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Unlock Home Equity
Unlock the equity on your home without taking a loan or making any payments.


Unlock is a team of consumer finance and real estate finance professionals who help homeowners get the cash they need without accumulating more debt. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company leverages home equity agreements to provide flexible, personalized solutions to homeowners from varying financial backgrounds. 

What Is Unlock Home Equity?

Unlock allows you to access your home’s equity and sell a stake in exchange for cash now, even if you have high levels of debt or less than perfect credit. You can use the funds to pay off debt, cover financial emergencies, boost your nest egg, make home improvements, diversify your rental portfolio, or however else you see fit. 

How Does Unlock Work?

Here’s a breakdown of how Unlock works: 

  • Phase 1: Use the online calculator to determine how much cash you’re potentially eligible to receive from Unlock. When you input your address, home value, and debt on the property, an estimate will be generated, along with the stake Unlock will take in your home’s future value. (Quick note: Be mindful that an independent third-party appraisal determines the current value of your home).
  • Phase 2: Complete the online application. It takes between five and ten minutes of your time, and Unlock only performs a soft credit check. So, your credit score won’t take a hit when you apply.
  • Phase 3: Analyze the proposed offer from Unlock. Compute the desired amount of equity you want to sell to Unlock. To illustrate, you can opt to access 10% of your home’s current equity in exchange for 16% of your home’s future value.
  • Phase 4: Seal the deal and receive your cash. The funds are yours to use however you see fit. 
  • Phase 5: You can end the agreement at any time with Unlock by selling your home or with a buyout. If you decide to sell, Unlock gets paid back out of the sales proceeds. Partial buyouts are also permitted during the ten-year contractual agreement after the first six months.

How Much Equity Can You Unlock?

Unlock offers the opportunity to access between $30,000 and $500,000. The amount you are eligible for depends on your home’s current value, your outstanding mortgage balance, credit lines tied to the property, your creditworthiness, and how you use the house. Generally, homeowners that occupy their property receive larger cash offers. 

Terms of Unlock’s Home Equity Agreement

Unlock’s Home Equity Agreement comes with a ten-year term. When the term ends, you must settle the agreement by selling your home or buying Unlock out. 

Costs and Fees of a Home Equity Agreement

An origination fee of 3 percent of Unlock’s investment applies at closing. However, Unlock does not assess additional fees or monthly payments for the duration of the agreement.

What do you need to qualify for an Unlock Home Equity Agreement?

Unlock makes it easy for homeowners to qualify for funding. Generally, you want to meet these criteria: 

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien with a Green Card
  • Have a valid Social Security number
  • Have a minimum FICO score of 500
  • Have at least 20 percent equity built up in your home 
  • Have no more than one 90-day mortgage delinquency in the past two years
  • Have no pending litigation or judgments related to the property
  • Own a single-family home, condominium, townhome, or two to four-unit property (both owner and non-owner occupied residential real estate properties are eligible)

There’s no income requirement to use the program, unlike what you’ll find with other home equity products. However, Unlock may require income verification for risky transactions. If you plan to use the program for a rental property, Unlock will likely verify the rental income.

How to Get Started with Unlock

At the moment of writing, Unlock invests in properties located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington state. However, they are adding more states, so it is best to check if you are eligible by entering your address in the online form here.

If you have a property in one of these states and want to move forward, connect with a team member to learn more about the qualification criteria and any documentation you’ll need to complete your application. Be prepared to provide a copy of your government-issued identification, mortgage statement(s), homeowners insurance declaration page(s), lease agreement or proof of rental income (if applicable), and trust documents (if applicable). 

Once you’ve gathered the required documents, fill out the form to get pre-qualified. Unlock will review your application, documents and order an appraisal and inspection of your property. If approved, you will receive an Investment Closing Statement outlining the terms of the agreement. 

The entire process typically takes around 14-30 days but could be sooner. It depends on when the appraisal and home inspection are completed.

FAQs About Unlock Home Equity (3)

  • Is Unlock a legitimate company?

    Unlock Technologies Inc. wholly owns subsidiaries Unlock Partnership Solutions Inc., Unlock Partnership Solutions AO1 Inc., and Unlock Homeownership Solutions Inc., which exclusively provide Unlock’s Agreements and hold Real Estate Broker licenses. The company has an “Excellent” rating in Trustpilot from verified customers reviews and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A- rating. Unlock’s team is composed of consumer finance and real estate finance professionals committed to offering solutions for homeowners looking to unlock home equity without adding on debt.

  • What does it mean to unlock equity?

    You can convert your home’s equity into cash by selling a percentage of your home’s future value to Unlock today. There are no monthly payments, interest, or hidden fees, and you won’t repay the initial cash investment you receive until you sell your home or the ten-year term ends.

  • How do you unlock equity in your home?

    Get started with Unlock by filling out a simple form to check your eligibility and see how much equity you can potentially unlock.


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Unlock Products and Services

Home Equity
Home Equity

Unlock Home Equity Agreement

Turn a portion of your equity into cash without the added debt. Unlike traditional home equity products, there are no monthly payments, fees, or interest. Get up to $500,000 when you sell a % of your home's future value to Unlock.

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Why Us

Get Approved With Less Than Perfect Credit

Are you having trouble qualifying for a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) due to credit issues? Get approved with a FICO score as low as 500, no hard credit checks when you apply, and no minimum income requirements.

Easy Application Process and Rapid Funding

Unlock offers a streamlined application process that can get you approved and funded in as little as 30 days. Some deals close sooner, depending on when the appraisal and inspection are completed.

No Monthly Payments

Unlock does not offer loans so you won't make any payments for ten years. However, you remain responsible for your monthly mortgage, property taxes, homeowners insurance, HOA, and CDD payments until you sell your home.

Unlock Home Equity


Unlock Debt-Free Equity Today

Unlock Home Equity
Get the financial relief you need without adding more stress to your life. Consider a Home Equity Agreement from Unlock so you can focus on the things that matter most. You can get up to $500,000 to use however you see fit, and there are no monthly payments. Even better, it’s easy to qualify for funding, and you’ll have ten years to decide if you want to sell or stay in your home.

Unlock Your Home Equity

Access your home equity with less than perfect credit, no minimum income requirements, and without taking a loan or extra debt. The process is easy and straightforward and you can get your funds in as quickly as 30 days. Fill out a simple form to check your eligibility and check how much home equity you could potentially unlock.

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