Personal Loans Online Marketplace specializes in helping people find personal loans they need with lenders they can trust.


Sooner or later, everyone needs money quickly. If those funds are not sitting in a savings account somewhere, people may need to look at taking out a personal loan. Read this review to see how is a place where you can easily go to apply for a personal loan.

What is is an online lending marketplace. It offers three types of loans—installment, bank, and peer-to-peer. The loans range in size from $1,000 to $35,000, with interest rates between 5.99% and 35.99%. The length of a loan can range from 3 to 72 months. is not a direct lender. They are an online aggregator that connects borrowers with lenders. No fees are charged to the consumer for applying for a loan through the website.

Why Use

The obvious reason for using is it is free. However, that isn’t the only reason to look at the site if you need a personal loan. Let’s review what benefits offers to its users. specializes in helping people to find the personal loans they need with lenders they can trust. Whether you’re dealing with unexpected expenses, trying to rebuild your credit, or planning a project, a personal loan can give you the freedom and flexibility to handle whatever comes your way. You can use the money for anything you need. Pay a medical bill, and replace that leaking roof. Consolidate your credit card debt. A personal loan costs less than a high-interest payday loan and may even have a lower interest rate than your credit card. These loans are paid back in installments, a series of fixed monthly payments, for up to five years. Most are not secured, so you don’t need collateral like your home or a vehicle.

It’s always best to compare lenders to find the best option for your needs. That takes time and can be a daunting experience if you do it yourself. Fortunately, online marketplaces allow you to easily find lenders.

  • Finding a lender is fast and easy. Simply submit your request online, from your home or even from your smartphone to review the personal loan offers you qualify for
  • It is free. There’s no membership required, and it’s free.
  • Access to a large network of lending partners gives you more options and increases your chance of getting approved.
  • is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance whose code of conduct and best practices ensure that its customers are fully informed and receive fair and responsible treatment in an online lending market compliant with federal law.

Let’s review each of the benefits of finding a loan through in more detail:

Online Lenders’ Alliance Member

By being an OLA member, the company is committing to fair and honest practices. It agrees to:

  • Comply with all federal laws and regulations
  • Protect consumers against fraud
  • Provide reasonable cancellation policies
  • Remove any false or misleading information or advertising

Having an OLA membership illustrates the company’s commitment to these practices.

Flexible Terms

Some online portals and associated lenders limit repayment plans, and have strict terms and conditions and rigid loan amounts. offers a range of loan amounts, with the largest amounts exceeding the typical $10,000 cap. The repayment terms are also generous, with a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 72 months.

Different Types of Loans offers three different types of personal loans:

Peer-to-Peer Loans

These loans result from borrowers being directly connected to investors. That means a borrower is receiving a loan directly from an individual or company. When the terms are confirmed, the borrower makes fixed monthly payments to the investor. The interest rates are often lower on peer-to-peer loans; however, every situation is different. Typical loan requirements are:

  • 600+ credit score
  • Verifiable monthly income of $2,000
  • Employed or Self-Employed
  • Loan amounts between $1,000 and $35,000

Installment Loans

Every state has rules for personal loans, such as the maximum loan amount and interest rates. Lenders or lending partners may use a range of factors beyond credit scores and repayment history. Consumers should understand the applicable state and federal laws before finalizing a personal installment loan. The typical requirements for an installment loan are:

  • 580+ credit score
  • Monthly income of $2,000
  • Employed, Self-Employed, or Benefits
  • Loan amounts between $1,000 and $35,000

Bank Loans

Some financial institutions allow consumers to request a personal loan online; however, the loan process must be completed in person at a local branch. If approved, the funds will be deposited into a bank account or be available at the branch. Most bank loans will be fixed rates with a defined repayment period. Individual terms and conditions should be discussed with local branch personnel. The typical requirements for a bank loan are:

  • 580+ credit score
  • Monthly income of $3,000
  • Employed or Self-Employed
  • Loan amounts between $1,000 and $35,000

How to Qualify for a Loan Through

Aside from loan-specific requirements, lenders will typically require the following information.

