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A digital wallet app to earn interest in crypto, borrow against crypto, swap crypto and fiat, and purchase Nexo tokens to get paid company dividends.


Nexo is a digital wallet app that allows you to deposit crypto, USD, GBP, or EUR to earn interest in cryptocurrencies or Nexo tokens, borrow money or Stablecoins using crypto as collateral, access the Nexo exchange to swap between over 75 crypto and fiat, and purchase (or earn) Nexo tokens to get dividends paid by the company.


Nexo was founded in 2018 with the idea of bringing professional banking services to manage digital assets. Today, it is used by thousands of people to do more of their crypto assets. As one of the biggest lending institutions in the digital finance industry, they have processed more than $4 billion for over 1,000,000 clients in more than 200 jurisdictions.

Their team combines the Fintech expertise with blockchain technology to bring you digital products that are seamless, secure, and instant, a banking service to manage your digital assets.

Nexo Wallet App: Earn Interest From Your Deposits

The Nexo wallet app is available in over 200 jurisdictions and is currently used by over 1 million people worldwide. By creating an account and downloading the Nexo app, you can:

  1. Earn Interest: Deposit either crypto assets or money in USD, GBP, or EUR to start earning high-yield interest paid to your wallet. The interest is paid to you daily in crypto assets or Nexo tokens, depending on your choice and the type of asset you deposit. The interest rates vary depending on the cryptocurrency or Nexo token you are earning interest in. For example, Nexo tokens are paid at a higher interest rate.
  2. Borrow Cash or Stablecoins: Use your crypto assets to borrow money or Stablecoins at a low-interest rate instead of having to sell them. Through the Nexo wallet app, you can quickly move assets into your credit line wallet, whose funds are used as collateral for your loan. It is worth noting that the assets you move into the credit line wallet will not earn any interest.
  3. Access the Nexo Exchange: Swap between crypto and fiat through the exchange. With over 75 crypto and fiat pairs, they offer instant, secure and limitless exchanges at the best available market prices.

What Are the Nexo Tokens? 

A Nexo token is a dividend-paying, asset-backed token to share the profits and allow you to earn along with the company. Purchasing Nexo tokens is the same as buying any other crypto asset. By purchasing and stacking Nexo tokens, you will access extra benefits like:

  1. Discount on the accumulated interest.
  2. Higher interest on your idle assets in your account.
  3. Get a share of profits in the form of dividends after you undergo a one-time KYC advanced verification and as long as you hold them in your Nexo wallet at the ex-dividend date.

Nexo Card: Earn Cashback in Crypto 

You can get early access to the Nexo card through the Nexo wallet app, as well as manage it after you get one. The card allows you to spend the value of your digital assets without having to sell them. Over 40 million merchants accept it in the world. It works like any other card. After you use it, the balance is deducted from your credit line. Your purchases made with the card will give you 2% cashback, automatically paid back into your account in wither Nexo tokens, BTC. You can choose how you would like to get your reward through the Nexo wallet app before each purchase. Through the wallet app, you can also access all the features to manage your card and make sure your assets are protected, like:

  • Freeze and unfreeze your Nexo Card
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Create free virtual cards for safe online purchases
  • Monitor all your transactions in real-time
  • Get 2% cashback with all purchases.
  • View your PIN and change it at any ATM if needed

How To Get Started

Getting started with Nexo wallet is simple and straightforward. Visit their website to create an account and download the app available for iOS or Android at Apple Store or Google Play Store. Deposit crypto assets, USD, GBP, or EUR, to start earning, borrowing, and swapping and make the most out of your digital assets.

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Why Us

FinTech and Blockchain Experts

Nexo's team has over a decade of FinTech success, 13 Years to be exact.

24/7 Customer Support

Round the clock customer assistance with excellent service to answer all your questions.

Mobile App

Manage all your assets from the convenience of your phone, anytime, anywhere.


Start Earning From Your Crypto

Create an account and download the mobile app to start earning interest in crypto, borrowing against crypto, swapping crypto and fiat, and purchasing Nexo tokens to get paid company dividends.

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