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Take all the hassle out of stringing together multiple software platforms to run your finance business.


Centrex Software is a business and consumer finance dedicated CRM and loan/advance servicing software platform. Designed for brokers, funders, and investors/syndicators, Centrex Software brings all the technology you need to run your finance business all under one roof. With a full consulting department and white-labeled mobile app technology, Centrex Software will make sure your finance business is operating at its highest potential.

The Centrex Software Story

In 2009 right after the financial collapse, two young entrepreneurs wanted to build a company that consolidated technologies so finance-based business owners could be more efficient with their day-to-day operations. One of the most time-consuming things to do as a business owner in the finance space is to figure out which software platforms to use and how to string them all together to communicate perfectly regularly. It’s stressful, costly, and creates huge headaches, especially when experiencing rapid growth. Centrex Software and its owners set out to eliminate those headaches so finance companies can experience the ease of use in their operations all under one roof.

Today Centrex Software serves over 1,700 finance firms where all under one platform finance companies can manage CRM, deal management, underwriting, electronic signature, email communication and email marketing, text message communication and text message marketing, website and web form integrations, ISO and broker management, syndication and investor management, client portals, calendar, task management, loan and advance servicing, and much more. As a result, Centrex Software is paving the way for business owners to spend more time on their business and less time on their technology infrastructure.  

Technology Offerings within Centrex Software

Where Centrex Software sets itself apart is that it has built all of its own technology from the ground up. There are no bolt-on products or open-source technologies that are used. This gives the user a consistent user experience, allowing for quicker and more accessible training and ongoing successful use. Here are some of the products that are within the Centrex Software platform:


 You will find all the traditional tools in a modern-day CRM you will find within the Centrex Software CRM. In addition, Centrex Software also has finance product dedicated CRM like Merchant Cash Advance CRM and Commercial Mortgage CRM, and Equipment Financing CRM, and many more. 

Deal Management

 Deal management is very similar to opportunity management. For a finance dedicated product like Centrex Software, you can have multiple deals for one contact. At the deal level, you will have the ability to pull credit, pull bank statement validation reports, take underwriting notes, shop a deal out to multiple lenders with one click of a button, insert financials, insert banking data, turn on auto ACH drafting, track syndication/investors and how much they have in the deal, track commissions, track conditions and more.  

Loan/Advance Servicing

 Centrex Software also has the ability to service an advance and/or loan portfolio. With integrations built into a few different ACH Processors, you will have the ability to turn auto ACH drafting on or off. Once auto drafting has been turned on, the payment system will read the calculator and draft each day, week, or month. An override calculator has also been implemented if there needs to be a series of payments that do not follow the contracted payment amount.  

Syndication/Investor Management

Centrex Software has built a complete syndication/investor management system. Within Centrex Software, you will have the ability to add investors into the platform and then associate a payee with that investor so they can be paid out as debits from the borrower or merchant clear the bank and the software. You will then have the ability to associate an investor at a deal by deal with a participation amount, a servicing fee, a commission amount, and other fees. In addition, investors have a free portal they can login into to track all the deals they have participated in and how much they have received to date as the loan or advance matures.  

Lender Management

Centrex Software lets you add each of your lenders into the software platform and add contacts for those lenders for the lender submission technology. Then, as you broker deals with these lenders, you will be able to see how many deals you have brokered with a lender and for how much. Lastly, you will have the ability to add criteria for each lender. As long as you also have those criteria data points on file for the borrower, the system will recommend which lender to send the borrower or merchant based on a 100% match rate.  

Email Communication and Marketing

Centrex Software has the ability for you to send one of the emails to your customer and also to email blast your customers. For one-off emails, Centrex Software will connect to your email servers via SMTP settings. This will allow you to send emails out of the platform and off your email servers and not Centrex Software email servers. For email marketing, you will be able to create custom lists with filters on those lists, create a custom template, set a date and time for that email to go out, or create recurring email blasts either daily, weekly, or monthly. Once an email blast has been sent, you will have the ability to view campaign statistics.

Text Message Communication and Marketing

Centrex Software lets you communicate with a customer via text message, where the entire conversation is tracked within the software platform. You will need to buy a phone number from Twilio for $1 per month, and then we will integrate that phone number into Centrex Software. Every single user in your company can use that phone number, or you can purchase multiple phone numbers and grant different users access to different phone numbers. You will also have the ability to text blast your customers within the software platform on a one-off or recurring basis.

Electronic Signature

Centrex Software has its own proprietary electronic signature platform called ClixSign. It is fully integrated into the CRM. ClixSign entertains up to seven signers and is fully mobile compatible with any mobile device. A document built into Centrex Software can be sent out for ClixSign, and when your customers sign it, the document will automatically attach itself directly into the CRM. ClixSign has been battle-tested and has stood up in court to protect our customers from their customers for over ten years.  

Client Portal

Centrex Software has a fully white-label branded client portal that your clients can log into and see and accomplish several different items. In the software platform, you will have something called client portal settings, giving you the ability to tell the system what you want your clients to see and not see in the client portal. Clients can upload documents into the software platform from the client portal, see application statuses, balances, transactions, design documents, tasks, notes, and more.


There is a fully calendaring system built into the Centrex Software platform. Your users will have the ability to create a new event with your customer, invite other users to that event, and 10 minutes before that event; the software will send that user a notification that they have an event in 10 min. The calendar system subscribes with Outlook, Google calendar, and iCalendar as well.

Task Management

There is a complete task management system built into the Centrex Software platform. Tasks can be generated manually or automatically, assigned to another user or the client within the client portal, and then marked as complete by the user. There can be pre-loaded tasks for users to assign, or there is free form task entry in case a random task needs to be completed at any given time. In addition, tasks can be color-coded, and task settings can notify users when a task is due or overdue.  


