Best Portfolio Trackers

Best Portfolio Trackers To Track Investments

A good portfolio tracker is one that gives clear and simple insight into the investments that you have made and how they are performing individually and collectively.  Everyone’s investment strategy is different. Depending on the complexity of your investments, you may need more comprehensive portfolio tracking software.

The Best Portfolio Trackers

What To Look For In a Portfolio Tracker

Investment strategies and total assets will impact your decision on which portfolio tracker makes sense for you.  Here are some key aspects to look for when choosing a portfolio tracker.  Pricing Options: In our research, a portfolio tracker shouldn’t break the bank, especially since your average brokerage provider has some sort of built-in tracking. We added more weight to products that allow for either a free option or provide a free trial. In addition to free trials, competitive pricing in relation to features carries significant weight in our assessment.  Brokerage Sync:  We favor products that give import abilities from your brokerage account to automatically track buy/sell trades. Some free options allow you to track your stock investments in real-time, although you have to continuously update them manually. Ideally, you want to focus on which investments are performing, and not ensuring that your portfolio tracker is up to date with manual imports. Bank Account Sync: Your cash on hand or liquidity is a crucial aspect of your portfolio to have daily insight. Similar to your investments automatically syncing, this data saves you time, with real-time liquidity insights. Import/Export Functionality: While it’s great to have all of your data stored in one easily accessible view, that data is likely needed elsewhere — for instance on your tax returns.  Investing Features: In addition to basic portfolio monitoring, some providers offer comprehensive investment solutions including wealth management, robo advisor products, advanced data insights, and more.  Platform Support: Cross-platform support, that keeps you connected on the go should be a key consideration. Mobile support through apps, as well as web/desktop support, should sync seamlessly. Customer Support: For portfolio trackers with advanced features this holds especially true. When your assets are involved, if there are any questions, or changes that need to be made, support for customers via phone, email, and chat are all considered into our top picks. 

How We Chose The Best Portfolio Tracker

To help you choose the best portfolio tracking option, we analyzed over 140 data points from 15 separate options. From there we eliminated 5 options based on what important aspects were clearly missing. That left us with 10 portfolio tracking products to analyze which were ranked by the various features and product offerings that were made available. From there we determined the top 5 portfolio trackers.

Here Are The 5 Best Portfolio Trackers 

1. ShareSight

Best For: Best Overall Portfolio Tracker Sharesight, when stacked up to other providers, showcases its focus and dedication to true portfolio monitoring without unnecessary or overcomplicated features.  Regardless of which Sharesight plan (highlighted below) suits your needs, there is a free option available and you can get started with a free trial at any level.

Sharesight Pricing

Plan / PriceOptionsFeaturesSupport
Free Plan – $0/mo 1 portfolio  10 holdings Limited reporting Automatic dividends Price alerts Help Center Community Forum
Starter Plan – $12/mo 1 portfolio  20 holdings Limited reporting Automatic dividends Price alerts Help Center Community Forum
Investor Plan – $19/mo 3 portfolio  Unlimited holdings Advanced reporting Automatic dividends Price alerts Cash Accounts Xero Integration Benchmarking Email  Chat Help Center Community Forum
Expert Plan – $25/mo 5 portfolio  Unlimited holdings Full reporting Automatic dividends Price alerts Cash Accounts Xero Integration Benchmarking Contribution Analysis Report 5 custom groups Priority Email  Priority Chat Help Center Community Forum

Who’s It For

Sharesight is for all investors, and they mention that DIY investors are going to be particularly benefited by their service.  Investors who are looking to get further insight into their portfolio that their brokerage account (or collection of brokerage accounts) will not provide.  If your portfolio contains international exchanges or cash accounts in different currencies Sharesight’s software delivers effective solutions for these complexities. Investors looking to actively monitor their portfolio in various segments (they call them groups) to showcase performance across various investments.

Why We Like It

The simplicity in which Sharesight’s software presents complex investments data in one single service sets them apart. Competitive pricing, and free plans make it easy to get your started as you learn how to get the most out of their offerings.  Their customer service also set themselves apart from other product offerings. Even on the free plan you have some level of support, and their expert plan, at only $25/mo gives you access to priority customer support via chat or email.  If staying connected on any platform is important to you Sharesight has support on desktop, iOS and Android.

Why You Might Avoid It

You are looking for a truly free service and have no issue importing your holdings. Potentially avoid this if you want to avoid a monthly subscription cost assuming you need more than just the free plan. 

2. Personal Capital

Best For: Best For Financial Planning & Wealth Management Personal Capital may be the most powerful and comprehensive financial tool on this list, although if your only use for it is a portfolio tracker, it can get pricey (depending on your total assets).  User feedback and reviews of the platform have been overwhelmingly positive. This is especially true for accounts with less than $1,000,000 of assets being monitored, as that is their free option.

Personal Capital Pricing

Personal Capital’s pricing structure is similar to how many financial advisors approach their pricing, through assets under management (AUM). 

AssetsCommission ( Annually )
First $1 million Free
First $3 million0.79% of AUM
From $3-5 million0.69% of AUM
From $5-10 million0.59% of AUM
Over $10 million0.49% of AUM

Who’s It For

Investors looking for wealth management should find satisfaction in Personal Capital’s service.  Pair this with automated investing and Personal Capital is an excellent choice. Take a look at their personalized investment methodology white paper to learn more.

