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LendingTree is an online marketplace to compare and shop financial products, like loans, insurance, or banking products.


LendingTree is a personal finance and online loan marketplace that allows you to compare several offerings from different lenders and other financial product providers. You can compare and shop for personal loans, student loans, auto loans, home equity loans, mortgage loans, debt consolidation loans, small business loans, credit repair, debt relief companies, bank accounts, and credit cards on the LendingTree website, among other products. 

What Is Lending Tree?

As an online loan marketplace, LendingTree was designed to help you access the best rates and terms available without the need of looking into different lenders. Instead, lenders “compete” to offer their premium rates once borrowers fill out a short survey of information.

It is worth noting the LendingTree itself is not a lender. Instead, they aggregate your most competitive loan offers, so it will be straightforward for you to evaluate and compare the interest rates and loan options offered to you. They also provide you access to real consumers reviews that have used the lenders to make a more informed decision.

By answering a few questions through their website, you can access loans from LendingTree’s huge network of lenders to increase your chances of approval as well as to access better rates.

Compare Loans and Personal Finance Products

A major perk of LendingTree is its ease of use. Rather than filling out a long-form, an interactive survey asks you questions about your situation to gather all applicable information. From there, the ability to look at a selection of lenders means you also get to choose the correct terms for you. This is designed to save you time researching each of the lenders to check if you qualify. This is how you can find the right lender for you using LendingTree:

  1. Answer a small survey with simple questions.
  2. Compare the offers displayed to you in seconds.
  3. Ask questions to lenders, review the terms and easily apply online.

They make the research process straightforward for you, and it works similarly to find other financial deals for other products that are not loans, like credit cards or bank accounts. Filling out the survey and using LendingTree online service to compare products does not mean you have to apply or accept any loan offer.

The Free LendingTree Account

If you sign up for a free LendingTree account, you can access additional features to manage your personal finances, as well as taking better advantage of the LendingTree app. 

Through your account, you can get access to your credit score, updated monthly, and free credit monitoring services so you can improve your qualifying criteria, better understand your situation, and ultimately achieve a healthier financial future. The LendingTree app also offers a monthly budget tracker and a feature for financial future analysis.

As a bonus, if you are mortgage shopping, you can set up alerts in your account to tell you if a better mortgage loan has become available and get custom recommendations, so you can make the most of your money when purchasing a mortgage home.

Apart from the mobile app feature, you can also access the LendingTree academy, a financial education portal that contains free learning courses to help you further meet your financial goals.

How To Get Started with LendingTree

If you want to research, compare and shop loans and other financial products, you can visit the LendingTree website and answer a few questions to get your loan offers and custom recommendations. The service is free to use, and you have no obligation to accept an offer. Alternatively, you can also download the LendingTree app and create a free LendingTree account to get all the extra perks for free and compare and shop loans and other financial products.

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Compare in One Place

Compare and shop financial products, from loans to credit cards, easily in one place.

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Get matched with the loan products that are right for you and you qualify for by answering a few simple questions.

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With an online experience from end to end, you can easily compare the products, apply online, or directly talk to lenders and providers.


Compare Financial Products

Visit Lending Tree to compare and shop financial products like personal loans, student loans, home loans, insurance, and banking.

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