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Easily search for financial services like loans, credit cards, savings accounts, insurance, and more and apply to multiple providers.


Fiona makes it easier to find loans or credit card offers tailored to your needs. With a straightforward search, Fiona presents you with a myriad of options. A loan can help you with many things, from getting approved for a personal loan to finance a project like a wedding, a trip, or remodeling your house to consolidating your debt into a single loan with lower monthly payments to help you pay off your debt faster. Besides loans or credit cards, Fiona can also help you get matched with the perfect life or car insurance policy.

Fiona uses the technology of fintech company Even Financial to pull all the information available from top lenders to help you secure the financial product you need. You can compare the vast options available for loans, insurance, or credit cards in one location. Fiona also provides this information without a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can lower your credit score. This means that looking for a loan or a credit card using Fiona will not hurt your credit score.

About Fiona

Fiona uses the latest financial technology by Even Financial. The tech aggregates information on financial products like loans and credit cards to show you options and find the product that best fits your needs—all using technology, so you don’t have to do the legwork. It also allows you to submit one single application for the product you are looking for instead of applying to each provider, saving you tons of time you could be using for something else.

Founded in December 2014, Even Financial was started by several financial industry leaders and set its headquarters in headquarters in New York City. They wanted to utilize technology to make it easier for businesses to find the financial products and tools they need. After finding success in the B2B market, the company launched Fiona to bring their knowledge and skills to individuals and consumers. Fiona makes it easy for people like you to find financial products and compare their options in one location. It saves time and ensures you find the financial product that best meets your needs. 

Why Is Fiona Your Best Choice For Loans, Credit Cards and Other Financial Services?

You live a busy life, and there is always something vying for your time. Fiona helps you find and compare multiple loans, savings accounts, and credit card offers at one time, which saves you time and makes your life a little easier. Fiona’s insurance policies can also help you find a lower rate on your auto insurance or life insurance policies. 

Another benefit of Fiona is that you see your options without a hard inquiry on your credit score. Hard inquiries can lower your credit score. With Fiona, you can explore your options for a loan, mortgage, or credit card without the inquiry reflecting on your credit rating. 

Fiona’s Products and Services

Fiona offers you a variety of financial services and products to meet your financial needs, including:

  1. Personal Loans: Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt or refinance a mortgage, Fiona can provide you with various offers. You can compare interest rates and other key features to choose the one that’s right for your situation. 
  2. Insurance: If you own a car, you must have auto insurance. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to pay more than you should. Fiona’s insurance options make it easy to compare policies from the top insurers in one place. You can also explore your options for life insurance policies. 
  3. Credit Cards: In the modern world, a credit card is a necessity. With Fiona, you can find and compare the best option for your needs on a credit card. You supply your basics, and Fiona matches with credit cards that you’re most likely to be approved to receive. 
  4. Savings Accounts: If you’re ready to set money aside for the future, you need a savings account that offers you the highest interest rates. Depending on how much you need to deposit, Fiona finds the best options from the major banking firms. 

Costs of Using Fiona for Loans, Credit Cards and Other Services

There aren’t any fees for you to use Fiona. Of course, if you opt to pursue a loan, credit card, or insurance policy, bear in mind some lenders and insurers may have fees. Fiona does not charge these, but by the company, you secure a financial product with.

When using Fiona to find loans and other financial products, you can view all the fees and costs of loans and credit cards that you prequalify for in one place. All the product details, like fees, interest rates, and other essential information, are available to you before purchase to make an informed decision about the financial product you wish to pursue. 

Get Started With Fiona

You can start using Fiona in minutes by looking for products on the website. If you’re looking for a loan or credit card, you need to fill out a small application that matches you with the best products available for your unique circumstances. You may worry that this application will damage your credit; however, Fiona only makes a soft inquiry to help you prequalify for a loan product, so it doesn’t affect your credit rating. 

FAQs About Fiona (3)

  • Does Fiona Offer Debt Consolidation Loans?

    While Fiona isn’t a loan company, they can provide you with information on debt consolidation loans you’re preapproved to receive.

  • Is Fiona a Good Loan Company?

    Fiona isn’t an actual loan company. It’s a great resource that allows you to compare loans that you’re prequalified to receive. You can compare terms and interest rates.

  • Is Fiona a Legit Company?

    Yes, Fiona is a legit company that allows you to compare loan, credit card, and savings account offers. You can also use it to comparison shop car and life insurance.


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Why Us

Multiple Options

Whether you're looking for a home mortgage or life insurance policy, Fiona provides you with a snapshot of your best offers, making it a snap to compare financial options in one place.

Save Time

You can spend days going from one financial website to the next, filling out applications to get the details of what's available. With one application, you can explore a variety of financial products.


There are some loans, credit cards, and savings accounts that aren't right for your credit circumstances. With Fiona, you're prequalified for the options you see, so you don't waste time pursuing a loan you can't get.


Get Started with Fiona

To get started viewing your financial options, you need to go ahead and join Fiona. You can create an account with some basic information, such as your name and email. Joining doesn’t require you to pursue a financial product with Fiona.

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