Billd: Alternative Financing to Commercial Construction Loans for Contractors

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Grow your commercial construction business with alternative material financing offered by Billd.
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Payment Terms
24 hours
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Commercial construction contractors.
Repayment Terms
120-day terms or when paid by the general contractor.
Approval Requirements
Personal and business experience, project pipeline, and purchase history.
Average approval time
As low as 24 hours.
2% purchase fee on weekly payments until you pay the materials.
Early Payment Fees
No penalties for paying off materials earlier.

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If you are a commercial construction contractor looking to grow your business but can’t — or don’t want to — take a construction loan, Billd may be the solution you are looking for. To take on more projects to grow your revenue, and therefore your commercial construction business, you need cash flow to purchase materials before you get paid for them and the construction project. This is where Billd comes into play, offering you 120-day flexible terms for your materials so you can focus on taking on more projects and grow your business.

Billd: An Alternative To Construction Loans For Materials Financing

Billd partners with materials suppliers to offer you one single place to order all your materials with arranged payment terms, so you don’t have to spend time on negotiation or admin and focus on winning more projects. This is an excellent alternative to other types of financing, like construction loans or credit cards. 

So, how does it exactly work? Let’s take it step by step:

  1. Enroll with Billd
  2. Place an order for materials; they will pay the suppliers. 
  3. You will pay a weekly payment, a 2% purchase fee of the total purchased materials, typically offset by a supplier cash discount, up until you pay for the materials. The longer you take to pay off the material purchase, the more weekly interest payments you’ll make. 
  4. After 120 days of payment terms have passed, you will pay Billd for the materials. You can also pay off early with no penalties.

If you are a construction material supplier and would like to learn more about how Billd can help you increase sales while reducing risk, contact them today.

Billd Can Help Improving your Cashflow

Cash flow is essential for every business. In construction, lack of cash flow means you can’t take more projects as you may not finance the materials you need ahead of getting paid for the construction project. 

Back in 2018, TSheets conducted a study about the state of cash flow in the construction business. The 2018 Construction Cash Crunch Report concluded that almost 1 in 5 (19% of respondents) had a constant problem with cash flow, 25% of respondents said cash flow prevents their business from growing, and 17% stated cash flow affected their payroll — meaning employees may not get paid. Cash flow problems and the inability to keep growing your construction business may make it more difficult to access financing options like a construction loan — not mentioning the time spent on applications and paperwork, that you could instead invest in growing your business and taking on more construction projects.

Billd was founded to solve cash flow and other problems commercial construction contractors face. Billd wants to help you grow your business without spending time in construction loan applications each time you want to take on a new project.

What Is A Commercial Construction Loan?

A commercial construction loan is a financing option for businesses struggling with operational costs and other expenses associated with the construction/renovation of a commercial building. Unlike other loans, a schedule is prepared to decide when the borrower can get a certain amount of their loan borrowed to pay for expenses, rather than the whole lump sum straight off the bat. Bigger financial institutions — banks, credit unions, or hard money lenders — are the ones that usually offer these types of construction loans, making the process a bit more difficult for smaller businesses and contractors to apply and get approved for one. This is one of the reasons why Billd could be a great alternative to a construction loan.

How Do Commercial Construction Loans Work?

Unlike most loans borrowers are used to, when a commercial construction loan is closed, the entire loan amount is not transferred into your account.

You only get an agreed-upon portion of your financing loan after your project reaches certain milestones. For this reason, after the approval process, you work with a lender to arrange a draw schedule that fits your needs and accommodates their requirements. 

Typically, you can expect this loan to be divided into five stages (20% of the loan), although it can get much more complicated if the draw schedule is divided into more draws. It depends on what you agree with the lender. 

Realistically by the time you find a lender, prepare all documentation, submit an application and negotiate terms to pay for materials to take on a new project, it may be too late. Instead of a construction loan, with Billd, the term’s negotiation and paperwork are already done for you, so you can simply purchase the materials and get to work.

Is A Building Loan The Same as a Construction Loan?

No. A building loan is financing for the purchase of an existing building, a new building entirely, or to make additions to a property. A construction loan is the purchase of a contractor’s building supply like construction materials and equipment. Same as with a construction loan, Billd could be an excellent alternative to building loans.

