Experian Dark Web Scan Review

Written by Banks Editorial Team
2 min. read
Written by Banks Editorial Team
2 min. read

The web is ripe with identity thieves searching for ways to prey on consumers. Unfortunately, the Dark Web makes it even easier for cybercriminals to hijack your information. But Experian offers a Dark Web Scan that helps you identify potential threats and advises you on the proper steps to take to ward off future attacks. 

Experian Free Credit Score

Experian Boost is a free service that allows you to add eligible, on-time payments to your credit report, potentially increasing your credit score.

What Is The Dark Web? 

The Dark Web is a goldmine for identity thieves. It is a secluded part of the internet with a network of hidden sites that requires special software to access. Once the fraudster gains entry, they can possibly view sensitive personal information, like your Social Security number, driver’s license number, banking information, and credit or debit card numbers. 

Why Your Identity Is Not Safe In The Dark Web

In short, the dark web can compromise your identity because the content is encrypted and not indexed by search engines. So, it’s easy for cybercriminals to peruse sites privately and steal your identity without a trace.

How Does Your Information Get On The Dark Web?

Cyber thieves steal your information and sell your information to other fraudsters who publish it on the dark web. The theft can start online through massive data breaches, phishing and hacking or offline through credit card or debit card theft and pickpocketing, just to name a few.

What is The Experian Dark Web Scan?

The Experian Dark Web Scan is a tool that searches for your email address, phone number, and your Social Security Number on the Dark Web. 

How Do Dark Web Scans Work?

It browses over 600,000 sites (dating back to 2006) in search of your information and produces a report with the results of the scan. You can access your unique report on Experian’s secured website. 

Benefits of Using Experian Dark Web Scan

  • It’s available at no cost, and you’re not required to put a credit card on file. 
  • You’ll receive a report notifying you if your personal information is on the dark web and actions you can take to ensure it’s safe. 
  • You’ll also get access to other valuable resources when you sign up, including your free Experian FICO, access to Experian Boost to possibly raise your score instantly, monthly Experian credit report and score updates, Experian FICO Score monitoring and alerts, and exclusive loan and credit card offers that could be a good fit for you.

Experian Free Credit Score

Experian Boost is a free service that allows you to add eligible, on-time payments to your credit report, potentially increasing your credit score.

How To Sign Up For The Experian Dark Web Scan

You can sign up for a free, one-time dark web scan or purchase an Experian IdentityWorks subscription for ongoing dark web surveillance. Here’s the difference between the two options:

  • Free one-time scan: searches the dark web for any traces of your email address, phone number or Social Security number 
  • Experian IdentityWorks Plus: includes dark web surveillance, identity theft insurance of up to $500,000, access to a U.S.-based fraud resolution specialist, lost wallet assistance, identity theft monitoring and alerts, Experian credit lock, Experian credit score monitoring and FICO Score alerts, a FICO score simulator and additional FICO scores (including scores used by mortgage lenders, credit card companies and auto lenders) for only $9.99 per month following a 30-day trial
  • Experian IdentityWorks Premium: features all the perks you’ll get with the Plus membership plus an additional $500,000 in identity theft insurance, three credit-bureau monitoring and quarterly three-bureau FICO Score updates for $19.99 per month after the 30-day trial period ends

If you’re interested in learning more about Experian and the Dark Web Scan, visit the website. You can also get a free one-time scan or sign up for an Experian IdentityWorks plan to get even more protection.


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