We Pay Your Supplier, You Pay Us
Enjoy 120-day terms with any material supplier. Enroll online in just minutes.


Billd is a payment solution that allows contractors to offer 120-day terms to pay for commercial construction materials. They will pay the material’s suppliers, and contractors will pay them later. This way, contractors can access funds to purchase materials upfront with the flexibility of offering longer terms to their clients and have clear and straightforward repayments. Therefore, Billd helps contractors not to miss out on projects due to cash flow.

Construction materials suppliers can access a more extensive customer base and increase orders value. By selling through Billd, suppliers can get paid upfront for the construction materials while offering flexible terms to pay for materials over time. Therefore, Billd can help suppliers expand their businesses, helping them sell more with less risk.

Billd Story

Co-founders Chris Doyle and Jesse Weissburg have broad experience working with contractors across the country, making them realize how the lack of access to funds can prevent contractors from taking on more projects and work on their terms.

Billd then started with the mission of helping contractors access working capital to grow their businesses and remove the frustration and hardship of payment delays on suppliers’ end.

Contractors: How It Works

Contractors can get commercial materials upfront and pay for them later in 4 simple steps:

  1. Enroll
  2. Buy materials through Billd from any supplier
  3. They pay suppliers before shipping materials
  4. Start building and payback within 120 days

Suppliers: Why Partner with Billd

Suppliers can get paid upfront for the materials offering contractors flexible payment terms with fewer risks on their end. Some of the benefits for suppliers are:

  • Get paid upfront while contractors get 120-day payment terms
  • Increase sales enabling customers to buy now and pay later
  • Reduce risks by eliminating late payments
  • Integrate Billd into your purchase process to take care of the admin

What Makes Billd Different from Banks and Lenders?

Billd is a construction company led by subject matter experts with extensive experience in the industry. They believe contractors as the backbone of the economy, so they deserve to be treated as such:

  • Construction Expertise: They specialize in funding construction, while banks or other lenders will fund everything.
  • Real Partnership: As subject matter experts, Billd doesn’t treat you like another application for a generic loan but, like an excited contractor about to start a new project.
  • Flexible Terms: While banks or other lenders may penalize you for late payments, Billd will work with you to find a solution together that works on both ends.

If you work with them, they promise to connect you with a real person who understands your industry and works together to grow and meet your business goals on your terms.

Whether you are a contractor or a material supplier in the construction industry, let Billd help you grow your business. Enroll with Billd today.

Billd Customer Success Stories

Billd is proud of its company and ability to help others. Explore a few of their success stories.

Castle Black

Relying on capital reserves and lines of credit, Castle Black struggled with less than optimal repayment terms. Billd stepped in to help with its funding options. Within several months, most of the funding issues were resolved, and the company expanded into other states.


HMC found themselves in the position of putting down hefty deposits on needed equipment to finance. With customer materials required, the company had to stretch its cash reserves and limit its growth. Billd has helped the business acquire their needs without touching the cash reserves and negotiate discounts.


CitiGreen struggled with projects that came in groups while their credit lines wouldn’t allow them to make the purchases needed to complete the projects. Billd has allowed the company to purchase from new vendors without credit checks to meet all their projects’ needs.

FAQs About Billd (6)

  • What is Billd?

    Billd is a financial company that helps contractors pay for their supplies. This company pays for the supplies upfront, and then the contractor repays Billd within 120 days, giving them the time needed to complete the project and get paid themselves. In essence, the company helps contractors get easy payment terms for the construction materials needed to complete the job without the need to dip into cash reserves or open credit lines.

  • How can you find a supplier with Billd?

    You don’t need to find a specific supplier. All you need to do is upload the quote for your supplier for all the materials you need, and Billd takes care of the rest. The supplier sends the materials to you after receiving payment from Billd.

  • Can Billd help you calculate how much cash you will need to start a commercial construction project?

    Billd does have a calculator to help you estimate how much cash you’ll need to start a commercial construction project. This estimate is helpful for you in the planning stages. You’ll have a more concrete estimation of supply costs when you get a quote that you can then submit to Billd for payment on your behalf.

  • Can you enroll with Billd instead of getting a commercial construction loan?

    Instead of applying for a commercial construction loan, you can enroll with Billd to get payment terms for your materials. Since Billd isn’t a bank, they look at your building experience and your overall business’s health to offer you flexible payment terms. Billd generally works with contractors with an annual revenue range from $500k to $50M. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and you can expect a fast response.

  • What are the benefits of Billd for suppliers and contractors?

    Benefits for contractors include getting the supplies and materials for multiple jobs that they need without tapping into cash reserves or credit lines. Simultaneously, the suppliers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the bill is already paid. This can create growth for both the contractors and suppliers.

  • How can a supplier partner with Billd?

    It’s easy for a supplier to partner with Billd. All you need to do is contact them to get more information about the program, and they will follow up with a call back to answer all your questions about the partnership program. You can quickly contact them online by filling up this form.


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Buy Now, Pay Later

Get flexible 120-day payment terms to purchase construction materials with any supplier.

Learn more

Sell More with Less Risk

Expand your business by getting paid upfront for your materials while your customers receive flexible payment terms.

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Why Us

Buy Now, Pay Later

Contractors can access the funds to buy material with flexible 120-day payment terms.

More Sales, Less Risk

Construction materials suppliers can access a larger customer base and avoid late payments.

Industry Expertise

Billd specializes in construction funding, so they understand how your construction business needs to help you grow.


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Commercial Construction Material Financing

Get 120-day terms to pay for your commercial construction materials to bid on, win more projects, and grow your business. Getting started is easy: enroll online, buy materials from any supplier, start building and pay back within 120 days.

We Pay Your Supplier, You Pay Us

Enjoy 120-day terms with any material supplier. Enroll with Billd today.

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    Contractors are using lean construction to lower costs and increase productivity. Learn how lean principles help complete projects sooner.
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