First Security Bank and Trust Company

First Security Bank and Trust Company


First Security Bank and Trust Company’s “brick and mortar” facility has been at our present location at 1541 Northeast 23rd Street for over fifty years. As the banking industry has evolved and changed over these last fifty years, technology is playing a more important role than ever. While remaining a community bank, First Security Bank and Trust is keeping up with those technological advances.

First Security Bank’s number one priority continues to be service to our customers. We offer a twenty-four-hour telephone banking system that now allows you to transfer funds between accounts.

Our online banking allows you to access your bank accounts via the Internet free of charge any time day or night. We also offer a bill payment service that allows ten payments per month for a low price of $5.95/month. Each payment over ten will be $.50 each. When you consider the cost of postage, in addition to a paper check and envelope, this service is quite a value along with being convenient.

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Products and Services

Why Us

Convenient Online Banking

With FSB Online, you have instant access to all of your financial information. Check your balance 24-hours a day, seven days a week, pay bills or transfer funds you have control.

Invested in Our Community

We are very proud of our community and believe we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help it grow and prosper. That is why we are always ready and willing to make personal and business loans to qualified customers.

Commitment to Security

One of our top priorities is to safeguard YOUR confidential information and we work diligently to do so. We always work with the local regulatory and law enforcement departments to be certain any type of illegal activity is stopped as soon as possible.


First Security Bank and Trust Loan Solutions


Loan Solutions

First Security Bank and Trust Loan Solutions
We are very proud of our community and believe we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help it grow and prosper.

Contact Request

Visit our Oklahoma City location or contact our team to open an account today.

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