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Titan is an active investment management app that seeks to provide long-term capital growth to its clients. The company is known for giving everyday investors access to a team of investing experts, who invest for you and provide constant updates on the market and your portfolio.

Unlike other robo-advisors, Titan aims to outperform the market. In contrast, other investment apps and tools simply allow you to track the market or manage investments yourself. Their mobile-first solution aims to provide in-depth research, personalized customer service, and high returns.

Keep reading to learn how to invest with Titan. As they are a mobile-first investment management platform, their service is conducted on their mobile app.

What Is the Titan Investment App?

Titan is an investment platform that offers actively managed as well as access to third-party private credit and real estate funds. Through Titan’s investment platform you can access Titan’s investment management services. Both the web version and the Titan mobile app enable you to invest and access educational resources to learn more about investing. You can view your Titan portfolio and read through the company’s educational materials. The Titan platform is easy to use; all you need to do to invest is set a few investing preferences.

You must specify the type of investing account you want (Individual, Traditional IRA, or Roth IRA), your risk tolerance, and your time horizon. Titan will then recommend how much money you should allocate to each of their portfolios, but you can customize this to whatever you would like. . The investment team at Titan will then manage your money according to those settings.

In terms of security, the Titan app is enabled with 256-bit encryption and SSL. As a result, your identity, assets, and personal information are well-protected when using the app.

Who Owns Titan?

The owner of Titan is Titan Global Capital Management, Inc.

Titan co-founders and co-CEOs Clay Gardner and Joe Percoco both have impressive careers in multi-billion dollar hedge fund management. Both Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) graduates, they continue to manage operations alongside co-founder Max Bernardy, co-founder and current CTO.

Together, the Titan co-founders bring extensive investment and financial technology expertise. Titan Global Capital Management, Inc. is registered with the SEC and operates out of company headquarters in New York City.

Titan also offers insurance and brokerage powered by their custodian, Apex Clearing Corporation. Their custodian is a member of SIPC, meaning your account is protected by SIPC insurance. However, it is important to note that the Crypto Strategy is not protected by SIPC insurance.

Is Titan Right for You?

The answer depends on your personal investment management needs. Most similar investment platforms offer passive management services or active investing, where you have to do it yourself. Titan takes a different investment strategy.

Active portfolio management means that the Titan investment team actively manages your money. You provide them with guidelines, but the execution is entirely in their hands. So, if you are looking for experts to invest for you, Titan is likely an excellent choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more self-directed portfolio, Titan isn’t the right option for you. Understanding the difference between active and passive management is thus the key factor in determining if Titan is suitable for you.

If you’re looking for an active investment management platform, Titan offers the expertise and versatility to meet a wide range of investment goals. The company’s standard is aiming to help diversify your portfolios and provide personalized recommendations based on your investing goals and risk tolerance.

How Does the Titan Investment App Work?

From your perspective, as a user, Titan’s app is exceptionally simple. You simply create an account and opt to get started after setting a few preferences.

While the sign-up process is quite simple, you should know a few things before installing the app and getting started.

You can also access Titan through the web platform from your PC if you prefer this experience to a mobile app. Or access and manage your account in both places: from your desktop at home or via the mobile app from your phone.

Minimum Investments

There are minimum investment amounts required to open an account with Titan, but all you need to get started is $100. However, this will only give you access to Titan’s Flagship and Crypto portfolios. You need a minimum starting deposit of $10,000 to access Titan’s Opportunities and Offshore portfolios.

For third-party Private Credit and Real Estate funds, you will need to meet higher minimum thresholds for initial investments.

Withdrawal Requirements

Before you can withdraw funds from your account, you must:

  • Have had deposits remain in the account for at least five days
  • Transfer the funds from your “withdrawable value”

These measures are for security and anti-money laundering purposes. In practice, it simply means you must wait a few trading days to make a withdrawal. For similar security reasons, you may only withdraw up to $50,000 per business day. And third-party private credit and real estate funds allow withdrawal requests only on a quarterly basis.

The only other waiting period is the settlement period. After Titan’s team sells any stocks in your Titan account, you must wait two trading days to be able to withdraw the proceeds.

