Credit Sesame Cash Account

Build Your Credit Score
A fee-free debit account that lets you build credit while using a debit card for everyday purchases, that also gives you rewards as you improve your credit score.
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Product Name
Sesame Cash Account
Product Description
A fee-free debit account that helps you build credit when using your debit card for everyday purchases.
The account has no monthly fees or foreign transaction fees.
Minimum Balance
There is no minimum balance to open this account.
Cash Withdrawals
You can access free cash withdrawals at over 55,000 ATMs in the world.
Get cashback rewards when you shop and as you improve your credit score.


Do you want to build your credit score without opening a physical credit card or taking out a loan? Consider a Sesame Cash account with its credit builder feature. It takes an innovative approach to improve credit health – members use debit to build credit without any added fees or hidden costs. (1)

Read on to learn more about Sesame Cash and how to get started with a free account. 

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Credit Sesame Cash Account

Build Your Credit Score

What is Credit Sesame?

Founded by Adrian Nazari, Credit Sesame is an online platform that offers a multitude of resources to help consumers improve their financial health. The company takes pride in its credit score and monitoring, credit builder, identity theft protection and saving products that empower individuals to achieve financial goals. You will also find home and auto insurance quotes, student loan repayment and credit card recommendations, along with educational content to help you stay on top of your finances. 

What is Sesame Cash?

Sesame Cash is a fee-free prepaid debit account. It comes with a prepaid MasterCard that can be used for everyday purchases. You’ll earn cashback rewards from leading brands, like Nike, Uber, Walmart, Apple, Sam’s Club and Footlocker. (2) Plus, you can earn cash rewards as your credit score improves. (3) 

Sesame Cash’s credit builder feature can also be enabled to help improve your credit score. 

Is Sesame Cash a Bank?

Sesame Cash is a digital account. It’s offered by the issuing bank,  Community Federal Savings Banks (CFSB), Member FDIC. 

How Does Sesame Cash Work?

You can use Sesame Cash to make everyday purchases and pay bills. When you sign up for a free Credit Sesame account, you’ll get a debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. 

Eligible purchases from leading brands earn cashback rewards. (2) You can also have your paychecks deposited into your Sesame Cash account and receive the funds two days early without incurring interest or paying fees. (4)

If you’re looking to build credit, you can allocate a portion of your Sesame Cash account funds to create a virtual secured line of credit (“Credit Builder”). (1) The money serves as a security deposit, and the account is reported to the credit bureaus. You’ll also set your own utilization. Credit Sesame will use a portion of the purchases made with your debit card each month to create a balance on your secured line of credit. Payment is remitted automatically by the due date to improve your payment history and build credit. 

How Can You Withdraw Money from Sesame Cash?

You can withdraw money from Sesame Cash at over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs around the globe. 

Credit Sesame Logo
Credit Sesame Cash Account

Build Your Credit Score

The Benefits of Sesame Cash Account

Here’s an overview of the key advantages offered by Sesame Cash: 

  • Open an account with no minimum deposit or credit check
  • View your credit score for free daily 
  • Get cashback when you make purchases (2)
  • Get paid when your credit score improves (4)
  • Get paid 2 days early with direct deposit (3)
  • No monthly minimum balance required
  • No maintenance or foreign transaction fees 
  • Withdraw funds free of charge at more than 55,000 ATMs around the world
  • Free mobile device protection (up to $500 annually) when you pay your monthly cell phone bill with Sesame Cash (See program terms)
  • Purchase protection and $1 million ID theft insurance through MasterCard
  • Ability to enable credit builder 

Sesame Cash Account Features

Early Paycheck Access

Do you already have your paychecks deposited elsewhere? Sesame Cash offers direct deposit if you’d prefer to receive your wages electronically. Consider switching as Credit Sesame releases your money right away when received from your employer. Consequently, you could receive your funds up to 2 days earlier than you would with traditional banks. (4)

Rewards When You Increase Your Credit Score

When your credit score goes up, Sesame Cash will reward you for your efforts. You’ll get $10 when your score improves by 10 to 99 points in 30 days. But if your score increase is 100 or more within this same period, Credit Sesame will pay you $100. (3)

No Minimum Deposit to Open Account or Monthly Maintenance Fees

Unlike most bank accounts, there’s no minimum opening deposit requirement for Credit Sesame Cash accounts. Plus, you’ll never pay monthly maintenance fees to keep your account open. 

Online Banking and Mobile App

You can manage your Sesame Cash account directly from your mobile device by: 

  • Downloading the Credit Sesame mobile app
  • Adding money to your account
  • Viewing recent transactions 
  • Activating online savings and in-store offers to earn up to 15 percent cashback when using your Sesame Cash debit card (2) 
  • Establishing direct deposit to receive your paycheck up to two days early
  • Depositing funds from your Sesame Cash balance to the credit builder feature 

Cash Back Rewards Debit Card

The prepaid Mastercard debit card lets you make everyday purchases that earn you up to 15 percent cashback. Simply activate an offer, pay with your debit card and receive your cashback into your Sesame Cash account. (2)

You can also pay bills, transfer money to other accounts or set aside funds for financial goals. And if you misplace or lose your debit card, you can freeze and unfreeze your account directly from the mobile app. 

FDIC-Insured Deposits

Deposits made to your Sesame Cash are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000.

How to Open a Sesame Cash Account

It’s easy to get started with Sesame Cash. If you’re at least 18 years old, here’s how to apply for a Sesame Cash account: 

  • Download the free Credit Sesame mobile app on your iOS or Android device. 
  • Create a free account and access the dashboard on your mobile device.
  • Tap the $ icon at the bottom of the screen to access your Sesame Cash account.
  • Tap the “Add Money” button to transfer funds to your Sesame Cash account. You can transfer money from a bank account, initiate an instant transfer from a digital wallet, enroll in direct deposit or deposit a check. 
  • Get your debit card in the mail. 
  • Start using your Sesame Cash account. 

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(1) Sesame Cash is a prepaid debit card issued by Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB). Building credit with Sesame Cash requires you to also open a virtual secured credit card with CFSB that is reported to the credit bureaus. Use money from your Sesame Cash account to create a virtual secured credit card. Your debit card purchases are then added up to create a balance on your virtual secured credit card. As you make these purchases, an amount equal to the balance on your virtual secured credit card is also set aside in your Sesame Cash account to ensure you can make timely payments to pay off the balance on your virtual secured credit card at the end of each month, allowing you to build a positive payment history. Credit Sesame does not guarantee credit score improvement. Any predicted credit improvement from the use of your virtual secured credit card assumes that you will maintain healthy credit habits, including paying bills on time, keeping credit balances low, avoiding unnecessary inquiries, appropriate financial planning, and more.

(2) Cashback offers are powered by Empyr, Inc. and Button, Inc. Cashback requires the activation of any active offer before payment is made. Offers vary by geographic location and are subject to change. Please review the full program terms for more details. 

(3) Direct deposit and earlier availability of funds are subject to payer’s support of the feature and timing of payer’s funding.

(4) This is a limited time offer. To be eligible for cash rewards, a minimum deposit, every 30 days, must be made into your Sesame Cash account. Rewards earnings are available for credit score improvements of ten points or more within a 30-day reward cycle. Improvements are calculated from your baseline credit score, as determined by Credit Sesame. Please review the full program terms for more details, including the minimum deposit amount for this program term.

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