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Northrim Bank is a full-service community bank headquartered in Alaska offering personal banking and business banking services. is a full-service community bank headquartered in Alaska offering personal banking and business banking services. Our founders built the bank to be a strong, independent, local bank with community and customer service at its heart. We think you should know your bank. Learn where we came from, what guides us and what sets us apart.

Northrim Bank History

What began as a small group with a big idea turned into a start-up bank operating from a trailer in a parking lot, then grew into a trusted, state-wide financial institution. When Northrim Bank first opened our doors, we served customers from two trailers in a parking lot. Today we are a trusted, state-wide financial institution.

In 1990, through pure dedication to purpose, Northrim Bank raised the $8 million in capital needed for the start-up, and Northrim Bank opened on December 4, 1990. It was founded on the idea of Customer First Service, so we are committed to providing professional, prompt, and caring service. We specialize in serving businesses, professionals, and individual Alaskans who are looking for personal service and value.

Today, Northrim Bank has matured from a small community bank with 21 employees, one branch, and $8 million in assets to an active, engaged community leader with well over 400 employees, branches from Fairbanks to Southeast Alaska, residential mortgage origination offices across the state, and over $1.5 billion in assets.

Ever since our foundation, we want to be Alaska’s most trusted financial institution, committed to adding value for our customers, communities, and shareholders.

Northrim Bank Work Philosophy

Northrim Bank operates as a conventional brick-and-mortar bank, with 14 total branches in Alaska. Although we also offer access to mobile and web apps for a straightforward mobile-banking experience for customers who prefer accessing their bank online.

Growth and Integrity

We look for growth opportunities for our customers, our institution and our employees. We strive to be better, personally and professionally. We are trustworthy, reliable, and ethical, and provide our customers with secure, confidential services. We do what is right.

Serving Alaskan Community

Our community focus is instrumental to the economic growth of Alaska. As a community bank, Northrim Bank is also a reflection of Alaska’s economy. We are Alskan managed and strongly support our communities. Operating seven subsidiaries under the company, they all complement core community banking activity, strengthen the diversity of income streams and enable Northrim to offer complete financial services to meet our customer needs.

Superior Customer First Service

We want to build lasting customer relationships through professional, prompt, and caring service. We believe in offering superior customer service – it’s why we started and how we’ve grown. We believe it’s so important, we even offer the Northrim Bank Customer First Service Guarantee:

  • We will always greet you warmly and make you feel welcome at our bank.
  • We will make sure that you never have to wait longer than five minutes in our teller line.
  • We will always get your statement to you quickly and without errors.
  • We will always show our appreciation for your business with a sincere thank you.

Bank with Northrim Bank and contribute to the Alaskan Community.

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Products and Services

Why Us

Lending Teams That Work For You

An expert business lending team equipped with local industry insight and connections. Our team provides customized lending solutions for businesses to help them meet their financial goals.

Taking Care Of Your Business

Our team and tools help businesses navigate challenging times. The SurThrival is a financial education tool to equip businesses with essential financial tools and expert guidance to help them overcome the challenges.

Local Experts

A community-based bank with over 25 years of experience in the Alaskan business community. We promise to engage and educate customers by providing news, analysis, and commentary on Alaska’s economy.


Contact Request

If you have questions about Northrim Bank products and services or your account, you may conveniently reach in person, by phone, by mail, or online via the secure messaging system for account holders through the online Customer Comment Center. For all general queries, the Customer Service Center is available to assist you Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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