay now. For $650 a pop.

Failure, by Contributor Nov 07, 2014

What will $6 million buy you? NOT a bionic man. Set to release in 2016, the Peter Berg-directed remake of the iconic 70s sci-fi show will feature Mark Wahlberg as cyborg Government-Agent Lee Majors. This time, however, it’s gonna cost the government a lot more than $6 million to rebuild him — $6 billion, to be exact.

Success, by Contributor Nov 07, 2014

The priciest home in the country is now for sale. For just under $200 million, you can buy the Palazzo di Amore — a 25-acre compound in Beverly Hills, California, owned by billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene. Here are some of the insane property details:

Work, by Banks Nov 06, 2014

While you might think that jumping between jobs in your twenties will hurt your career and label you as noncommittal, unreliable, and not loyal, research shows it could be the best professional decision you ever make.

Life, by Contributor Nov 06, 2014

Jeffrey Mack, a 23-year-old man from Oregon, was looking forward to his first face-to-face meeting with a woman he’d been talking to on On Monday night, the two met in the parking lot of a local Arby’s restaurant. At first, it seemed to be going well. But things soon went downhill.

Life, by Contributor Nov 06, 2014

Dear Readers: This article was submitted by Sparky, a Norwegian Forest Cat from Brooklyn, NY. We’ve kept the misspellings and unusual grammar as to preserve the voice and intention of the author.

Dear Dad: WTF? U R always complaining about the price of gas and R probably happy that its price is going down even though you don’t really drive anymore like you did when we lived near all the fleas and dogs in California (which I didn’t really enjoy even though you thought I did since I was always watching them but in truth I was terrified for my life).

ANYway according to the news, gas is new cheaper than milk. I wanted to drop you a line to intervene before you make...

Failure, by Banks Nov 06, 2014

The three holidays spread between October and December provide the best opportunities to eat, drink, and spend time with family. Each month is a celebration of its unique Hallowthanksmas holiday whether through theme, decoration, food, or events. We look forward to each holiday overlapping into the next creating a blend of festiveness, excitement, and anticipation. That was until the shopping world ruined the system.

Success, by Contributor Nov 05, 2014

Alan Martin of Burlington, North Carolina has taken things a little far. He bought an Olive Garden “Never Ending Pasta Pass” for $99 and is eating at the pseudo-Italian establishment two times a day.