E-file.com is a straightforward tax filing service with limited features.
E-file.com offers free federal tax returns using their basic software. Upgrade for more complicated tax cases. In any case, get your biggest refund fast.
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E-file.com is an authorized IRS e-File software that can help you file your tax return. Easy to use and very fast to file your return, it helps you get your refund as quickly as possible. Their software offer three simple levels of service based on your finances and tax needs:

  1. Free Basic for single or married filers with no mortgage or children
  2. Deluxe for filers with children, a mortgage, or retirement income
  3. Premium for the self-employed and those who require additional schedules with their returns

For simple returns, the basic features of E-file.com can help get your taxes prepared accurately and quickly. This basic software level is completely free. If you have more complicated tax needs you can upgrade to one of their paid options, deluxe or premium. Since you will be filing online, this means you will get your refund much faster thanks to the electronic filing program of IRS. You can choose to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account.

The most prominent bonus of E-file.com is that they are transparent with the methods used to decide which tax service level is right for you, and will downgrade you when necessary so that you pay the lowest price possible upon filing. If you file multiple state returns, E-file.com will only charge you once—no matter how many you have to file.

E-file.com Pricing

  • Free Basic: Federal: Free; State $21.00
  • Deluxe: $25.99; State $21.00
  • Premium: Federal $45.99; State $21.00

Ease of Registration

As with other services, just create an account and you can start your return for free.

Bottom Line

E-file.com is no-frills, but it does offer basic features at a low price.


E-file.com is a straightforward tax filing service with limited features.

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