How Contractors Can Finance Building Materials Supplies

There are four ways contractors can finance building materials supplies. 

  1. Lines of Credit: Banks and credit unions usually offer lines of credit. Pros: Flexible use, interest-only payments, and no prepayment penalties. Cons: Credit limits fluctuate, a lien on business, additional credit is hard to obtain, not relationship-based, approval and funding can take a long time.
  2. Business Credit Cards: Using a business credit card is one of the most common forms of financing. Pros: Easy application process, spending flexibility, reward programs, and initial bonuses, build credit. Cons: Lower credit limit, easy to overspend, can negatively impact additional credit opportunities, added & hidden fees, misleading rewards programs
  3. Factoring: Contractor financing is typically a last resort option. Pros: Cash upfront. Cons: Bad reputation, the project has to be completed, very high costs, if your invoice is unpaid, you’re required to buy back.
  4. Project-based contractor financing: Contractors partner with experts familiar with the industry like Billd and get to know the business intimately to ensure their needs are met. Pros: Lenders have construction experience, relationship-based, cash discounts from suppliers, interest-only payments, no-prepayment penalties, higher credit limits, faster funding, lower monthly payments, and the ability to negotiate lower pricing. Cons: finance charges

Billd: Buy Construction Materials Now, Pay Later

Contractor financing partners can get you the funding you need now and allow you to pay later. Since customers rarely pay commercial construction contractors on time after completing a project, it’s essential to have the proper funding to keep your business up and running and continue growing. 

What Does Billd Offer to Commercial Construction Contractors?

Depending on your business goals, there are three areas of commercial construction that typically needs financing:

  1. Labor Financing: There are many circumstances where projects require additional labor or more skilled workers to join the team. When you get labor financing, you allow yourself and your business to have the flexibility of hiring workers based on the project you’re taking on rather than your funding availability. This will enable you to take profitable new jobs regardless of when the previous jobs paid you.
  2. Material Financing: Materials are another commercial construction area that can’t depend solely on previous jobs’ payment to acquire what’s needed for the next job. If you have larger jobs coming up and need more materials, material purchase financing gets you everything you need now while delaying the payment to when you get paid. 
  3. Equipment Financing: Whether you need new or more equipment to complete more significant projects more efficiently, you need financing options to secure those purchases without relying on cash flow only. Delaying equipment purchased can hold your business back from securing big jobs and growing your business, so skip the hassle and buy the necessary equipment when you need it.

Billd can help you finance your materials so you can take on more projects and grow your business. Since they partner with commercial construction suppliers, they pay the suppliers when you order construction materials with them, and then you will pay Billd after 120 days.

What are the Benefits of Enrolling with Billd for Commercial Contractors?

Like with every financial decision, you want to be satisfied with the one you make. Here are some benefits of enrolling with Billd:

  • Get materials now, pay later: Billd financing allows contractors to get all the materials and equipment needed to complete an upcoming project — big or small — without paying upfront. Depending on which comes sooner, contractors have the flexibility to pay back costs in up to 120 days or when they get paid.
  • Negotiation opportunities: Since Billd pays upfront, contractors are allowed to negotiate cash discounts with suppliers.
  • Transparency: Costs and fees are straightforward and transparent. There are no hidden fees to worry about.
  • Same-day: Processing for material purchase requests is usually done the same day. If not, in 24/hours at most. 
  • Works with almost all suppliers: As long as the building construction supplier works in the U.S., Billd can pay any building material supplier or manufacturer. 

How To Enroll with Billd: Start Financing your Construction Materials

Enrolling with Billd is easy and quick. Forget waiting on a lengthy approval process and start benefiting from same-day material financing after only a 24-hour (same-day in most cases) approval process. When you need commercial construction financing, you need it now, not in a couple of days or more. 

In as little as a five-minute online process, you can enroll with Billd:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Fill in business and business owner information. 
  3. Agree to Master Contract Agreement.
  4. Add projects and materials purchases for payment.

It is as easy as it sounds to grow your commercial construction business.

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Billd: Alternative Financing to Commercial Construction Loans for Contractors

We Pay Your Supplier, You Pay Us

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