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Columbia Savings & Loan Association, since its founding in 1924, has been dedicated to the task of ensuring a better quality of life for the citizens of Milwaukee’s inner city, particularly the growing minority population.

Our Purpose

Columbia Savings & Loan Association stands as a guiding light for progress in the community, providing a viable opportunity for minorities to apprentice in banking and business, as well as the establishment of homes for every family that wishes to obtain their dream home.


Columbia Savings & Loan Association has been a staple in the Milwaukee community for over 90 years. With such longevity, our history of helping residents fulfill their dreams is not only a tried and true statement – it’s a reality. Among many dreams, one day owning a home seems to top everyone’s list. Columbia Savings & Loan Association is here to see that your dream comes true. As a lending institution, we strive to provide the necessary financing you need at the lowest rate possible. Once approved, we’ll discuss in detail the principle, interest, taxes, and insurance so you have a clear understanding of how the four components function relative to your monthly payment.

Church Loans

For over 90 years, Columbia Savings & Loan Association has supported area churches and religious communities. As one of the premier church loan institutions in Milwaukee, we understand the unique circumstances and special requirements congregations and pastors must follow. Our commitment to not-for-profit community initiatives is very important. Remaining engaged and supporting all community efforts is a part of our mission as we continue to impact lives in a positive way.

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