How To Earn Interest on Bitcoin 

Written by Banks Editorial Team
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Written by Banks Editorial Team
4 min. read

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Bitcoin has appreciated significantly since it traded at $0.0008 per coin in July 2010. Crypto investors believe in the blockchain’s viability and hold onto Bitcoin long-term. While investors could cheer on BTC’s price movement over the past few years, cash flow remained a problem. Unlike dividend stocks and rental properties, Bitcoin doesn’t provide cash flow.

Cash flow problems force some investors to sell their Bitcoin reluctantly. Emergency expenses can arise, and you may not have enough funds in your bank account to cover them. You can sell some of your Bitcoin, but you may miss out on a Bitcoin rally. Nexo has a solution that helps users earn interest on Bitcoin. Interest payments protect your crypto position. If you don’t need to use the interest payments to cover your cost of living, you can reinvest them into your portfolio. Ready to get paid for buying Bitcoin? We’ll share how you can get a high-interest rate for holding onto crypto tokens. 

Nexo Crypto Wallet App

9223 Reviews
Learn how to access Nexo crypto loans through this crypto wallet app to borrow cash or stablecoins using your crypto as collateral.
9223 Reviews
Learn how to use the Nexo crypto exchange to sell, buy cryptocurrencies and earn passive interest on your digital assets.

How Does Earning Interest On Your Bitcoin Work?

Earning interest on your Bitcoin works the same way as earning interest in a bank account. When you deposit money in your account, the bank can use your money. They will pay you interest for letting them use your money. You can withdraw funds from your bank account at any time. Instead of depositing money, you deposit crypto into these accounts. These crypto deposits will accumulate interest as you leave them untouched. The company providing the crypto interest account can use the digital assets you put in the account, but you can take out your funds if necessary.

How Do Interest Rates Work for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a riskier asset than fiat currency. Volatility can scare investors and lead to significant losses. Because of these risks, Bitcoin deposits command higher interest rates than average. You can earn up to high-interest APR through a Nexo Bitcoin savings account. In addition, you will get paid interest every day, enabling your position to compound over time. Traditional banks only pay interest monthly, and it’s nowhere close to what you can get with a Bitcoin account. 

While this model helps any Bitcoin investor earn interest, it works especially well for long-term holders. This is because these accounts let your Bitcoin position mimic a dividend stock. As a result, you will receive cash flow even if you don’t sell your holdings. 

Trading vs. Earning Interest on Bitcoin

Bitcoin interest rates are more attractive than what you’ll find at traditional banks. However, some people prefer trading Bitcoin and borrowing against crypto in the pursuit of higher returns. Bitcoin trading can surpass the interest rate. Some retail investors use margins and options to achieve astonishing returns.

Trading crypto comes with higher risks than collecting interest. If you use margin and options, your account can quickly dwindle if you make the wrong picks. Bitcoin day traders rely on price fluctuations to make a profit. As investors obtain data in real-time and watch their portfolio sizes change, they can become victims of their emotions. 

Some crypto traders get greedy and let the gains continue. Those gains can turn into losses if traders don’t exit their positions soon enough. It’s also possible to exit a position too early and regret leaving. You can experience similar emotions during losses. Some traders want to recoup their losses and make more aggressive trades to break even. This revenge trading concept can amplify losses instead of helping you break even.

Trading cryptocurrencies has its place, but earning interest on Bitcoin is safer for crypto enthusiasts. You hold onto your position, collect interest, and continue with your day. You don’t have to monitor graphs or wait for the price to move in your direction. Less time trading gives you more time to earn income through another side hustle. While growing your income or spending more time doing other things, your Bitcoin interest will accumulate.

Nexo Crypto Wallet App

9223 Reviews
Learn how to use the Nexo crypto exchange to sell, buy cryptocurrencies and earn passive interest on your digital assets.
9223 Reviews
Learn how to access Nexo crypto loans through this crypto wallet app to borrow cash or stablecoins using your crypto as collateral.

How Do You Calculate Your Crypto Yield?

Each crypto solution has a different approach to its interest rates. Some offer higher interest rates for altcoins than Bitcoin. Nexo’s earnings calculator shows you how much you can earn on your principal. So you’ll know how much you can make each year by holding onto your Bitcoin. You can also divide the annual interest payment by the principal to arrive at your crypto yield. 

How To Start Earning Interest On Bitcoin

If you believe in Bitcoin’s long-term future and want to get paid for waiting, earning interest is the right approach. You can also take out a line of credit using your crypto as collateral as you wait for interest to accumulate. Follow these steps to start earning interest on your crypto.

Open A Cryptocurrency Account

The first step is to set up a cryptocurrency account. You can create this account through Nexo or any other provider. You’ll have to fill in personal details such as your name, address, and other personal information. 

Compare Interest Rates

Look at different interest rates from providers and cryptocurrencies. Some providers charge higher interest rates for altcoins. Your interest rate will also change based on how long you store Bitcoin. The longer you store Bitcoin, the more you will earn from interest payments.

Add Bitcoin to Your Portfolio

After creating an account and comparing rates, the next step is adding Bitcoin to your portfolio. Nexo operates a Bitcoin exchange that lets you buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin on their platform and then move it to a cryptocurrency account that collects interest.

Earn Interest

You’ve followed all of the steps. Now you wait for the interest to roll into your account. Cryptocurrency account holders receive interest each day, enabling their returns to compound over time. Crypto enthusiasts may not want to shuffle through multiple platforms to get these capabilities. It must be annoying to buy Bitcoin in one account and move it to another app to capitalize on interest rates. Luckily, Nexo is an all-in-one crypto solution.

Nexo operates a crypto trading exchange that lets you buy and sell crypto. You can then put these holdings in a Nexo crypto account that collects interest. Nexo gives daily payouts on your stored crypto assets, while most competitors do weekly payouts. Receiving daily payouts lets the interest compound faster. If you need interest payments to cover expenses, you don’t have to wait until next week to access urgently needed interest payments. 

Nexo’s high-interest rates also let you beat the volatility. You can profit even if Bitcoin enters a correction. Bitcoin can also appreciate while you collect interest, allowing you to earn more money from two sources.  

Nexo doesn’t charge any fees to open up an account. Some crypto brokers charge excessive fees that eliminate crypto trading profits. These brokers charge fees even if you’re on the losing end of a transaction. Nexo doesn’t have any hidden fees when buying Bitcoin which gives you a better experience with Bitcoin investing.  

If you want to make money by holding onto crypto, you would have held onto anyway, create a Nexo account and download their mobile app. You can earn daily interest payments on your idle Bitcoin holdings. Generating cash flow from your Bitcoin creates more stability in a volatile asset. If one of your friends wants to earn interest in crypto, tell them about Nexo. The company offers free Bitcoin for referring new users. Nexo can help with interest payments and every part of your crypto journey.

nexo crypto wallet app

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