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First Down Funding ACH Business Loans

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Small Business Funding
Get pre-approval for your funding in minutes and access the funds as early as next day.
Loan Amounts
$2,000 to $300,000
Average Approval Rate
Funds Available In
48 hours


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Loans Available For

Small to medium-sized businesses in the U.S.

Type of Loan

Bank ACH Loan

Minimum Loan Amount


Maximum Loan Amount


Your Business Average Revenue

+$25,000/month or +$300,000/year

Your Time in Business

At least 1 year, ideally more than 2


Fixed payment schedule, no prepayment penalties

Application Type

60 seconds online application


First Down Funding offers help from a personal funding manager

First Down Funding is a company offering ACH business loans for small to medium-sized businesses in the U.S. along with other small business funding services. They provide an easy application process and fast approval to offer you effective business financing solutions with flexible terms and personalized customer service. Since First Down Funding is not a traditional funding provider, you can apply for a business loan with them even if you have a bad credit score or no collateral to offer against the loan.

“ACH” is an acronym for Automated Clearing House. An ACH is a loan in which a lender will review your bank statements and determine what amount you are eligible to borrow. Once the loan has been granted, instead of sending out a bill or collecting from your accounts receivables (like you would using factoring, for example), your lender will automatically deduct a portion of your sales from your account based on the agreement you signed.

This type of funding is perfect when your business needs an immediate influx of cash. With short approval times, fast funding times, and flexible loan amounts, you can keep your business in the black while leaning on future sales.

Why Get An ACH Loan?

Getting an ACH loan is fast, easy, and secure. ACH Loans have a high approval rate, and they also allow you more control. One of the indicators to consider an ACH Loan is if your loan amount is based on the percentage of sales you make daily, weekly, or monthly. You can then use the funds to get the capital you need for short-term financial needs.

One of the best benefits of ACH loan credit is that you do not have to worry about repayment. Your terms will be clearly spelled out, and the funds needed to repay your loan are taken directly from your account. This means no late fees, no guessing about repayment quantities, and no due dates that creep up if your cash flow is restricted.

What Is The Process Of Getting An ACH Loan?

Fortunately, the process of getting an ACH loan is simple. Like all loans, there are specific requirements for the application. Before applying for the loan, you have only two steps to deal with. These are the steps:

Gather required documents

  • Copy of your photo identification (driver’s license).
  • A voided business checking account check.
  • Copies of your last three business bank account statements.
  • Last three processing statements from your credit card income.

Gather corporate information

Before you begin the application, you will also need to gather specific information about your business. You will have to provide the following information:

  • Legal business name (and any DBA you are using).
  • The physical address of the business.
  • Corporate structure (e.g., corporation, LLC, etc.).
  • Date business was formed.
  • The number of employees (full time).
  • Business’s tax identification number.
  • Names/address/Social Security numbers for the principals of the business.
  • Information on any merchant credit accounts your business may have (name of the lender, amount outstanding, etc.)

Once you have gathered all this information, your lender will direct you to fill out their application and advise you on submitting your loan request. Once your documents have been reviewed, your lender will tell you whether you have been approved and when you can expect the funds in your account.

How Do I Get An ACH Loan with First Down Funding?

Using the two steps listed above, you should gather the appropriate information. Fortunately, First Down Funding makes obtaining an ACH loan simple, as you can easily apply for an ACH loan online with First Down Funding. They give personal attention to each client’s specific needs and offer creative solutions.

Using the Online Application Form

Using First Down Funding’s website, you will access their online application form. The online application is secure, but you can also download the application in Portable Document Format (PDF) and manually fill the application.

Follow all the instructions on the application form and carefully read the bottom’s disclosures before signing the document and typing your name.

If you have provided all the necessary information and documentation, you should hear back from First Down Funding within a couple of business days whether your application is approved. Assuming you are approved, you could have cash in your account within three days.

Why First Down Funding?

Small business owners need funding solutions that work for their business. Even when banks have lowered interest rates, loosened up banking restrictions, and sought additional business, small business owners often get left out. At First Down Funding, their goal is to make funding accessible to small businesses across the United States.

When small businesses thrive, communities do better. This is one reason First Down Funding offers custom solutions that allow business owners to tap into the capital they need to build new partnerships, improve on the technology their company uses, and grow their workforce.

Even if an ACH loan from First Down Funding does not work for your business, you can count on First Down Funding to find a solution that will work for you. They have the knowledge and experience to find a personalized business funding solution that works for small to medium-sized businesses in every industry.

Other First Down Funding Options for Small Businesses

Whether your business is in the growth stages, you seek funding to expand your business, or your company is well established, First Down Funding has a program that will work for your business.

Not only does First Down Funding offer ACH loans, but they can also provide these other options to meet the financing needs for small to medium-sized businesses:

  • Small Business Funding: Business growth requires an investment. Whether the investment is obtaining new equipment, expanding a facility, or bringing in new talent, you need to invest in your small business to achieve growth. Small Business Funding can help your business do all these things and more.
  • Working Capital: Working capital is critical for any business to operate. You can use these funds to meet operational needs, like payroll, rent, or monthly bills.
  • Bridge Funding: Also known as Swing or Gap Financing, Bridge Funding can help you with the costs associated when your business is in the gap between two fundings.
  • Next Day Funding: If you need working capital fast, you can apply for next-day funding and get your loan approved the next day to get your funds as quickly as 72 hours.
  • Short-Term Funding: For businesses that need short-term or immediate funding, this type of loan may be the best for them.
  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA): This type of funding gives a business a sum payment in exchange for a percentage of the daily credit card income.
  • Long Term Funding: Medium and small businesses looking for funding from $2,000 up to $300,000 to achieve long-term goals.

If you do not see a funding solution that seems to fit your needs, contact First Down Funding today and ask them about other options. They will work with you to customize a solution to help you access the capital you need.

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