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First Down Funding offers accessible funding for small businesses in the United States, and has great customer reviews. Committed to making financing and business growth available to small businesses, they help companies that may have been let down by traditional methods to get funded.

First Down Funding provides small business owners with real, customized solutions that work for their needs by leveraging strategic partnerships, data science, cutting edge technology, and in-depth consultations.

As there is no one-size-fits-all solution, their team works closely with small businesses owners to create personalized business financing solutions. They pride in their innovative approach to small business funding, which provides them with the tools to grow and expand their business.

Alternative Financing as a Work Philosophy

Small businesses usually have it harder to get funding through traditional channels. First Down Funding provides alternative funding options to access the funds they need to maintain and expand their business. These values are at the core of everything they do:

  • Integrity: Transparent, honest, legally compliant
  • Innovation: New approach to business funding
  • Respect: Treating everyone with respect
  • Passion: About the success of your business
  • Results: Realistic goals on both ends
  • Support: Help throughout the funding process

Pros of Working with First Down Funding

Their team is committed to treat you like a partner and not just a transaction. They understand each business has unique needs, the reason why they offer flexible terms, and personalized solutions to expand and grow your business. Its fast and secure online application process directs you to the most suitable funding option tailored to your business’s specific situation. The highlights of partnering with them to get funding for your small business are:

  1. Apply online in an easy, fast, and straightforward experience
  2. Access funds as soon as 72 hours after your approval
  3. Get the support to meet your unique business needs
  4. Borrow between $2,000 and $300,000 depending on your needs

First Down Funding can support you to fund the best funding option for your business. To get the best chance to get funded, you have been in business for at least one year; ideally, more than two, and your business average revenue is $25,000 per month or $300,000 annually. First Down Funding can easily help you secure between $4,000 and $100,000. If you are requesting over $100,000, bear in mind that your monthly revenue and credit may need to be stronger.

First Down Funding Small Business Funding Options

First Down Funding business funding options include:

  • Small Business Funding: Businesses that are profitable and have cash flow but need funds to expand can access various financing solutions, such as credit lines or invoice financing.
  • Bank Only ACH: Business who need a quick source of cash and immediate funding can access this merchant cash advance based on the business’s daily/weekly sales.
  • Working Capital: Businesses with a shortage of working capital can access funds to meet their operational needs, like payroll, rent, or monthly bills.
  • Bridge Funding: Businesses that need to bridge the costs arising between two fundings can access this short-term funding, also known as swing or gap financing.
  • Next Day Funding: Businesses that need working capital relatively quick can apply for this short term funding option to receive a lump sum of cash upfront to be repaid over a set period of time.
  • Short-Term Funding: This type of funding provides small businesses the fund they require to meet short-term or immediate business needs.
  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA): A sum payment to a company in exchange for a percentage of its daily credit card income taken directly from the processor until the obligation has been met.
  • Long Term Funding: For medium and small businesses looking for funding from $2,000 up to $300,000 to achieve their long term goals.

Apply for Small Business Funding

First Down Funding specializes in structuring and approving cash advances for small and medium-sized businesses, even if they have failed to secure funding through other more traditional methods, in only three easy steps:

  1. Apply Online: Fast and secure online application
  2. Get Approved: 75% approval rate
  3. Get Funded: Funds available within 72 hours

Contact First Down Funding today and get the funds you need to achieve your small business goals.

FAQs About Small Business Funding (12)

  • What types of business loans does First Down Funding provide?

    First Down Funding offers working capital funding, bank only ACH, business expansion funding, spring funding, fixed funding, business capital advance, unsecured business funding, and First Down advantage funds.

  • How does a business loan from First Down Funding work?

    You fill out the online application, review your offers, choose the best product, and receive the funds 72 hours after signing the documents.

  • How does First Down Funding's PPP application work?

    The online application takes around 10 minutes to complete. You need to provide the necessary information about yourself and your company. You may need to upload certain documentation, including personal identification, bank statements, and accounts receivable information. You should receive an answer within 24 hours.

  • Is it hard to get a business loan from First Down Funding?

    No, even a company with bad credit can get a business loan, although they may need to offer a form of collateral.

  • What is the easiest loan to get from First Down Funding?

    The easiest loan to get from First Down Funding is the business capital advance that includes the merchant cash advance that relies on your daily credit card sales.

  • What is the average rate for a business loan from First Down Funding?

    The average rate for a business loan from First Down Funding depends on the company’s credit score and the length of the loan. Interest rates start as low as 8%.

  • How much of a business loan can I get from First Down Funding?

    Depending on the type of loan, you can secure between $4,000 to $500,000 in funds. It’s always a good idea to borrow only what you need and can afford to repay.

  • What are typical First Down Funding's business loan terms?

    The typical First Down Funding’s business loan terms are for between one year and 10 years. Your terms may vary by the amount and type of loan. Also, the repayment method may play a part in the terms.

  • How can I get a business loan from First Down Funding with no money?

    If you want to secure a business loan without providing collateral, you need a good credit rating and an established business with healthy sales. There are loans available for companies that lack an outstanding credit rating, but they usually require collateral or rely on accounts receivables for repayment.

  • How do I qualify for a business startup loan from First Down Funding?

    Most small business startup loans rely on your credit score since the business hasn’t had time to establish a lot of credit yet. It’s a good idea to have a credit score of at least 600, although there are loans available for people with bad credit. You also need to show a business that’s been up and running for six months. If you have a history of working with startup companies, it helps you get funding too.

  • What industries does First Down Funding finance?

    First Down Funding finances many industries, including retail, beauty, service, restaurants, healthcare, business, hotels and motels, commercial trucking, automotive, and gas stations.

  • First Down Funding customer reviews

    First Down Funding gets many positive customer reviews, with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating in Google. As an example, Jinny C of Champion Security Group said: “We were treated with courtesy. The application process was simple and fast.”

First Down Funding

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First Down Funding Products and Services

Business Loans
Business Loans

Small Business Funding

Get funding to expand your small business, such as business term loans, credit lines, or invoice funding.

Learn more

Bank Only ACH

A quick source of cash and immediate funding based on the business's daily/weekly sales.

Learn more

Working Capital

Funds to meet operational needs, like payroll, rent, or monthly bills.

Learn more

Bridge Funding

Bridge the costs arising between two fundings. Same as Swing or Gap Financing.

Learn more

Next Day Funding

Get working capital quickly in as little as 72 hours

Learn more

Short-Term Funding

Meet short-term or immediate business needs

Learn more

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A sum payment to a company in exchange for a percentage of its daily credit card income

Learn more

Long Term Funding

Medium and small businesses looking for funding from $2,000 up to $300,000 to achieve long term goals

Learn more

Why Us

Personalized Service

Partner with First Down Funding team to find the best funding solution for your small business needs.

Alternative Funding

With high approval rates and no personal guarantee, get the funds you need for your business even with bad credit or if traditional methods have failed you.

Easy Online Process

Apply through a secure and fast online form that directs you to the right funding solution for your small business.


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