Gone are the days when you needed to shell out big bucks to an accountant or toil over complex calculations with pencil and paper. Review companies and apps to easily maximize your tax return.


Tax companies and apps offer different features, services, and pricing to prepare your tax return. Review the options to maximize your return.
Read how FreeTaxUSA top-rated software, IRS-approved e-file provider can help you get the maximum tax refund in the fastest way possible.
Explore how the UNest investment account for kids can help you start saving for your children's future while saving money on your taxes.
Learn how a tax-free savings account in the USA works and why it can be a great alternative to traditional savings or retirement accounts.

Why Use a Tax Software or Firm?

There may be some reasons you want to use a professional company or app to complete your tax return instead of doing it yourself. Read the most common ones here.

1. Maximize Your Tax Return

Tax software and tax company can help you file your tax return to ensure you get the maximum tax refund possible you are entitled to, depending on your circumstances. Some go as far as guaranteeing you the biggest refund when you decide to file your tax return with them.

2. Get Paid Faster

Most tax software and tax firms are IRS e-file authorized. This means they can e-file your tax return using the IRS online service. Ultimately this will reduce the time to process your tax refund and, overall, the time you get the money you may be owed on your tax return. You can also choose to get paid directly in your bank account to make it even easier and faster.

3. Do Online or In Person

Some tax software firms offer an alternative in-person way of filing your tax return apart from filing online. So you can easily file for the convenience of your home or go to an office to speak with a human being. Many of these companies offer phone and online chat support to answer all your questions and guide you through the process with all-new technologies.

Tax Services

Review some tax companies and apps that can help you prepare your tax return:

  • Low-cost, straightforward service with no-frills
  • Only one charge for filing in multiple states
  • Pay the lowest price possible upon filing
  • File and get your refund in the fastest way possible

Jackson Hewitt

  • Maximum refund guaranteed
  • Low-cost solutions to manage your taxes and tax refunds
  • Easy step-by-step online tax preparation
  • Online services to prepare your taxes from the comfort of your home

Review companies and apps to prepare your tax return.

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