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A digital wallet app to earn interest in crypto, borrow against crypto, swap crypto and fiat, and purchase Nexo tokens to get paid company dividends.


Nexo is a digital wallet app that allows you to deposit crypto, USD, GBP, or EUR to earn interest in cryptocurrencies or Nexo tokens, borrow money or Stablecoins using crypto as collateral, access the Nexo exchange to swap between over 75 crypto and fiat, and purchase (or earn) Nexo tokens to get dividends paid by the company. In this Nexo review, let’s go over what Nexo is, its history, and what it offers its many users.

Cryptocurrencies are a unique asset, well-known for their potential for extraordinary profit. Volatility and long-term price increases have already created over 100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) millionaires. That doesn’t even include any of the people who have made a lot of money from other cryptos. Now, there are many opportunities for passive income in crypto, provided by several platforms. One of the exciting opportunities comes from a crypto wallet called Nexo.

What is Nexo?

Nexo is a cryptocurrency wallet and broader platform enabling crypto holders to earn high interest on their investments. The UK-based company provides passive income opportunities for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The company is particularly well-known for its high-interest rates and ease of use.

Nexo’s motto is simply “Unlock the Power of Your Crypto”. Indeed, Nexo is bringing many traditional banking functions into the cryptocurrency world. To meet that end, they offer financial services like borrowing/lending. Users can quickly get started and earn high-interest rates immediately.

While the potential for enormous crypto price increases is well-known, less is known about the opportunities for passive income. Nexo adds a simple way for newcomers or those experienced in crypto to profit from these benefits. When Bitcoin first came out, there was no path to passive income unless you include simply hodling and waiting, of course.

To complete the picture, we will go over what precisely Nexo offers its customers. To start, we will look at the most important factors when considering a crypto wallet.

Is Nexo Safe to Use?

Safety and security are key features of reliable crypto wallets. To keep users safe, Nexo complies with the global KYC and AML standards. User security is one of their stated priorities. To back up that promise, the platform offers several different safety features.

To keep access to your account exclusive, Nexo uses advanced verification, including biometric checks. In addition, two-factor authentication means that only you can have all the keys to your wallet.

The Nexo platform has an extensive firewall architecture and partners with leaders in security for crypto wallets to protect your digital assets from outside attackers. This starts with BitGo, the Qualified Custodian explicitly designed to protect users’ private keys. Their keys are all held in military-grade Class III vaults and include insurance protection for balances up to $100 million.

Nexo meets the SOC 2 (includes Type I and Type II) compliance framework and CCSS Level 3 for storage safety. In addition, the cloud infrastructure is secured with the help of Amazon Web Services.

Is Nexo Regulated?

In addition to meeting the above stringent security standards, Nexo is compliant with relevant regulations. Nexo is licensed in the EU, the US, and other applicable jurisdictions. Nexo is licensed/registered with:

  • The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • Multiple state-based regulatory bodies
  • The Swiss SO-FIT
  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • The Hong Kong Companies Registry
  • The Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service
  • Much more

What Does Nexo Offer?

While nominally a wallet, Nexo offers a lot more than just their storage solution. There are several other services available through the Nexo Wallet.

Nexo Crypto Exchange

The Nexo Wallet has a built-in exchange platform with an extensive coin offer. Users have a faster way to purchase and store their crypto.

The Nexo exchange boasts 150+ market pairs, zero price fluctuations, and cashback rewards of 0.5% (in NEXO Tokens). With fixed-price execution, users don’t need to worry as much about slippage. Nexo promises a fixed rate from the moment you place an order. This benefit contrasts with many exchanges where your actual price can quickly fluctuate by up to 5%. “The price you see is the price you pay”, as Nexo puts it.

Nexo Crypto Credit Lines

The Nexo Crypto Credit Lines are Nexo’s crypto lending feature. You can borrow crypto here with rates that vary based on your loyalty tier.

Nexo Crypto Earn

You can put up your own crypto to earn interest with Nexo. The exact opportunities vary by cryptocurrency, with the possibility of earning up to 20% APY. You can find out the exact rates you will get using Nexo’s calculator. Simply choose the asset you want to lend out, fill in the USD amount, and determine what you would earn over the specified period. At the bottom of the page, the APY for each asset is stated plainly. The lowest possible APY is 3% (DOGE paid in NEXO), and the highest is MATIC (18%, or 20% in NEXO).

