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Found Card and Business Checking Account

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Better Banking for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Get access to a suite of business banking tools that help you save money and serve your customers.

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Best For

Self-employed workers and small business owners

Type of Bank Accounts

Business checking account and tax savings account


Receive detailed breakdowns of your expenses for accounting purposes

Automatic Tax Savings

A portion of each payment can go into your Tax Savings Account

Business Invoicing

Send unlimited invoices for free and use your company’s branding

Receipt Saving

Track and hold onto receipts in Found instead of keeping a paper trail

Found offers business banking solutions for self-employed workers and small business owners. Whether you need built-in invoicing capabilities or advanced tax tools that help you keep track of write-offs and build a Tax Savings Account, Found has you covered.

About Found

Found is a fintech company that provides banking solutions, including FDIC insurance up to $250k, through Piermont Bank, member FDIC. Freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners can find solace in this business banking solution. The current features and plans are geared toward the self-employed. The company was co-founded in 2019 by Lauren Myrick and Connor Dunn.

Why You Need a Business Checking Account

When you start a business or take on independent contractor work, you probably keep track of your finances with a personal checking account. Many people go back to what’s familiar, but using a personal checking account isn’t the best choice for an established business owner or freelancer.

Business checking accounts simplify your taxes by separating personal expenses from business expenses, which is important in calculating taxes owed and finding tax write-offs. A business checking account also lets you separate your personal assets from your business assets, a distinction that may become important if you get sued or have any legal conflicts. Customers may also hold your business in higher regard to see that you have a business checking account. This account makes your company look more professional to partners, clients, and everyone else. A personal checking account isn’t bad, but a business checking account has many advantages that business owners and self-employed workers shouldn’t ignore.

Online Business Banking vs. Traditional Business Banking

Online business banking and traditional business banking both provide clients with financial services and banking solutions. The flexibility of these models and the way the services get provided represent the key differences. The traditional business banking model utilizes several physical branches. Some financial institutions have thousands of branches, so people can drive to a physical location to speak with a representative. That also means more overhead. In addition, traditional banks typically use more fees, such as account balance requirements and overdraft fees, to break even.

Online business banking usually doesn’t have the overhead, but they still provide effective banking services. Instead of wading through clunky, aging technology to pull reports or answer questions, online business banks offer easy-to-use apps that help you get the job done quickly, even on the go. Instead of depositing and withdrawing cash at a local bank, you can visit an ATM for online banks that support this option. You won’t have to drive to a physical branch. Instead, you can speak with a representative over the phone or through email. Many clients at traditional banks also use these popular options to get in touch with the bank and ask any questions. Because online banks have less overhead, they usually offer better perks and can set higher interest rates for savings accounts. They also don’t have hidden fees and nix most of the fees you’ll find within the traditional business banking model.

Found Card and Business Checking Account

Found provides business checking accounts that come with a virtual & physical debit card. Customers can use the virtual debit card right away while waiting for a physical copy to arrive in the mail. Even when that physical copy arrives, you can still use Found’s virtual debit card if you prefer.

Business Checking Account

The main attraction Found has to offer is the business checking account. Customers can store money in this account, knowing it’s insured by the FDIC through Found’s partnership with Piermont Bank. You won’t have to worry about required monthly fees, minimum balance requirements, or limited transactions if you create a business checking account with Found. The sign-up process is simple and doesn’t involve any credit checks.

The business checking account provides several features, such as built-in invoicing and tax tools. The tax tools are particularly useful, letting self-employed workers track tax write-offs, estimate their tax bill, and allocate a percentage of each payment to a Tax Savings Account. Found’s bill pay feature lets you automatically make one-time and recurring payments to clients and service providers.

Debit Card

The Found debit card connects with your business checking account to make financial transactions more seamless. All of your expenses go into a detailed report that has insights on tax write-offs and other details. Found makes it easy to issue virtual debit cards, and you can freeze them at will through the mobile app. You won’t have to worry about required monthly or hidden fees when you use a Found debit card.

Benefits of the Found Card and Business Checking account

Wondering if Found is a good choice for your business? Here are some of the benefits of a Found Card and Business Checking Account.

  • Separate your business finances from personal finances: This separation can make tax season less complicated and may protect you from legal issues if they come up in the future.
  • Avoid monthly and hidden fees: Found does not have any required monthly or hidden fees.
  • Create invoices in seconds: Send an unlimited amount of invoices without worrying about fees. You can create invoices in seconds through Found’s platform and brand them to include your company’s logo and design.
  • Replace expense tracking spreadsheets: Found automatically categorizes expenses, making it easy to generate business reports and keep track of expenses.
  • Be prepared for tax season: Found uses your information to estimate your tax bill and lets you stash some money from every purchase into a Tax Savings Account. Found even keeps track of your tax write-offs.
  • An all-in-one platform for your money management needs: You don’t have to remember numerous usernames and passwords to access your finances. Found has a suite of features and choices for its clients.
  • Early direct deposits: Small business owners and self-employed workers can receive direct deposits up to two days early.*
  • Free ACH transfers: Want to transfer money to a colleague? You won’t have to worry about ACH transfer fees if you use Found.

Other Features of the Found Business Banking Platform

Found isn’t just a place to store your cash. The fintech company has several features you can use to grow your business.

Expense Tracking

Found automatically categorizes all of your business expenses and creates detailed reports that track your spending across categories. The business banking solution does this work for you, so you don’t have to rely on spreadsheets. Knowing Found tracks your expenses will give you more time to focus on your business and increase your revenue.

Business Taxes

Found does a lot of the legwork for you to track expenses and identify write-offs. The app keeps track of your estimated tax bill in real time, so you always know what you owe. The expense tracking tools automatically flag tax write-offs, and you can set up a separate Tax Savings Account that auto-saves every time you get paid, so you’re ready for tax time. You can trim down on expensive apps and software that you may be currently using for tax purposes. Found provides the majority of its business tax features for free to its members. The fintech company automatically generates tax forms like Schedule C and Form 1099.

Business Tools Integrations

Found already has great business tools built within the platform. For example, you can generate invoices, obtain reports, and get your taxes organized. Even then, you may find a business tool that addresses additional components of your business. That’s where Found’s business tool integrations come into play. The fintech company lets its members integrate their favorite business tools so they can access everything from the same dashboard. Found has some of the most popular tools available as integrations, such as Stripe, Square, PayPal, Quickbooks, eBay, and more.

Mobile App

Found’s mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. The app helps you monitor your finances on the go, freeze your virtual debit card right away if necessary, and access Found’s built-in tools. The app has a smooth interface that makes it easy to find what you need. The mobile app has good reviews in the App Store and Google Play, averaging 4.8 and 4.7 out of 5 stars, respectively. Over 10,000 members have left reviews for the mobile app.

How to Open a Business Checking Account with Found

A Found business checking account lets you access an array of small business tools. They are primarily for small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed workers who want a better banking experience. Found makes it easier to manage your finances, receive payments, stay on top of taxes, and access more flexibility.

Want to access smart tax tools and advanced business banking features through Found? The fintech company has a straightforward account creation process. You can sign-up for an account by visiting their website and filling out the form. The entire process only takes a few minutes and does not involve a credit check.

* Found is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. The found Mastercard debit card is issued by Piermont Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard Inc.

*Direct deposit funds may be available for use for up to two days before the scheduled payment date. Early availability is not guaranteed.

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