Ark Venture Fund Available Exclusively on Titan

Written by Banks Editorial Team
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Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read

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Titan is an investment platform committed to modernizing investment management and providing investors with more accessibility and diversification. Titan strengthened this commitment through its partnership with Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest. Titan and ARK Invest have entered a partnership to launch the ARK Venture Fund, exclusively on Titan and available to everyday investors. The fund gives investors exposure to private companies, an opportunity usually reserved for investors with multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Cathie Wood has launched several innovative funds through ARK Invest, but none of them are as involved in private wealth as the ARK Venture Fund. Titan investors will have exclusive access to this fund’s opportunities. Investors can sign up for Titan to access ARK Invest’s new venture fund for as little as $500. You can invest in multiple actively managed funds with professionals working to help you deliver robust returns.

Get Expert Help To Manage Your Portfolio

Get $10 when you open an actively managed individual or IRA account. Diversify your portfolio with personalized recommendations based on your investment goals.

ARK Venture Fund Available in Titan

The ARK Venture Fund gives investors a way to access investing in pre-IPO companies, an asset that usually remains out of the reach of retail investors. Normally, investors need $5 million in assets to invest in venture capital. This steep roadblock has prevented retail investors from capitalizing on the greatest innovations of the 21st century.

Cambridge Associates’ research concluded that the top VC funds had generated average returns between 15% to 27% over the past 10 years, far outpacing the S&P 500’s average return of 9.9% per year over the past 10 years. These returns have increased demand for venture capital, but barriers have prevented many retail investors from embarking on this space until now.

Titan investors can skip the hurdles and gain exposure to these strategies with the ARK Venture Fund. ARK Invest’s partnership with Titan makes this asset class more accessible, and investors only need to make a $500 minimum investment to get started. Titan is invested in public equities, real estate, private credit, crypto, and other opportunities. You don’t have to wait until a company’s IPO to obtain shares and make a profit.

ARK’s experienced investors will handle all of the responsibilities so investors can generate passive returns. In addition, ARK’s team will research compelling opportunities and allocate funds across a broad range of private wealth investments that can deliver optimal long-term returns.

Get Expert Help To Manage Your Portfolio

Get $10 when you open an actively managed individual or IRA account. Diversify your portfolio with personalized recommendations based on your investment goals.

About Titan

Titan is an investment platform that lets investors access actively-managed stock and crypto portfolios. Retail investors can gain exposure to venture capital opportunities and other “out of reach” investments with $100 minimum investments instead of the traditional $100,000 minimum requirement. Portfolio managers can work on your behalf to generate returns, making you a passive investor in the process. Titan provides investors don’t have to worry about manually diversifying their portfolios and responding to market news.

Investors can choose from four actively managed strategies on Titan.

  • The Flagship strategy focuses on large-cap U.S. stocks that Titan believes can exceed the S&P 500’s returns.
  • The Opportunities strategy focuses on small and mid-cap U.S. assets. 
  • The Offshore strategy gives you exposure to 15-25 international stocks with an average market cap of $175 billion. 
  • The Crypto strategy utilizes positions in various cryptocurrencies. 

Investors can also take an active approach on Titan. Titan’s clients can purchase stocks, mutual funds, private equity, crypto, and other assets. You can call all of the shots or have one of Titan’s portfolio managers allocate your money towards captivating investment opportunities.

Titan provides a personalized experience, with frequent updates about the world of money and investment recommendations that align with your goals. The Titan Reco Engine makes these personalized suggestions possible. Investors can provide details on their financial goals, liquidity needs, time horizons, risk tolerances, and other details to receive optimized insights. Titan is registered with FINRA and the SEC. The investment platform is also SIPC-insured, which means your portfolio is insured for up to $500,000.

Making Venture Capital Accessible to Everyday Investors

Titan and ARK Investment Management share the vision of making high-potential assets more accessible to everyday investors. The current structure has steep requirements. VC investors are usually accredited, which means they have over $5 million in assets, excluding the investor’s primary residences. Investors can also become accredited if they work in the financial industry or earn over $200,000 per year.

These rules keep everyday investors out of once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunities that can provide wealth for generations. Investors who use Titan to trade stocks, mutual funds, and other assets can get exposure to private wealth for as little as $500. ARK Investment Management has established itself as an investment adviser capable of finding compelling investments before they become mainstream. Spotting disruptors have set them apart from other funds, and their new fund lets you invest in early-stage ideas long before their IPOs.

Titan’s investors can purchase any of ARK’s exchange-traded funds, including ARKK, ARKW, ARKF, ARKQ, ARKG, and others. Most platforms let you invest in these funds to diversify your portfolio and increase your potential returns. Titan stands out from the other investment platforms through its exclusive partnership with ARK Investment. Researching publicly traded companies is challenging enough, but it gets more challenging to research private investments. ARK and Titan will find the opportunities, distinguish compelling investments from less promising assets, and help you achieve your financial goals.


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