There are all sorts of different reports built into Centrex Software based on the different technologies built into the platform. The two most popular reports are our object-based report builder and Centrex Software insights. To better understand the different reports, please contact a software specialist at Centrex Software, and they can show you a live demo of the reports tab.

Centrex Software customers have the ability to broker or fund these financial products:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Equipment Leasing and Financing
  • Invoice Factoring
  • SBA Loans
  • Church Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans

How to Become a Customer of Centrex Software

In order to become a customer of Centrex Software, the first step is to fill out the demo request form on the Centrex Software website. This link here will guide you there.

The second step is to schedule a time to meet with a Centrex Software Specialist to answer any questions you might have and if Centrex Software is a true fit for you and your business. If Centrex Software is the correct fit, step three would be to sign two documents that are needed to onboard as a customer: The Centrex Software CRM Proposal, Agreement, and CC Auth form, and the Centrex Software Point of Contact Sheet. Once both of these documents have been electronically signed, your account will be pushed off to the Centrex Software setup team. Setup of a new Centrex Software CRM account takes roughly 5 to 7 business days. Once the account is set up, then training will begin, which also takes about 5 to 7 business days.  

Centrex Software Consulting Packages

Centrex Software is a large software platform with many tools a business owner can utilize to run their business. Because of this, Centrex Software has a full consulting department and offers different types of consulting packages in the effort to build out strategies a Centrex Software customer may not have access to. Centrex Software has many years of experience and has seen much failure and much success. They took all the common denominators of success and built consulting packages around them. Centrex Software has three main consulting packages:

  • Professional Package 
  • Executive Package
  • Diamond Package

Consulting packages can be better understood by clicking on this link here.

Centrex Software White Label Mobile App

Centrex Software built mobile app technology that is fully white labeled to your brand that can be downloaded in the android app store and apple app store for your clients to utilize. This offers a very powerful tool for you as a broker or a funder to quickly gather financial data with the mobile apps Plaid integration, gather documents, display CRM information like status and balances, and much more. The mobile app is fully integrated into Centrex Software, communicating back and forth to make sure your customers have fresh data on a regular basis.

The goal is to put your brand in the pockets of each one of your clients, creating deeper engagement for continued short-term and long-term business success. You can better understand the Centrex Software white-labeled mobile app by clicking on the link here.

Centrex Software Insights Data Cloud Services

For those of you that are more on the techy side and like to work with raw data for reporting reasons, Centrex Software has a product that will give you direct access to the database of your instance of Centrex Software. You can run queries on that database, make the associates between different database columns and build any report you want. There is a one-time setup fee and ongoing fees based on computing minutes.  

FAQs About Centrex Software (10)

  • What does Centrex Software cost?

    Centrex Software has a one-time setup fee depending on the enhancements you opt-in for. Enhancements can be phone system integrations, payment processing, text messaging, and more. Centrex Software also has monthly fees at a per user per month cost. To learn more about Centrex Software costs, please contact a Centrex Software Specialist at (888) 622-5810 option 2.

  • How long does it take to get Centrex Software up and running?

    From the day Centrex Software has all the assets it will need from you, it should take about 5 to 7 business days to complete setup. Once setup is complete, it takes another 5 to 7 business days to train you and your staff on the product. If you purchased a consulting package, then it will take an additional two weeks to set up the account. You do not need, however, to wait to use the platform until the consulting packages are completed. It is best for you and your team to get to know the platform while the consulting packages are being built out.

  • Is Centrex Software a cloud-based software platform?

    Yes, Centrex Software is exclusively in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you have internet or cell phone access. Centrex Software does have a feature called IP whitelisting which can block all foreign IPs other than the one whitelisted within the IP settings section.

  • How long has Centrex Software been around, and how many employees does it have?

    Centrex Software and its sister company DebtPayPro was founded in 2008, and today in 2021, it has 75 employees. Centrex Software and DebtPayPro have three offices in the United States. These offices are located in Chicago, Illinois, Costa Mesa, California, and San Diego, California.

  • Does Centrex Software have integration with my email services like Gmail and/or Microsoft 365?

    Yes, Centrex Software, during the setup process, will integrate your Gmail and/or Microsoft 365 account with Centrex Software via SMTP settings. It is highly IMPORTANT this is completed successfully, or the chances of your emails from Centrex Software going into your client’s spam folder is very high.

  • Does Centrex Software have ongoing quality support?

    Yes, Centrex Software has full-time W2 employees where their sole job description is to support the Centrex Software product. Support communication can be done either via email or via phone call.

  • Does Centrex Software have videos that can be watched, so I don't have to email or call support?

    Yes, Centrex Software has extensive videos both on its website, within its Academy, and on its YouTube channel. The YouTube channel can be found here.

  • Does Centrex Software have long-term contracts, or is it month to month?

    Centrex Software does NOT have long-term contracts. The only agreement that Centrex Software offers is a month-to-month agreement that only bills for users that log in during a billing cycle. If cancellation is necessary, there will need to be a document electronically signed, and then your account will be canceled.

  • What type of security does Centrex Software have?

    Centrex Software is a finance dedicated CRM platform. Therefore, it goes through certain security audits each year. All Centrex Software employees are background checked and fingerprinted. To learn more about Centrex Software security, click on the link here.

  • Is my data safe with Centrex Software, and what happens to my data if I cancel?

    Yes, your data within Centrex Software is always safe and always belongs to you and you alone. If you cancel your Centrex Software account, all your data will be sent to you upon canceling. You can also export your raw data at any time within Centrex Software to run your own reports.

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