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Cash Advance at 0% APR
Get up to $250 at 0% APR with no credit check with MoneyLion Instacash Advance.
Maximum Cash Advance
Up to $1,000
Interest Rate
0% APR
Minimum Cash Advance Limit
Typically $25
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Best For

Covering emergency expenses.

Types of Advance

Short-term advance.

Requirements to Qualify

Link an, active, checking account with a positive balance history that shows recurring direct deposits. The checking account must be open for at least 2 months

No Credit Check

MoneyLion doesn’t do any credit pulls or checks before giving you access to Instacash funds.


Instacash has no fees to access, unless you choose the optional Turbo delivery to receive funds sooner.

Delivery Time

24-48 hours to a RoarMoney account or 2-5 business days to an external checking account.

Do you need some funds for an emergency expense, but your paycheck won’t arrive in time? Some people go to the grocery store or movie night short on cash. With Instacash, if you need a few extra dollars, you can get a cash advance when you have a qualified banking account linked to your MoneyLion account. Instacash also comes at a 0% APR. Our Instacash review will highlight the resource’s benefits and some factors to consider.

What Is Instacash?

Whether you need to pay a bill, avoid a late fee, fill the tank, or treat yourself to a night out, Instacash helps you handle all of life’s fun and not-so-fun surprises. MoneyLion users can get a 0% APR advance of up to $250 through Instacash, although the first advances may be less than that. Instacash helps users cover emergency expenses while waiting for the next paycheck.

How Does Instacash Advance Work?

You link Instacash to a qualified banking account. Having consistent, recurring direct deposits helps you unlock Instacash. You will be able to see your advance limit on the Instacash screen in the MoneyLion mobile app. Once approved, you can request the amount you are approved for. Funds will show up within 24-48 hours if you have linked your RoarMoney account. (A RoarMoney account has an account fee of $1 a month.) It will take 3-5 days to receive Instacash funds in an external banking account. MoneyLion users can pay an optional Turbo delivery fee to speed up delivery. A turbo fee provides funds within minutes for a RoarMoney account and arrives within 4 hours to an external checking account.

If you set up qualifying recurring direct deposits into a RoarMoney account, you can unlock cash advances up to 30% of your recurring direct deposit amount per pay period or benefit check. So if your direct deposit is $600, you’re eligible for up to $180 in Instacash. The amount you borrowed is automatically deducted from your account on the due date as determined by your pay cycle — with no interest.

Instacash lets you spend money while waiting for your next paycheck. Depending on your bank account and if you pay the Turbo fee, you’ll receive funds almost instantly or within up to five business days if regular delivery route is chosen.* You can plan ahead to avoid the Turbo fee. If you know you’re going to the movies on Saturday, you can make your request on the previous Monday. A RoarMoney Account gives more leeway, with funds arriving within 48 hours.

To receive your cash advance, tap Instacash on the app’s interface. In the beginning, you’ll unlock $25 or more. If you implement recurring deposits in your linked external account, you’ll unlock at least $50 and up to $250.

How To Qualify For Instacash

MoneyLion has a few simple requirements for your banking account. It must:

  • Show it is active and receiving deposits consistently
  • Be at least two months old
  • Have a positive balance

A savings or money market account will not qualify for Instacash.

MoneyLion Instacash Account FAQs

Want to know more about Instacash and how it can help you? These questions come up often.

How Much Can You Get With Instacash?

If MoneyLion can detect qualifying recurring direct deposits in your external linked account and can predict when your income is deposited, you’ll have access to Instacash, typically up to $250. Higher deposit amounts will usually unlock higher Instacash limits. If we can’t detect any recurring income, you’ll have access to a lower amount, with a minimum of $25. When you become a member of Credit Builder Plus you will gain access to Instacash advances of at least $50 (and up to $300) per direct deposit period.

With direct deposits into a RoarMoney account:

  • Your Instacash limit will be up to 30% of your recurring direct deposit amount per regular deposit cycle, up to a maximum of $1,000 with Safety Net.
  • If it cannot be determined that the direct deposit in your RoarMoney account is regularly recurring (i.e., with a standard pay frequency of either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly), you’ll have access to a lower amount but not less than $50.

An Instacash Boost can also temporarily increase the amount of your Instacash limit up to the maximum. Boosts are awarded to users who complete certain actions within the MoneyLion app as well as during promotional periods. For example, you can earn an Instacash Boost if you make your Instacash repayments by your scheduled repayment date or if you make the payments on your Credit Builder loan on time or fully pay them off. Find out if you’re eligible for a Boost and more details in the MoneyLion app.

Are There Fees Involved With Instacash?

Instacash has no monthly fees, but it has two optional ones. MoneyLion users can pay an optional Turbo fee to obtain funds immediately or within hours. The optional Turbo fee amount depends on how much money you want to borrow. Check out MoneyLion’s FAQ page for a breakdown of fees.

MoneyLion also invites users to give an optional tip** to help MoneyLion cover the high costs of keeping Instacash interest-free a readily available to as many members as possible. As MoneyLion says, “We’re all in this together!” However, you can opt against giving a tip and continue to use Instacash.

How To Get Started with MoneyLion

You can download MoneyLion from your device’s app store and create an account. In addition to Instacash, MoneyLion offers a suite of financial products and services including:

  • Credit Builder Plus, which gives you access to apply for a Credit Builder loan along with other perks
  • Monitoring your credit score and other key factors like credit utilization
  • Personalized credit-building tips and insights sent right to your inbox
  • A RoarMoney account that for a $1/month administrative fee lets you get paid up to two days early1
  • A crypto account to buy, hold and sell crypto 24/7
  • Fully managed investing so you can build a personalized investment portfolio
  • And much more!

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