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Actively Managed Investment Portfolios

Titan is an investment platform with a team of experts actively managing your portfolio based on your chosen strategy.

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Product Name

Titan Investment Platform

Product Description

An investment platform with a team of experts to actively manage your portfolios

Minimum Investment Amount

You need a minimum of $100 to start investing in the Titan app

Monthly Management Fees

Fees start only at $5 per month for up to $10,000 in deposits and 1% for deposits of $10,000 or more

Investment Strategies

Four investment strategies: Flagship, Opportunities, Offshore, and Crypto

Third-Party Funds

Access third-party private credit and real estate funds

Titan is an actively managed ​portfolio investment platform offering actively managed as well as access to third-party private credit and real estate funds. The company offers three different account types (Individual, Traditional IRA, and Roth IRA) with four different portfolios, as well as private credit and real estate funds. Note that the Titan Crypto portfolio is not available within IRA accounts. The company’s stated goal is to help its clients diversify their portfolios and provide personalized portfolio recommendations based on a client’s investment goals and risk tolerance.

In this product review, we will delve into the details of Titan and how this app is different from other robo-advisors that passively manage your investments. Titan is the mobile-based active investment portfolio management service offered by the Titan investment platform that takes a hands-on approach to your investing, provides personalized and keeps you informed along the way. If you prefer to access your account on your PC, you can also do so through their website.

About Titan

Titan Global Capital Management USA, Inc. offers active portfolio management for a wide range of clients. The company offers investment management and financial education to help clients reach their financial goals. The goals of their services are simple: to outperform the market, not track it so that you could potentially double your money every 5 to 7 years.

The New York City-based company was founded in 2017 and is registered with the SEC.

The company’s three co-founders bring extensive combined hedge fund management and financial technology expertise.

Should You Use Titan?

If you’re looking for experts to invest for you, Titan is worth your consideration.

The company actively manages its clients’ investment portfolios. If you were to sign up, you would simply deposit your funds and select your investment and risk preferences. All other activities, including all trades, are conducted by Titan.

Titan’s historical returns are published in detail on their site. They offer four separate strategies with varying levels of risk and potential returns, which we will cover shortly. As well as access to third-party private credit and real estate funds.

Overall, Titan is a good option if you want to try to beat the major indexes without needing to delve into the world of investing too deeply. However, if you want a more self-directed investment portfolio, Titan isn’t the kind of company you’re looking for.

Is Investing with Titan Safe?

Titan is a legitimate, professionally run company with insurance provided through its custodian (Apex Clearing Corp.) Apex Clearing Corp is the custodian for billions of dollars in investments. Their SIPC insurance covers accounts for up to $500,000.

If Titan were to become compromised for whatever reason, your funds would remain safe under your name. In addition to the insurance policy, Titan pledged that “in the event of a wind-down,” they would sell out their securities to refund their clients.

However, it is worth noting that the Crypto Strategy is not protected by SIPC insurance.

Titan Review

Titan offers three conventional investment strategies you can choose from and access to third-party private credit and real estate funds. They also offer one alternative investment account, which we will delve into soon. Overall, these methodologies are diverse and have a good history of producing returns.

Investment Methodologies

Let’s review what Titan offers in terms of investment strategies you can set up the app to follow:

Titan Flagship

The flagship investment strategy is appropriately named. It is the most conventional, low-risk investment strategy offered.

Titan Flagship consists of 15 to 25 large-cap U.S. stocks. This stability is further bolstered with the professional selection of high-quality companies Titan determines to compound capital exceeding the S & P 500 index. The strategy’s annualized returns, as last measured, were 18.8%.

Titan Opportunities

Titan Opportunities consists of 15 to 25 stocks in smaller, less well-established companies. The strategy involves choosing small companies with exceptional growth potential. These stocks are selected based on their potential to produce much faster growth and perhaps to become rising stars.

As a result of the selection process, this investment methodology has much higher return potential but presents more risk than Titan Flagship. Annualized returns as last measured were 40.6%.

Titan Offshore

This is the only investment methodology that does not exclusively include U.S. stocks. This international strategy focuses on the best companies in Latin America, China, and other emerging or developed markets.

This riskier strategy can also produce high returns but includes more risk than Titan Flagship. Annualized returns as last measured were -22.6%.

Private Credit and Real Estate

Titan also partners with third-party funds to allow you to invest in Private Credit and Real Estate. Titan’s team of expert investors will take a hands-on approach to guide your investments while these funds are managed by third-party providers.

Costs and Fees of Investing with Titan

Titan uses a transparent and simple cost structure. If you open an account with them, you will pay based on one of two cost structures.

  • Less than $10,000: You pay a flat monthly fee of $5.
  • $10,000 or More: You pay an annualized advisory fee of 1%, billed directly to your account balances. This management fee is assessed every month (1/12th of 1% billed monthly).

Both fee structures are based on your net deposits across all your Titan accounts. So, if you have one account with $5,000 and another with $6,000, your net deposit of $11,000 places you in the “$10,000 or more” category. Note other funds may have additional expenses.

Minimum Investments

With as little as $100, you can invest in Flagship and Crypto. After net deposits of $10,000 or more, you will have access to all of Titan’s portfolios: including Opportunities and Offshore. For third-party funds to invest in private credit and real estate, you will need to meet higher minimum thresholds for initial investments.

Titan Mobile App

All of Titan’s active portfolio management services are based on a mobile-first structure. Users can view their portfolios, browse educational materials, and interact with Titan from the mobile app. In addition, the app includes email and all communications channels to interact with the company.

The Titan Mobile App is available from the App Store and from Google Play. If you want to start investing with Titan, you will need to download the app or sign up on their website.

Apart from the mobile app, you can also access your account on your PC via Titan’s website.

Titan Reviews: What Clients Are Saying

Let’s review what some of the users of Titan are saying about investing with them. These highlighted reviews were taken from their website and Google Play:

  • Over the last quarter, Titan had the best one-period return above/below the benchmark we have ever witnessed. —ROBO REPORT, Q1 2020
  • A friend recommended me, and I must say I love it. The intro/instructional videos to help you understand investments and strategies, the need updates on what Titan is researching and investing in, and the “why?” All come together to create a more informed user base and long-term investors with their product. Well done. —Vernon Stanley
  • I have enjoyed using the app for about six months now. Very easy and straightforward to use. —Edwin D Vazquez

Alternative Assets Investments with Titan

We’ve gone over the three main investment portfolio management strategies offered by Titan. But Titan also includes one alternative investment strategy.

Titan Crypto Managed Portfolios

Titan’s team also includes experts in cryptocurrency trading. Their expertly-managed crypto portfolio, in fact, has the highest annualized returns (120.7%) as last recorded.

Cryptocurrency investments are more volatile than other investments. They thus present the potential for extraordinarily high returns. For the same reason, they are also considered an especially risky investment class. Titan’s understanding of crypto has led them to their current crypto investment strategy.

Titan Crypto Managed Portfolios include a concentrated portfolio of 5 to 10 large-cap crypto assets. Their stated objective is to beat the Bitwise 10 Large Cap Crypto Index during a 3-to-5-year period.

This account type carries the same fee structure as the others and is equally hands-off.

How to Sign Up for Titan

Signing up for Titan is easy. You just need to follow a few steps:

  1. Visit the Titan website
  2. Make sure you meet the minimum investment threshold of $100
  3. Choose your preferred allocation to their various strategies/portfolios
  4. Create an account by visiting Titan’s website
  5. Deposit the necessary funds

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