Tips & Tools, by Banks Mar 18, 2016
Good Credit

There are many avenues for people without a credit history to establish themselves, but some methods are better than others.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Mar 03, 2016
Prepared for moving day

Are you buying a house in a new city or across town, are worries about moving expenses keeping you up at night? Moving expenses range and vary depending on how far you’re moving.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Feb 04, 2016
Snow House

If you’re one of the many people looking to buy a home soon, the Fed’s rate hike may have you worried.

Success, by Banks Sep 08, 2015
Mayweather Car

Floyd Mayweather is known for his expensive car collection, and he just added an incredibly rare addition — with a $4.8 million price tag.

Work, by Contributor Sep 01, 2015

Forbes has published its annual ranking of the best-paying jobs for women this year. Topping the list are careers in science, engineering, and healthcare.

Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forbes looked at the median (i.e. average) weekly earnings of full-time workers in 2014, broken down by occupation and gender. Occupations that employed less than 2,000 women in 2014 were excluded from this ranking. Each of the jobs listed below pays an average weekly salary of $1,520 or more -- that adds up to an annual salary around $80,000+.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Aug 26, 2015
Reverse Mortgage Tool

The reverse mortgage loan was designed to help senior homeowners who are at least 62 years old age in the comfort of their home.

Life, by Banks Aug 25, 2015
Addictions Stealing Your Savings

Believe it or not, you probably harbor quite a few costly addictions that are preventing you from maintaining a healthy bank account.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Aug 24, 2015
When to refinance a home

Despite tough economic times, you can still become a smart homeowner. If you have a mortgage and want to pay less each month, there may be opportunity for you to pay less with a refinance. With a refinance you have the ability to trade in your current mortgage for a brand new one that my have lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

Tips & Tools, by Banks Aug 20, 2015
Financial Advise for Young Adults

Being young and earning money is certainly more confusing than being young and broke.

Life, by Banks Aug 17, 2015
No PayPal

Experts in forecasting online trends are projecting that the mobile payment transactions industry will reach some $235 billion.