Lastly, for security purposes, if you change or add a bank to withdraw to, you must provide:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Bank statements with your official ID on them

Types of Accounts

When you sign up for an account with Titan, you will have to choose from an Individual, Traditional IRA, or Roth IRA accounts, and then invest in any of their four investment strategies.

Titan Investment Strategies

While you don’t need to manage your investments actively, you do need to provide the inputs Titan needs to make decisions on your behalf.

The first choice is which investment strategy(s) you want. Titan offers transparent information about the past performance of their clients for each strategy.

Titan Flagship

The flagship strategy at Titan is based on large-cap U.S. stock investment. If you choose this strategy, Titan will:

  • Identify high-quality, large-cap companies
  • Invest in stocks that can exceed the S & P 500 index
  • Choose between 15 and 25 stocks that meet the above requirements

Titan Opportunities

This is a less simple and stable strategy focused on finding smaller, less well-established companies with exceptional growth rates. The growth rates for this strategy are much higher, but there is more risk involved.

Titan Offshore

Titan Offshore takes your portfolio outside of the U.S. in search of the best businesses in emerging and developed markets. Your portfolio will include stocks for companies in Latin America and China and excludes all large-cap or small-cap U.S. stocks.

Titan Crypto

Titan Crypto is the company’s investment strategy for clients looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. Crypto markets are notoriously volatile and risky. However, they also present opportunities for extraordinary returns. This is perhaps best reflected by Titan’s 120.7% annualized returns, by far the strongest returns of all their strategies to date.

Real-estate and Private Credit

Titan also partners with third-party funds to allow you to invest in Private Credit and Real Estate. Titan’s team of expert investors will take a hands-on approach to guide your investments. The minimum investment for these third-party funds varies, so it is worth noting that you will need to meet higher minimum thresholds for initial investments. Regarding withdrawals, these third-party funds allow you to submit requests only on a quarterly basis.

Titan Costs and Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Invest with the Titan App?

Titan charges for its services in a few days.

  • If you deposited $10,000 or more, you will pay an annualized 1% management fee, billed to your account balances, and assessed monthly (1/12th of 1% billed monthly).
  • If you deposited less than $10,000, you will pay a flat $5 per month.

Both fees are assessed monthly based on net deposits across all your Titan accounts.

There are no other fees for using Titan. That means you don’t have to pay the fees regularly charged by alternative platforms. There are no trade fees, withdrawal fees, or anything like that.

The only other possible fee would be an ancillary fee for unusual client requests like foreign wire transfers or paper statement requests. There are no additional regular fees.

How to Get Started Investing with Titan

Follow these simple steps to sign up for an account with Titan:

  1. Gather at least $100
  2. Choose the account type that you want to invest with
  3. Create an account by visiting Titan’s website
  4. Deposit your funds and set your preferences

After you get started, you can just sit back and let Titan manage your portfolio. You can always check your account activity or read their educational materials to keep up with your investment activities.

FAQs About Titan Investment App (4)

  • Is Titan a legitimate company?

    Yes, Titan is a legitimate company registered with the SEC.

  • Is Titan FDIC insured?

    No, Titan is not FDIC insured. This is because FDIC insurance covers banks, not investment firms. The company does offer SIPC insurance through their custodian, Apex Clearing Corp. Apex Clearing Corp is the reputable custodian for billions of dollars of investments, and accounts are insured for up to $500,000. If Titan were compromised, your funds would still be safe and under your name in the custodial account. Titan has also pledged that “in the event of a wind-down,” they would proceed to sell out all securities to return funds to all their clients. Note crypto strategy is not covered by SIPC insurance.

  • Is Titan a hedge fund?

    No, Titan is not a hedge fund but an investment app with a team of investment professionals managing your portfolio based on your set of preferences.

  • What is the difference between Titan and a hedge fund?

    Hedge funds pool all their investors’ funds together and treat each investor and each dollar the same way. They are simply large pools of many peoples’ funds dedicated to the same investment strategy. Titan keeps your money in an individual account and offers personalized management based on your risk preferences.


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Tax-advantaged accounts save you money, but it has an impact on the account you select. Discover the differences between popular choices.
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