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StockMarketEye is portfolio management software designed specifically for investors to track all of their investments in one place. Users also can create market watch lists, receive alerts when stocks reach certain prices or volume levels and follow stock charts to improve their market knowledge.

StockMarketEye Story

StockMarketEye was founded in 2008 by a long-time software developer who became frustrated that he could not find affordable stock market tracking designed for investors, not professional account managers. The initial version of StockMarketEye included only wish list tracking for stocks. Portfolio reporting was added in 2009. The software has continued to grow over the past decade to give users more helpful information to track their investments and gain greater knowledge about the stock market.

Why StockMarketEye

StockMarketEye offers many user-friendly features that make stock portfolio tracking simpler for investors. First, you can bring all of your stocks and holdings from different brokerages into one easy-to-read, easy-to-understand report. StockMarketEye also provides a comprehensive performance report on your combined holdings, so you don’t have to do all the calculations yourself. Another nice feature for StockMarketEye is that it provides current currency conversion, so you can better understand and feel more confident in trading in foreign stocks.

StockMarketEye Products and Services

The bonus from StockMarketEye comes not just from the number of services it offers but also from the depth and quality of each of those services. The three basic services with the breadth of features in each are:

Portfolio Management

Features for the portfolio management software include:

  • Easy import: You can get up and running quickly with StockMarketEye because you can import your investment data from nearly every brokerage, import from QIF, OFX or CSV file, or enter the information manually.
  • Analyze: Follow your gains and losses and overall performance.
  • Compare: Track your investments against a given benchmark.
  • Group portfolios: Bring all of your portfolios under one umbrella, divide your investments out into categories, and run reports to analyze where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Stock Watch Lists

With stock watch lists, you can efficiently track hundreds of securities, ranging from stocks to mutual funds to currencies around the world. You can monitor real-time data from some exchanges and create alerts when a significant event happens with one of the securities you’re following.

Stock Charts

Enhance your market knowledge through StockMarketEye’s extensive collection of stock charts. You’ll receive end-of-day reports and 1 and 5-day intraday charts. You also can follow 14 stock indicators plus learn from six types of stock charts, letting you quickly scan the easiest for you to understand. You’ll see buys, sells, dividends, and splits on the daily charts.

How StockMarketEye works

StockMarketEye is sold through an annual subscription. The Essentials version introduced in April 2021 to replace the Standard version costs $74.99 per year. Holders of the Standard version receive a $50 discount on their first year when they convert to Essentials. StockMarketEye offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. For individuals, each license can be used on multiple devices, such as home computer and smartphone, but should only operate on one device at a time. Businesses must purchase separate licenses for each employee who will be using the software. Discounts are available for qualifying students, faculty and staff. All subscriptions include free software upgrades and support.

Getting started with StockMarketEye

When you purchase a subscription through the StockMarketEye website, you will receive a license key in your email within seconds, and you can log in and begin immediately. As long as you renew before your subscription expires, your service will continue uninterrupted. If you don’t renew, you can continue using the service but no longer receive upgrades, and certain features will be disabled.

FAQs About StockMarketEye (4)

  • What is StockMarketEye?

    StockMarketEye is a stock portfolio management software designed for investor to track their various stock holdings in one location. Brokers and traders can also use it, but its interface allows individual investors to understand better and analyze their personal holdings.

  • Is StockMarketEye legit?

    Yes, StockMarketEye has been offering wishlist tracking since 2008 and portfolio management since 2009.

  • What are some alternatives to StockMarketEye?

    While investors can find several online options for portfolio management tools, including some for free, three services that a most similar to StockMarketEye with multiple services are:

    Investment Account Manager: This software premiered in 1985, initially intended for money market managers. For individual investors, it allows you to compile your holdings in one location and combine or categorize listings to track your overall performance better. Cost is $99 per year with QuoteMedia data feed or $69 without. It offers a free 90-day trial.

    Personal Portfolio Manager from Owl Software: The individual investor version of Owl’s Master Investor 6 provides technical analysis in addition to portfolio management. The software is available only for Windows operating systems. The cost is $69 per year with a free 30-day trial.

    Morningstar Portfolio Manager: Morningstar offers a free basic portfolio management program that is best suited for beginning investors as it offers limited features. The premium version with more reporting and analysis features costs $199 per year.

  • Is StockMarketEye a free portfolio tracker?

    No, StockMarketEye requires a $74.99 annual subscription but does offer a free 30-day trial.


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StockMarketEye Products and Services

Why Us

Manage Multiple Portfolios

StockMarketEye allows you to create and track an unlimited number of portfolios so that you can manage portfolios for your spouse, parents, children, etc. You can even create dream accounts to track your hero investors.

Create Stock Watch Lists

You can build an unlimited stock watch list across domestic and global sectors with alerts to let you know when something significant happens to one of the stocks you are following.

Group and Categorize

StockMarketEye allows you to easily combine your various holdings into a brief report to understand your overall performance or categorize your investments to learn where you are performing well and where you could perform better.


Try StockMarketEye for Free

With the ease of importing your stocks from various brokerages and retirement accounts, a free 30-day trial of StockMarketEye will allow you to quickly understand why it’s one of the highest-rated stock portfolio management programs on the market.

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