Accredited Debt Relief Program

Debt Relief Services
The Accredited Debt Relief Program could help you cut your monthly payments in half and reduce your total debt by up to 50%.
Up To 50%
Potential Debt Reduction
Over 140,000
Number of Clients to Date
Over $500M
Amount of Debt Resolved to Date


Services Provided
Debt Relief Program
Best For
People looking to resolve debts as fast as possible by negotiating settlement for less that what they owe
Fees and Costs
There are no upfront fees; you will pay between between 15-25% of the debt when is settled
Potential Debt Reduction
You could potentially reduce your enrolled debts by up to 50%
Number of Clients Enrolled to Date
Accredited Debt Relief has helped over 140,000 clients to date
Amount of Debt Resolved to Date
Accredited Debt Relief has helped clients resolved over $500 million to date

Are you tired of feeling stressed or overwhelmed about your debt? Get financial relief with debt resolution that helps you avoid bankruptcy. There are many options available, and Accredited Debt Relief is worth considering if you want a team of professional debt negotiators that go above and beyond to help resolve your debt. 

Accredited Debt Relief
Accredited Debt Relief Program

Debt Relief Services

About Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) and American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) accredited financial services organization. They’ve helped thousands of customers resolve over $500 million in outstanding debt and have enrolled over 140,000 individuals in their debt settlement program to date.

On average, clients pay 55 percent of the original balance plus fees from Accredited Debt Relief. This amount could easily result in several hundred or thousands of dollars in cost savings. 

Should You Enroll in the Accredited Debt Relief Program?

Ultimately, deciding if you should enroll is a personal decision. But the program could be ideal if you’re drowning in debt, struggling to make monthly payments, and continue to face undue financial hardship. 

Ideally, you want to have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt and seek to repay what you owe within two to four years.

Be mindful that enrolling in the Accredited Debt Relief Program could temporarily ding your credit score. The good news is you can leave those pesky debts behind and begin to rebuild your credit health as you settle your outstanding balances. 

Accredited Debt Relief Program Review

Accredited Debt Relief works directly with your creditors and lenders to reach fair settlements on your outstanding balances. You will make deposits to a Dedicated Savings Account each month instead of paying your creditors.

Within four to six months, you will likely begin to receive settlement offers. However, the timeline will vary depending on the amount of your monthly deposit, the original creditor’s terms, the number of accounts you have enrolled in the program, the outstanding balance on each account, and the delinquency dates. 

If you agree with the proposed settlements, the funds in your Dedicated Savings Account are used to satisfy the terms of the agreements. 

Accredited Debt Relief
Accredited Debt Relief Program

Debt Relief Services

How an Accredited Debt Relief Program Works Step by Step

Wondering how the debt relief program works? Below, you will find a breakdown of each step of the process: 

  • Get a free consultation. You can complete this step by submitting an online inquiry filling out this simple form.
  • Enroll in the program. If you agree with the custom plan to help you meet your debt payoff goal, enroll the eligible debts in the program. There are no enrollment fees, and Accredited Debt Relief only earns their fee once a settlement is reached, you agree to it, and you make at least one payment toward that agreed settlement. 
  • Make the required monthly deposits. Put this amount into the dedicated savings account on the agreed-upon due date each month to keep on track with paying off your enrolled debt. 
  • Review settlement offers. As the settlement offers come in, review them promptly. As the settlement offers come in, review them promptly. After you agree with the terms, you will start using the funds on your Dedicated Savings Account to make payments towards the settlement agreement. 
  • Breathe a sigh of relief. Each time a debt is paid per the terms of the settlement offer, you can confidently move on knowing you no longer owe the lender or creditor.

Types of Debt the Program Covers

The debt resolution program covers unsecured debts, like credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans. However, secured debts, like mortgages and auto loans, are not eligible for inclusion in the program. Student loans also aren’t covered by Accredited Debt Relief’s services.

Requirements to Enroll the Accredited Debt Relief Program

To enroll in the Accredited Debt Relief Program, you must have at least $10,000 or more in outstanding unsecured debt balances. There’s no minimum credit score or monthly income requirement, but you must meet the minimum debt requirement of $10,000.

Costs and Fees of Accredited Debt Relief Program

Accredited Debt Relief does not charge enrollment fees, so you won’t have to pay any upfront fees. However, a fee between 15 and 25 percent of each balance is assessed each time a debt is settled. 

What You Can Expect in Terms of Customer Service

The firm provides exceptional customer service to its clients, as evidenced by the plethora of positive reviews. You can reach a team member by phone or email seven days a week to learn more about the program or if you have questions about your custom plan. Here are the hours of operation: 

  • Monday through Friday from 5 am to 9 pm PST
  • Saturday and Sunday from 5 am to 4 pm PST

Accredited Debt Relief Customer Reviews

Wondering what others are saying about Accredited Debt Relief? The firm has earned thousands of five-star ratings from customers who had an exceptional experience and got the relief they needed.

Customer testimonials highlight how team members were willing to address any questions or concerns they had, how seamless the process was, the positive impact cost-savings had on their overall financial health, and the peace of mind they experienced once debts were settled. 

Here are a few verified Accredited Debt Relief reviews on their testimonials page from customers in Trustpilot:

  • Easy Process: The process was quick and painless, and Accredited Debt Relief helped me avoid bankruptcy. I can now have the peace of mind knowing I’ll be out of debt in 48 months instead of 20 years. 
  • Personalized Service: I had a ton of questions for my Certified Debt Specialist, and she answered them right away with no complaints. My debt load is around $50,000, and my representative is already working hard to help alleviate a large sum of it.
  • Excellent Customer Service: I’m pleased with the level of service I’ve received from Accredited Debt Relief thus far. The team is always attentive to detail, and they answer my questions any time I call without hesitation. They also communicate with me in a way that’s easy to understand. 
  • Quick Resolution: The process to help me get out of debt was quick. My representative was a pleasure to work with, and she made sure my husband and I were both familiar and comfortable with the process from start to finish. 
  • Personalized Customer Service: I am a deaf individual, and I use a special phone to communicate with others. The Certified Debt Specialists went the extra mile to slow their speech and make sure I was at ease with the process. I am now confident that I can achieve my goal of being debt-free with the Accredited Debt Relief team on my side. 
  • Great Benefits: Calling Accredited Debt Relief was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I struggled to make ends meet and was overwhelmed with credit card payments, house payments, and monthly utility bills. I was also out of work, but the representative looked at my situation and came up with a plan in just a few minutes. I’m now only paying a fraction of my monthly credit card payments, and I am saving a lot in interest! 

How to Enroll in the Accredited Debt Relief Program

The first step is to fill out a simple online form to get a no-obligation, free consultation, and a member of the Accredited Debt Relief team will reach out to you right away.

Accredited Debt Relief
Accredited Debt Relief Program

Debt Relief Services

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