What Is the Best Cardano Wallet App?

Written by Banks Editorial Team
4 min. read
Written by Banks Editorial Team
4 min. read

Cardano is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available due to its revolutionary entrance into the crypto market, and thus it has a high earning potential for investors. However, those looking to invest in the coin must also have somewhere to store it, just like all other cryptocurrencies. 

Certain digital wallets are better than others, so it is crucial to understand what you are looking for in a wallet and which ones can offer the necessary features. 

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What is Cardano?

Cardano is a modern cryptocurrency that was released in 2017 and had been becoming increasingly more popular ever since. It can be bought or sold as a digital asset like all other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum or Bitcoin), allowing investors to expand their horizons and diversify their portfolios, given that most people begin their crypto investment with a coin with a larger market share. 

Since its founding and in the present day, Cardano has been run by a non-profit institution. Mostly, the coin and those who helped establish it have the goal of making cryptocurrencies more interoperable, faster, resilient, and expandable.

This crypto coin is the first “third-generation” digital currency, allowing those using it for transactions to do so across multiple chains. This would mean the elimination of various check-points or intermediaries between the coin’s starting and ending location, cutting costs and speeding up transaction time. Cardano is a trailblazer for cryptocurrency worldwide that has attracted many users worldwide and has reached its market peak (to date) in 2021. 

With regards to sustainability, the coin’s company also aims to provide sufficient compensation to miners and stakeholders, allowing it to become increasingly well developed and vibrant as a digital ecosystem. 

ADA Cryptocurrency

Cardano’s crypto coin is called ADA, which is simply its three-letter abbreviated name, which is used on various indexes to display it. To differentiate between the two, Cardano is the holistic database on which processes can run and operate. On the other hand, ADA is the coin that changes in price depending on the success of Cardano. 

The two names are similar to the way stocks or options trade, without being the whole company themselves. 

Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism

Cardano and ADA utilize a proof of stake consensus mechanism (often abbreviated to PoS) to process various transactions that occur using it as a system.

This method validates the entries that are put into it (or taken out) and therefore distributes the database and increases its level of security beyond what a simpler method would be able to achieve. 

Sustainability and Scalability

Some of the key differentials of Cardano and its cryptocurrency lie in its ability to continue growing and becoming more accessible, as opposed to many of the older generation cryptocurrencies that are becoming more expensive and less conducive to international use. 

Cardano offers considerable returns to miners or stakeholders with its crypto coin, allowing the platform to grow and develop over time, as opposed to staying still and growing stagnant. 

Market History and Prediction

ADA’s price has become of note predominantly since 2020 when the price consistently went above $1 per coin for the first time since its inception. Though the currency did spike in January of 2018, it did so unstably and quickly fell to around $0.10. There are, in total, 45 billion Cardano coins active. However, they have not all been discovered presently—the current number discovered and the price of ADA (which is around $1.20 at the time of writing) put the market cap of Cardano around $40,000,000,000. 

The consensus surrounding the price prediction of ADA in the future is non-existent, with certain analysts predicting the fiat coin to have a price of near $60 in 2030, while others believe it will collapse before then. 

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Send, receive, and exchange Bitcoin and 200+ cryptocurrencies with ease on Exodus—the world’s leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware crypto wallet.

What Is a Cardano Wallet App and How Does It Work?

A Cardano wallet, acting in the same way as all other digital coin wallets, is a method of securing your digital finances online through a safe and protected locked system. The best wallets are resilient to being hacked and are accessible, allowing you to trade your cryptocurrency at any time. 

A crypto wallet, in terms of functioning, is an encoded blockchain system that isolates your own digital assets while granting only you access to them. Certain wallets have varying features, but their primary purpose is to store and hold your cryptocurrency safely, similar to how a bank or regular wallet is designed to protect physical cash. 

What Should You Look for in a Cardano Wallet App?

For a digital wallet, you should look for several primary features that facilitate its services and allow you to use your cryptocurrency effectively. Unfortunately, not all wallets are identical, and certain wallets are fraudulent, so it is important to check how each wallet deals with the below factors before subscribing to it. 

Secure and Safe

The foremost purpose of a digital Cardano crypto wallet is to secure your cryptocurrency from others who would attempt to steal or destroy it. Therefore, ensuring a wallet has a strict and rigid protective code defending your blockchain assets is paramount—when choosing a wallet, safety should be your primary concern. 

More so than with physical cash, digital assets are unrecoverable and therefore cannot be found again when stolen. 


Additionally, a great crypto wallet can be accessed across several platforms, such as mobile or a website. This allows you to log in to your holdings more flexibly, without being constrained by location or device, granting you greater access to your account. 

Having a multi-platform wallet means you can effectively store all of your crypto holdings in one location without switching between different wallets when on your phone or your computer; it is much more simple and effective to have a multi-platform wallet. 


Another key feature of a good crypto wallet is the ability to store several different assets and not just be singularly focused on holding an individual coin or asset (such as an NFT). In addition, opening up to other coins allows you to hold a more diverse and resilient number of crypto coins that can experience more market exposure, which is generally regarded as a positive feature.

 If you are solely interested in investing in single coins, certain wallets are available. However, it is recommended that you maintain the option of holding a wider variety of coins. 

Ease of Use

Finally, the best crypto wallets are also accessible and simple to use. As a result, there is less time spent figuring out how to store your cryptocurrency and access it when you want to utilize it for something. 

Several wallets offer difficult-to-understand systems without ergonomic user interfaces for casual investors or crypto holders. 

How to Find a Cardano Wallet

A large number of Cardano and general crypto wallets are available online—with enough time researching and investigating, you should be able to find one that suits your needs and can hold multiple different coins, work across platforms, be accessible and simple to use, and, most importantly, safe. 

One of the best available crypto wallets that meets all of these requirements is called Exodus. Exodus has an in-built exchange that allows you to purchase and then hold over 100 different cryptocurrencies, including Cardano, all at market price. Exodus can be run on a website using the desktop wallet application or through a convenient mobile crypto wallet and app and can connect your holdings between the two, allowing an easy operating location for your digital assets.

Exodus also offers several other ways, besides storing, to make the most out of your digital currency; you can stake your currency for extra rewards or simply store it in the digital wallet for interest. 

Visit the Exodus website if you want to learn more about this crypto wallet or to start selling, buying and exchanging Cardano and over 165 cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and up and coming ones like VeChain, Shiba Inu or Dogecoin.

Exodus Crypto Wallet

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