The NEXO Token

Like most crypto platforms, Nexo offers its own token. The token (NEXO) can be purchased directly or paid to you in interest for other crypto assets. For example, you could choose to lend Bitcoin for a 6% APY, or you could receive an 8% with payment in NEXO.

Nexo is easy to buy through the platform’s website and app. All hodlers automatically get 12% interest per annum just for having the token for a 12-month period. Having any of it also puts you in their Loyalty Program, offering up to 50% higher yields and borrowing rates for their line of credit starting from just 0% APR.

You can approach the NEXO Token in whatever way you choose. Some invest in it long-term to profit from Nexo’s future growth. You can also choose to use it for whatever short-term activities you have in mind.

The Nexo Card

Nexo also offers its own card, which is accepted by 40 million merchants worldwide. The card offers some generous benefits, including instant cashback rewards for all purchases.

Importantly, the Nexo Card does not charge any fees. That includes completely free foreign exchange.

Nexo Pricing and Fees

Nexo doesn’t charge fees for most services. There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing any fiat currencies. Crypto deposits into your wallet are free, but crypto withdrawals are only free a limited number of times per month, based on your loyalty tier. Nexo’s withdrawal fees, when they are charged, are unclear and unlisted on their site.

Of course, you can expect to pay if you want to borrow on Nexo. You will have to pay interest until your loan is fully repaid. Interest rates start at 6.9%, but there are no other costs associated with lending. That means zero origination fees or early repayment fees. Nexo also offers zero-cost loans for Platinum users if your LTV is below 20%.

Nexo Customer Support

Nexo offers customer support via email and on-site support tickets. Any inquiries can be addressed to [email protected].

Requirements to Open a Nexo Account

There are no serious bars to entry for a Nexo account. The only extra steps required are strictly for security. First, you will need to verify your email and set up two-factor authentication. This doesn’t take much extra time, but it greatly improves your wallet’s security.

You don’t need to have a minimum balance to open an account either. The only minimum balance requirements are for earning interest. The minimum requirements are minimal, so you can get started even if you only have 1 USD.

How to Get Started with Nexo

To get started, head over to the Nexo website. From the home page, click “Create Account”. Once you’re redirected to the account creation page, you will be prompted to enter your email and create a password. After that, you’ll need to verify that you are not a robot with a quick activity.

Once you’ve clicked “Sign Up”, you need to verify your email address. After clicking on the link in the email you will receive, you will “Continue to your Nexo Account”. From there, you just need to add two-factor authentication. Now you can begin using your Nexo Wallet and all of its features


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Nexo Products and Services


Nexo Crypto Exchange

The Nexo Exchange offers a transparent and fair way for users to trade. With locked-in prices, there are no nasty surprises.

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Nexo Crypto Earn

You don’t need to take any extra steps to start earning more with Nexo. Interest rates of 1% to 20% are available to users, with few restrictions.

Learn more

Nexo Crypto Credit Lines

Borrow cash or stablecoins instantly against your crypto with rates starting at just 0% with no origination fees and no credit checks.

Learn more

Why Us

High Interest

It all starts with your bottom line. Nexo offers highly competitive interest rates for all users, but especially for long-term users holding NEXO Tokens.

Easy to Access & Use

Nexo is highly profitable for users, but it’s also friendly to those of any experience level. It is straightforward to set up an account and start earning interest or using Nexo’s other features.

Secure & Regulated

Nexo follows relevant standards and regulations in jurisdictions around the world. With top-of-the-line security measures and insurance, Nexo takes the extra mile to ensure user security.



Set Up An Account

Regardless of which feature you want to take advantage of, it all starts with the simple account creation process. In a matter of minutes, you can have a new wallet and start trading or earning interest on crypto.

Start Earning From Your Crypto

Create an account and download the mobile app to start earning interest in crypto, borrowing against crypto, swapping crypto and fiat, and purchasing Nexo tokens to get paid company dividends.

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