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Is It Safe To Manage Your Bank Account Online?

Written by Banks Editorial Team

Updated October 2, 2023​

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Due to recent news coverage, you may be wondering if it is safe to manage your bank account online? Customers should not worry about online banking especially if they are taking the necessary precautions which include not sharing their passwords, using strong passwords and ensuring that their computers are protected.

Customers should be aware of the so-called phishing emails whereby fraudsters pretend to engage with them claiming to be a representative from their bank. These fraudsters can be able to make illegal transactions from their bank account if they respond to such emails. Phishing emails have a link whereby unsuspecting customers can be redirected to a fake website only for their personal information to be accessed by the fraudsters. Compare the top banks in your area:

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How to Safely Manage Your Bank Account Online

Financial institutions should also ensure the safety of their customers who log into their bank accounts on the internet. These measures include fraud monitoring, firewalls & SSL encryption, installing antivirus programs. Customers should also follow the safety measures implemented by the bank in order to manage their accounts. Antivirus programs can be used to detect viruses and ensure that they do not corrupt their bank system while firewalls programs can block malicious users from gaining access to such systems. Banks can also use the SSL encryption for the purposes of creating a secure connection when communicating with their customers on their computer networks.

Customers should feel safe while accessing their bank accounts on the internet. For this reason, we have included a link to a website for you to complete their fraud assessment test to know the things that may put you at risk and avoid them altogether.

Financial institutions use high tech software to protect their customer personal information from being accessed by third parties. A multi-factor authentication measure is one such example which requires the utilization of more than two authentication factors. This means that customers wishing to access their personal accounts may be required to enter both their password as well as their PIN number to gain access. They may also be prompted to insert additional information such as a security code that may be sent to their devices that they have registered.

Banking Online and Credential Confidentiality

Another security measure that is embraced by these financial institutions is “credential confidentiality” meaning that they do not share their customers’ usernames with third parties. They are also obligated to check the activities of their clients in order to detect any anomalies and take the necessary steps. Review top banks that offer online banking services:

Cookies are used by these financial institutions to recognize their customers’ computers once they log into their bank accounts to detect any unusual activities. Biometric authentication method makes it impossible for criminals to bypass given that it requires voice as well as facial recognition. Automatic logout ensures that customers accessing their accounts on their website are logged out of their session after a while to prevent their information from being tampered with. Financial institutions only employ workers who have good track records to protect their clients’ data. Google also protects it’s users and warns them before redirecting their request to dangerous sites. It also notifies users about the recent activities on their Gmail accounts meaning that they should not be afraid to continue enjoying the services that are available on the internet.

There are various tools that can help you to protect yourself when accessing your bank details on the internet. You will also feel safe to realize that your bank takes the necessary measures to protect your personal information as detailed in your contract. Using the tool below, you will be able to learn how you can manage your bank account from the internet by inserting your logins.

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