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A Bank Account To Help You Save
Access a higher interest rate as you save more money. The more you save, the more you earn.


HMBradley is a platform that simplifies your banking needs by offering a single checking account that allows you also to earn interest in your deposits. HMBradley combines the best parts of a traditional checking account and a high-yield saving account into one account. You can earn interest with one single account and no limitations on the number of withdrawals you make.

HMBradley: Building a Generation of Savers

HMBradley’s team realized that banks want more savers to open deposit accounts with them. With this realization, they made turning their customers into better savers their mission. They give you the tools and the incentive to save more of what you do now.

HMBradley also understands the importance of keeping your money and your data secured. When you sign up for an account with them, you automatically access banking-level security features like:

  • FDIC Insured: Checking accounts are opened and maintained with FDIC member Hatch Bank, meaning that funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor.
  • Mastercard Protection: Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection protects both your debit or credit card.
  • Data Encryption: They use industry-standard data encryption that applies to both your data in transit and at rest.
  • Compliance: They perform regular audits for infrastructure and compliance standards.
  • Card Control: Easily freeze your card, add upcoming travels, and set up fraud alerts.

HMBradley Checking (And Saving) Account

Most of the other accounts will make you move money between them to earn interest on your money. To simplify banking for you, HMBradley offers a deposit account with savings tiers to earn interest at higher rates as you move up the tiers.

Opening an account like this means you can manage your spending and savings from one account without moving money around.

You can deposit money and withdraw money like a checking account, but as you start saving a higher % of your deposits, HMBradley will give you a higher APY for your savings. At this moment, they have four different tiers, depending on if you are saving 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% and above, respectively. This system means, the more you save, the more you will earn.

To help you save even more, you can apply for an HMBradley fixed-rate credit card that will give you access to cashback on things you spend the most. This cashback reward scheme works similarly to the checking account, with three tiers to earn higher cashback on the category of expenses you spend the most. For example, if you spend more money in restaurants and bars, all expenses in this category will earn you a higher % of cashback than other types.

Through your account, you can also plan your savings. Organizing your funds how you like, you can set saving goals with the feature Plans and set up automatic contributions to them. No matter how you categorize your funds, your entire account will count to determine your Tier, even the money you keep under Plans.

How To Get Started

Making it easy for you to earn more the more you save, the HMBradley process to open an account with them is simple and straightforward:

  1. Connect Direct Deposit: The process of signing up is super easy. You can connect your direct deposit in a few clicks.
  2. Know Your Spending: Understand how, when, and what you spend money and make plans to start saving.
  3. Get Higher Interest: Get rewarded with a higher interest rate for your account’s balance as you move up the saving Tiers.

If you are ready to start saving more and getting rewarded for it, get started with an HMBradley account.


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HMBradley Products and Services

Credit Cards

One Account

Make deposits and withdraw money like a checking account while earning interest like a savings account. Access better rates as you save more.

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Credit Cards

3-2-1 Rewards

Get a higher cashback % on the expenses categories you spend the most with this credit card attached to your account.

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Why Us

Save More, Earn More

Get rewarded with a higher interest rated as you save more with a savings tier system based on a % of your deposits saved.

Personalized Cashback

Apply for a reward credit card to gives you a higher % of cashback on the category of expenses you spend the most on.

Plan Savings Goals

Access tools to make savings plans and set up automatic deposits to meet your goals.

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Login to your account to contact the support team.

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