Earn Interest on Your Crypto Assets
Earn interest with through Earn, which allows you to invest in one of over 35 tokens and earn interest on the DeFi protocols.
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Interest on Crypto Assets
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Cryptocurrencies & Stablecoins
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Crypto traders looking to earn interest on crypto assets.
Interest to Earn On Your Crypto
Interest ranges from 8.5% to 14%.
The Visa Card
Earn up to 8% back on your card purchases and top up with crypto.

Video is a globally active cryptocurrency platform based in Hong Kong. The company offers several services related to cryptocurrency through its website and apps. All of these services are tailored to the needs of crypto traders and investors.

What offers is essentially a complete resource for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell, and trade dozens of cryptocurrencies on the Exchange. Some of the most popular use cases for cryptocurrencies include short-term trading for profit and long-term holding. But has recently created a new path for users to get more out of their crypto. Earn is a product that created to enable users to benefit from a more passive form of crypto income. Let’s have a look.

How to Earn Interest with

You can earn interest with through Earn, which allows you to invest in one of over 35 tokens and earn interest on the DeFi protocols.

To earn this interest, you must be a user and have gone through their ID verification process. is a well-regulated financial services company, and they cannot serve anonymous users. However, the sign-up process is safe, secure, and easy. Once your account is up and running, you will need to acquire the cryptos you want to invest with. You can then deposit your favorite cryptos into Earn, and you will be repaid based on accrued daily interest.

Interest rates vary based on your stake of coins (CRO). You can ensure larger interest payments through a larger stake. 

Maximize Savings with Earn Earn payout varies greatly in their annual percentage rates (APRs). These are annualized interest rates. Then, the holding terms you agree to will also affect your returns. Then your CRO stake is the third and final factor that contributes to your interest rate.

You can quickly get a quote from to find out how much you can earn with Earn. Like many online lenders, Earn has a tool that can produce estimates. Just fill in the deposit token, deposit amount, deposit term, and your current CRO stake. will then provide you with a quote.

One of the more fruitful investments offered by Earn is stablecoins. Most tokens can produce a maximum interest rate of 8%. But stablecoins can net you a 14% interest rate if your CRO stake is large enough. If you’re trying to maximize your savings with Earn, the good news is that it’s a very transparent platform. When you’re getting your quote, you will also receive a “rewards paid weekly” estimation.

If you really want to take full advantage of’s offers, you can use Earn alongside a Visa Card. The Visa cards offer their own cashback rewards. When combined with earn, you can maximize the total potential savings.

How Does Earn Work? Earn is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps and start earning interest within a week:

  1. Create a account.
  2. Verify your ID.
  3. Purchase (or transfer) cryptocurrencies that qualify for Earn.
  4. Go to and fill in your investment details. You can play around with the variables to find a deal that suits you.
  5. Accept the deal.

Once you accept the terms you’ve filled in, you can wait for your payments. According to, you will receive your total accumulated interest every 7 days. Your interest will be deposited directly into your wallet. The crypto in your wallet is available for use immediately and you can do whatever you like with it.

Interest Rates

The rates offered by Earn are APRs. So, the interest you will be paid is:

Daily interest = minimum daily balance X (APR/365)

The interest you make on Earn will always be paid out in the same currency you deposited. So, if you invest with Bitcoin, your interest will be paid in Bitcoin. Earn Coin Rewards

Your earnings with Earn vary based on:

  • Your CRO stake
  • The term (3 months provides the best returns)
  • The coin you choose

For a quick glance at what you can earn in interest, let’s imagine you choose a 3-month term and have a CRO stake of 4,000 to 40,000. The exact earning potential from Earn coins will vary by coin type. The highest possible rewards come from stablecoins. The coin with the highest potential earnings is USDC (US Dollar Coin) at up to 14%. After that, Polkadot can earn you 12.5%. All other accepted stablecoins offer a maximum of 12%.

Most of the coins you can earn rewards from that aren’t stablecoins come with a maximum of 3% annualized interest. However, Ethereum and Bitcoin are notable exceptions with a maximum of 6.5% Coin, the company’s own coin, offers up to 6%.

You can experiment with the terms you would be willing to accept on Use the tool to see the interest rates offered given your CRO stake and optimal term length.

The Visa Card

It should be noted that offers another investment opportunity through CRO staking. You can stake CRO in the amount you choose to start earning cashback on purchases. However, this service has nothing to do with Earn and is separate from it. They are both different products offered by offers multiple different Visa cards. These cards can be split into five separate rewards tiers. Your CRO stake determines which cards you are eligible for.

All cards offer at least 1% cashback, with the introductory “Midnight Blue” card not requiring any CRO stake. All cards except the Midnight Blue come with Spotify rewards, but higher-ranking cards offer benefits with other companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Your card can even be used at any ATM that accepts Visa. However, the lower-ranking cards have very low monthly withdrawal limits. The cards offer a lot of utility, but they are better suited for card payments and products and rewards. Many of the cards offer a lot of benefits if you make many online purchases from major companies. Check out for more details.

How to Get Started With

Getting started with is easy. You just need to make an account and go through their ID verification.  Setting up an account just requires you to go to the website or app. From there, provide the basic information you need to set up an account.

Once your account is set up, you need to verify your ID before you can use products. This is for both safety and regulatory purposes. You cannot safely or legally use financial products anonymously. You just need to provide a government-issued ID with a photograph of yourself. Then you will need to send a selfie.

Once your account is verified, you can start taking advantage of Earn. Of course, you can also use their other services, including Exchange.

FAQs About Earn (2)

  • Is Earn legit? Earn is a product offered by is a legitimate business run from Hong Kong and subject to Hong Kong financial regulations. The company is active in over 90 countries and is subject to the relevant local financial regulations. does not offer all of its services in some countries for this very reason. For example, Earn is not available in the Hong Kong SAR, Switzerland, or Malta. But according to, they are trying their best to make all their products available in all countries they operate in. 

  • How often does Earn pay out?

    Regardless of the term you selected, Earn payouts occur every 7 days until the end of your agreement. As stated, the entirety of every balance is deposited directly into your wallet. Logo Earn

Earn Interest on Your Crypto Assets

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