What sets Personal Capital apart from the others as well is their world class suite of personal finance tools. Over 2 million users are taking advantage of tools like portfolio tracking (obviously), budget monitoring, high yield savings accounts, and more. 

Why We Like It

They have world-class financial monitoring tools that extend beyond just portfolio tracking. A seasoned company, they have been around for more than 10 years now, and continue to add features to their products, as well as grow their trusted user base.  One new feature is their bill tracking software that helps you either cancel recurring subscriptions or negotiate better rates.

Why You Might Avoid It

If wealth management isn’t something you are looking for, or your total net worth is above 1 million dollars you might pass on Personal Capital. It could add unnecessary cost to your already established financial plan, especially if you are already working with, and happy with, another financial advisor. 

3. StockMarketEye

Best For: Platform Support & Budget A product that is lesser known to most but powerful enough to stack up to bigger brands, StockMarketEye brings simplicity and powerful functionality for a competitively low price.  This product has a dedicated following praising their product offering and ease of use. StockMarketEye was featured on CNET and has had consistent software updates to their various applications for the better part of a decade. 

StockMarketEye Pricing

A competitive aspect of their pricing is that you license the product annually, for a lower rate after year one.  The pricing is simple and easy to understand. What you might pay monthly with another service, you can pay annually

First Year$99.99 one time 
2nd Year & $49.99/yr

Who’s It For

Developed by a self proclaimed independent developer, this product still provides a professional grade of service. Any investor at any level looking for sophisticated portfolio tracking can utilize StockMarketEye effectively. 

Why We Like It

Most major brokerage firms sync seamlessly with their product to give insights into real-time portfolio performance.  They have support for numerous asset classes including forex, options, and more commonly stock equities.  On first glace their interface may look slightly unpolished, but their folder like structure and clear navigation make the portfolio monitoring simple and actionable. Similar to ShareSight, StockMarketEye’s complete focus is on portfolio tracking. With an excellent product and pricing that costs much less than your daily coffee its easy to pull the trigger and purchase this option.

Why You Might Avoid It

You may be looking for more advanced features like robo investing or financial advisor services. This doesn’t seem to be in the future of this product. 

4. Portfolio Analyst (Interactive Brokers)

Best For: Best For Brokerage Integration Interactive Brokers, a leading online brokerage firm, are the makers behind Portfolio Analyst. While the tools available are comprehensive and free to use, this product looks to be built as a mechanism for enticing users to sign up for Interactive Brokers brokerage accounts. If you have an IBKR account already, then it would suit you well.

Portfolio Analyst Pricing

This product is free to use for investors and costs can only be incurred through natural brokerage fees if you are to upgrade to an active Interactive Brokers account.  In 2019 we saw a number of brokerages move toward commission free offerings, but fees do still exist depending on your broker and type of investments. 

Who’s It For

This product is for all investors, but to access full functionality an Interactive Brokers account is required for their upgrade. That being said, they do provide integrations for tracking with competing brokerage firms, and include banking imports as well.  Not all brokerages are available to sync data, including the millennial favorite Robinhood. 

Why We Like It

For starters, it’s a free service to use and try out. Admittedly the interface feels clunky and somewhat data.  For all of its clunky behavior, you can sync most major bank and investment accounts and import them automatically.  It even allows you to import Zillow’s data to account for real estate holdings to help see a clearer picture of net worth over time. 

Why You Might Avoid It

You’re not interested in using a product that seemingly has the only purpose of referring Interactive Brokers investment accounts.  Another reason you may avoid this is due to platform support. This product only has a web interface integration and unless you upgrade to IBKR’s brokerage account, you’ll lose insight while you are mobile.

5. Yahoo! Finance 

Best For: Free Option Yahoo! Finance is one of the most popular financial news sources on the web. For years they’ve provided free tools for their audience including free portfolio tracking.  They have platform support for all device categories and power investor insight with a wide range of news coverage and real time data. 

Yahoo! Finance Pricing

They have always been free. More recently a new Yahoo Finance Premium came available for $34.99/mo or $349.99 annually.  The premium product gives access to advanced features and even brokerage buy/sell trade access via TradeIt.

Who’s It For

Anyone with a Yahoo account is a good starting option. However this product is available for free to everyone, after you join Yahoo.  Investors who like to follow or trade the news can get a diverse and quality stream of news from all of the best sources from around the web, including Bloomberg. 

Why We Like It

The best news providers offer their feed up to Yahoo and its advantageous to get all of that information served in one place. Because you’re using their portfolio tracker you can easily see news that’s relevant to your portfolio and get alerted on the changes that matter to you most. 

Why You Might Avoid It

Although Yahoo is a seasoned company that’s stood the test of time, it’s hard to say where the priority for supporting this product stands. We all saw how quickly Google Finance shut down, and there’s potential for that here.

Where To Go From Here

Depending on your experience as an investor, or tolerance to paying for a portfolio tracking product, you have some options.  Fortunately, all have either a free trial or a free plan to start with. If you have time, try a few out and pick the one that works best for you. 

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