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Beauty Salon Financing: How to Get Funding to Grow Your Salon

Written by Allison Martin

Allison Martin is a personal finance enthusiast and a passionate entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience, Allison has made a name for herself as a syndicated financial writer. Her articles are published in leading publications, like, Bankrate, The Wall Street Journal, MSN Money, and Investopedia. When she’s not busy creating content, Allison travels nationwide, sharing her knowledge and expertise in financial literacy and entrepreneurship through interactive workshops and programs. She also works as a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) dedicated to helping people from all walks of life achieve financial freedom and success.

Updated November 6, 2023​

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Opening or expanding your beauty salon can be a costly endeavor. Luckily, several funding options are available to help you meet your goals. Here’s what you need to know about beauty salon financing, including how you can leverage it to grow your business, the various funding options to choose from and how to secure financing that best suits your company’s needs. 

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What is Beauty Salon Financing?

Beauty salon financing refers to the various methods to raise capital for your beauty business. Whether you’re starting up a new salon or looking to expand or modernize your existing one, securing financing can help you achieve your goals. 

The Importance of Funding in Growing Your Salon

Funding is essential for growing your beauty salon and maintaining a prosperous business. A reliable cash flow allows you to make essential investments in equipment, supplies, staffing and location. 

Purchasing Beauty Salon Equipment

With proper funding, you can invest in the latest and most efficient hair salon equipment to enhance your services and attract more customers. This could include upgrading styling chairs, shampoo bowls, dryers and other essential tools.

Stocking Up on Beauty Supplies

You can bulk-order beauty salon supplies and offer your clients a more comprehensive range of products. Buying in bulk also helps you negotiate better deals with suppliers and save on expenses.

Hiring More Staff

As your salon’s popularity grows, you’ll need enough skilled professionals to cater to your clients. Securing loans or other forms of financing can help you hire and train more staff as needed. This improves customer satisfaction and allows your salon to cater to a larger clientele.

Expanding/Renovating Your Existing Salon

Injecting funds into your beauty salon can enhance its appearance and functionality. Consider renovating your salon to create a more inviting and luxurious atmosphere that clients will enjoy. By securing funding, you can expand your existing salon and create additional seating or private treatment rooms for a more comfortable experience.

Renting/Leasing a New Space

If your current location doesn’t offer enough room for growth, funding can help you move to a more suitable space. Renting or leasing a new salon location can help you gain extra visibility, attract new customers and provide an improved experience for your existing clients due to increased accessibility or better facilities.

Buying a Salon

An alternative to starting a salon from scratch is to purchase an existing business. The advantage of buying a salon is that it comes with trained employees, existing clientele, and equipment, making it easier to sustain cash flow while you transition. 

Different Financing Options for Beauty Salons

Here’s a closer look at the financing options available for beauty salon owners. 

Business Term Loans

Business term loans are a popular financing option for beauty salon owners looking to grow their businesses. With a term loan, you receive a lump sum of money, which you can use for expenses like hiring new employees, purchasing inventory or renovating your space. Term loans typically come with a fixed interest rate and monthly payment amount. 

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is another flexible financing option for beauty salon owners. It allows you to access funds as needed, up to a set limit, and you only pay interest on the amount you draw. It is ideal if you want ongoing access to funds to cover working capital needs or unexpected expenses. Plus, you can reuse and repay the credit line as needed, making it a convenient option for managing cash flow.

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Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a viable option for salon owners looking to invest in new tools, furniture, or technology. This type of financing offers loans specifically for purchasing or leasing equipment, and the equipment itself serves as collateral. Equipment financing often provides you with more favorable terms and interest rates than a standard business loan, making it an attractive option for your salon.

Working Capital Loans

As a beauty salon owner, you may encounter cash flow challenges due to seasonal fluctuations, slow-paying clients or unexpected expenses. Working capital loans are designed to help businesses with short-term cash flow needs, like payroll, rent, or inventory costs. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans

If you want to expand your beauty salon’s footprint, purchase a new location or refinance your existing commercial property, a commercial real estate loan may be the right fit for you. These loans are specifically designed to finance property used for business purposes and generally have lower interest rates and lengthier repayment periods than other financing options. 

How to Get Funding to Grow Your Salon

When you’re ready to explore funding options to grow your salon, here’s how to move forward. 

Assessing How Much You Need

Before taking any steps to get funding for your salon, it’s important to determine the amount of capital you require. Carefully assess your current salon operations and future growth plans to come up with a realistic estimate. Consider expenses such as renovations, equipment upgrades, marketing campaigns and staffing needs. 

Understanding your needs will make it easier when it comes to negotiating with lenders. It also helps ensure you don’t take on more debt than you actually need to meet your business goals. 

Writing a Detailed Business Plan

A solid business plan is essential to secure funding, as it demonstrates your salon’s potential for success. When writing your business plan, be sure to include an executive summary, a detailed description of your salon and a thorough market analysis. 

Also, outline your product and service offerings, target clientele, marketing strategies and financial projections for the next few years. A comprehensive business plan will not only impress potential lenders, but it will also serve as a roadmap for your salon’s forecasted growth. 

Showcasing an Impressive Credit History and Industry Experience

Lenders are more likely to approve a loan application for salon owners with an impressive credit history and adequate industry experience. As a small business owner, make sure your personal credit score is in good standing before applying for a loan. Furthermore, highlighting your experience in the beauty industry can help build credibility and convince lenders that you have the necessary skills to expand your salon successfully.

Comparing Loan Options and Lenders

There are several financing options available for beauty salon owners, such as traditional bank loans, SBA 7(a) term loans and lines of credit, each with different rates and terms. It’s important to research and compare various loan options and lenders to find the best fit for your specific needs. 

Applying for Funding

Once you’ve determined how much you need, crafted a detailed business plan, showcased your credit history and industry experience, and compared loan options, it’s time to apply for funding. Be prepared to provide a range of financial documents, such as income statements, balance sheets and tax returns. The lender may also request information about your personal finances or require you to put up collateral to secure the loan. 

Choosing the Right Beauty Salon Financing Option

When looking for financing options for your beauty salon, it’s essential to choose the one that best fits your needs. Consider the size of your salon, your credit score and specific loan requirements before applying to ensure you choose the best form of funding for your unique business needs. 

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