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The only African American, majority-owned bank in the State of Texas.


Unity National Bank of Houston is the only African American majority-owned bank in the State of Texas. After being initially founded in 1963 and chartered in 1985, it was later acquired by local minority leaders in February 1989. Ever since, they have been working towards becoming the financial institution of all Houston’s under-served communities, towards creating new opportunities in their community.

Unity National Bank of Houston Community Bank

Unity National Bank of Houston is an independent, commercial, retail, community bank providing quality customer service. They present an image of professionalism and excellence, intending to give a role model to other businesses in the African American community.

Their headquarters are in the heart of Third Ward Houston. Their first branch is in Missouri City, Texas, Fort Bend County, which opened in 1998. They intend to continue building a banking organization with multiple branch locations in the Greater Houston Metroplex to provide convenient and professional service to all their customers.

Following their vision, Unity National Bank of Houston’s lending program is geared towards helping the community. As an example, mortgage loan applications take into consideration customers who are looking to finance for their primary residence.

Their Philosophy

The same happens with their business lending philosophies, centered around using various agencies to increase their customer’s chances of loan approval. As a U.S. Small Business Administration Certified Lender, they offer SBA-guaranteed loans and other conventional loans to small businesses. Some of their partnerships to facilitate approvals for SBA loans include:

  • Shell Community Financing Corp.
  • Houston Minority Business Council
  • Houston Small Business Development Corp.
  • Business Consortium Fund, Waterstone (an SBA Loan Service Provider)

In addition to lending efforts, Unity National Bank of Houston strives to make a difference in the community by financially supporting and focusing on activities with agencies like:

  • YMCA
  • YWCA
  • United Negro College Fund
  • SHAPE Community Center
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Third Ward Redevelopment Council

They work closely with various civic organizations in their community to promote harmony and other benefits to all their neighbors. Furthermore, their employees give generously to the United Way and work diligently on food drives, Third Ward clean-ups, and other worthwhile programs such as tutoring students at elementary schools, while officers regularly participate in career days and other educational activities in their communities.

Unity National Bank of Houston Awards

They are recognized and certified by the City of Houston and the Houston Minority Business Council as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). This MBE designation allows Unity National Bank of Houston to partner with corporations, non–profits, and governmental organizations that seek to further their diversity initiatives. Since they believe that alliances are critical to the success of minority banks, they have partnered with aligned entities whose desire is also to serve minority communities better. Some of the institutions they partner with are National Bankers Association (NBA), Texas Bankers Association (TBA), The Independent BankersBank (TIB), Shell Oil Company, Amegy Bank, Cadence Bank, or Wells Fargo Bank.

Unity National Bank of Houston has a long history of supporting the traditionally under-served markets and communities in Houston, Texas. They continue to operate as a resource for community growth and development. This commitment is reinforced within their service philosophy:

“We build loyal, life-long relationships within the diverse communities we serve by helping our customers turn opportunities into realities.”

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Why Us

Only African-American Owned Bank

The only African-American owned banking institution in Texas since February 1989 when it was acquired by local minority leaders.

Opportunities for Under-Served Communities

They work hard to become the financial institution of Houston’s under-served communities, with the aim of creating new opportunities in their community.

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

They partner with corporations, non–profits and governmental organization who seek to further their diversity initiatives and whose desire is also to better serve minority communities.



Creating Opportunity in the Community

Certified U.S. Small Business Administration Lender. Receive the resources you need to expand your business by speaking with an SBA Preferred Lender today.

Contact Request

Unity National Bank of Houston makes every effort to respond to messages before the end of the next business day. If you need immediate assistance, please contact by phone.

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