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Vertical Finance is a venture-backed startup at the intersection of credit and loyalty. We are building new solutions that reward and empower consumers by connecting their payments with their passions.

Loyalty and love. The cornerstones of great brands, and the key elements in every Vertical Finance program. We help people get more from the things they are really passionate about. How? Through an affinity platform that brings together the very best in rewards and financial services.

We believe that modern companies have an obligation to consider the broader world as part of our stakeholders. We are a business member of 1% for the Planet and commit 1% of our revenues to causes related to tackling climate change.

Consumers desire rewards and financial products that align precisely with their lifestyles and passions. Our approach is simple — make rewards relevant, dynamic, and compelling. Focused on large, tightly-defined market segments, it’s loyalty and credit elevated to a whole new level.

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Discover is an online bank that offers online banking products such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and reward credit cards.

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We do what we promise and we own our mistakes.


We serve our customers, partners, and coworkers before ourselves.


We value each other's opinions, identities, and backgrounds.


Grand Reserve wine credit card


Get the Grand Reserve™ World Mastercard®

Grand Reserve wine credit card
Earn points on all of your purchases that you can use for wine experiences and merchandise: 5x points per dollar at more than 400 Grand Reserve Partners, 3x points per dollar at any winery, wine club, or wine store, and 2x points per dollar everywhere else.

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Vertical Finance’s loyalty and rewards programs are born out of love. That love extends to our partners! From financial institutions through to merchants, associations through to media organizations, we are building partnerships that are helping us redefine the value and joy people get from their passions.

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