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A mobile app to help you spend smarter, save more, and avoid unwanted bank fees.


Brigit is a financial management mobile app to help you manage your money and monitor your bank accounts. Brigit was founded to promote sustainable financial wellbeing to everyone. With this aim, Brigit’s team built an app to provide you with transparent, fair, and simple tools to avoid unfair fees and help you spend wisely to save more money.

Manage Your Finances With Brigit

Americans spend an average of $825 per year on overdraft fees alone. Banks and other lenders win when you struggle and need extra cash. You could use this extra money you are giving to banks or lenders to finance your next personal project or simply buy something for yourself. To help you avoid unwanted fees, save money, and permanently transform your financial future, Brigit app includes features like:

  • Alerts to help you keep your balance positive to avoid fees.
  • Personalized tools to make smart decisions on spending. 
  • Extra cash to cover a gap at no added cost with the flexibility to pay it back when you can.

Get On Track With Your Finances

Brigit app offers personalized and straightforward tools to help you manage your money and spend, avoid fees, and save more. Some of the perks of using Brigit app include:

  • Clear Insights: Take control of your budget by looking into your spending habits and keeping up on bills before they arrive.
  • Cash Advance: Get up to $250 instantly for an emergency with no credit check, no interest, and the flexibility of paying it back when you can.
  • Flexibility: If you need an extension on your cash advance or want to pay it off early, it is your decision.
  • Avoid Overdraft Fees: Predict and get alerts if your balance won’t cover upcoming expenses.
  • Auto Advances: With this feature, you will get auto automatic cash advances if your balance does not cover future expenses to avoid fees.
  • New opportunities: Increase your income accessing full or part-time jobs.

To keep up with your finances, Brigit app allows you to know your bank balance with real-time alerts, create easy budgets to stay on top of your spending, and track your savings after avoiding unwanted fees.

How Much Does Brigit App Cost?

Brigit app offers transparent and straightforward pricing:

  1. The Free Plan includes alerts, financial insights, and monitoring at no cost. 
  2. The Plus Plan is only $9.99 per month that provides extra financial tools to help you budget and cash interest-free. 

They also have a referral program to earn free membership when you refer family or friends.

Getting Started With Brigit App

Getting started with Brigit app is simple. Once you have downloaded the app from either Apple Store or Google Play, connect your bank account in a few clicks. Brigit works with over 15,000 banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Chase, or Navy Federal Credit Union. 

With 91% of Brigit members having reported less financially stressed and 75% having reported performing a better job, Brigit is on a great way to help everyday Americans build a brighter financial future. 

Getting started with Brigit takes under 2 minutes, with no credit check and no hidden costs.

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+1 Million Members

Brigit has helped over 1 million people break free of financial stress, unfair fees, and worsening credit scores.

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Brigit has helped its members save over $50 million in overdraft fees, an average of $500 per person.

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Over 100,000 5 stars reviews on Apple Store and Google Play from everyday Americans in 50 states.


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