  1. Age and residency status: All potential borrowers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, at least 18 years old, and provide a valid social security number.
  2. Income: You must have a verifiable source of regular income. Are you employed full-time, self-employed or receiving regular financial benefits like Social Security? Be prepared to provide a pay stub.
  3. Banking Details: Do you have a checking account? Most lenders with directly deposit their funds into your valid checking account when your loan is approved.
  4. Credit Score: Have you checked your credit report recently? Do so before you apply to be sure that everything is in order. Keep in mind that you can apply no matter what your credit score is, though customers with higher credit scores will typically qualify for lower interest rates.

What lenders really look for when deciding to approve a loan is a pattern of financial responsibility. Have you paid your bills on time? How much debt are you currently carrying? Will it affect your ability to make your payments? Recent bankruptcies and low credit scores make getting approved for a loan more difficult, but depending on the lender, the amount you want to borrow, and your current circumstances, you may still be able to find a willing lender. Terms and conditions will vary depending on where you live, so be sure to check the applicable laws in your state.

Are There Any Fees?

Peer-to-peer lenders charge a loan origination fee of 1% to 8%. The fees can vary for both personal and peer-to-peer loans. The fees will be outlined in the loan offer, so it is crucial to review the agreement carefully. Look for origination fees, late fees, and prepayment penalties. does not charge for its service.

How to Get Started

The process for getting a loan begins when an online request form is submitted on the website. The request involves providing the following information:

  • Personal information such as an address, contact information, and birthdate
  • Loan information such as amount requested, credit rating, driver’s license, and social security numbers.
  • Account information for where the funds should be deposited.

Providing the information does not oblige the consumer to accept any offers.

After the form is submitted, runs the application through its proprietary algorithm. The algorithm sorts through its lenders to find the best matches for a borrower’s needs. Not every lender is willing to work with every borrower. By limiting the results to those lenders most likely to submit an offer, saves the lender and the borrower time and frustration.

The next step in the process is reviewing the offers that are returned. Some loans may be a better fit in terms of repayments or the length of the loan than others. Before deciding on a loan, read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully. Until an offer is accepted, potential borrowers are under no obligation to move forward.

Once an offer is accepted, the final documents are prepared, and the paperwork is signed. Unlike secured loans, unsecured loans can see the funds released within 24 hours. When the funds are deposited, the borrower is free to spend the funds as desired.

FAQs About (4)

  • Is legitimate?

    Yes, is an online lending marketplace that is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance. The code of conduct and best practices followed by lenders of this organization ensure that you are fully informed and receive fair and responsible treatment that is compliant with federal laws.

  • Does do a hard credit pull?

    No, may perform a soft pull to match borrowers and lenders. This means that filling out the form to receive your offers will not have an impact on your credit score.

  • Does impact credit? is an aggregator and does not provide information to credit bureaus that might impact a credit score. Viewing your loan offers will not impact your credit score until you submit a formal application and receive a loan which payments may be reported to credit bureaus by the lender.

  • Is available in New York? is an online service that is available to anyone with an internet connection. Their lender’s network include lenders in all U.S. states, including the state of New York.

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Personal Loans
Personal Loans


Peer-to-peer loans connect borrowers with investors willing to lend money to individuals. The lenders may be individuals or companies.

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The terms and conditions of personal loans vary from state to state. Some states may limit the loan amounts, while others may restrict interest rates or repayment terms.

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Some financial institutions allow borrowers to apply for personal loans online and complete the process at a local branch.

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Why Us

Flexible Terms offers loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $35,000 with repayment terms up to 72 months.

Multiple Loan Types

The online lending marketplace offers peer-to-peer, installment, and bank loans.

Educational Resources

The website maintains a section related to loans. Topics include bad credit, emergency, fast cash, payday, and loans to cover taxes.

Easily Find a Personal Loan

Tackle that repair, get your car back on the road, take that vacation, or get a second chance to rebuild your credit history. Start your online loan request now at

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