6 Benefits Of A Crypto Retirement Account

Written by Banks Editorial Team
4 min. read
Written by Banks Editorial Team
4 min. read

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Most people don’t want to work forever. A retirement account gives you more choices as you get older, and even if you love your job, financial security will put you at greater ease. Crypto retirement accounts have gained steam as noteworthy options for retirement funds. While cryptos have a history of frequent booms and busts, cryptocurrencies have rewarded long-term investors. Some investors are accumulating crypto for retirement and taking a long-term approach. More people are using Bitcoin IRA and similar crypto retirement account providers to buy digital assets and increase potential returns.

Invest in 60+ Cryptocurrencies - Easy. Fast. Secure.

It’s not too late to diversify your retirement with cryptocurrency. Get started with a Crypto IRA platform with over $2B in transactions and 170,000+ users. Buy & sell 60+ cryptocurrencies in your IRA and keep your profits.

What is a Crypto Retirement Account?

Self-directed IRAs allow you to build your crypto position with built-in tax protections. Crypto Roth IRA account contributions get taxed going into the account, but you won’t get taxed on any qualifying withdrawals. In addition, investors use Roth IRAs to avoid capital gains taxes.

Some investors also use a traditional crypto IRA. Investors contribute to these accounts with pretax income, lowering their current tax bill. Retirees have to pay taxes on their withdrawals, but those tax payments depend on your current income. Most people are in a lower tax bracket by the time they retire, which helps them save money in the long run. You will owe capital gains tax, but the money grows undisturbed until you start withdrawing. Some investors can only contribute to their retirement accounts because they can tap into pretax income for a Traditional IRA.

How Crypto Retirement Accounts Work

Crypto retirement accounts are long-term investments that keep your crypto safe from taxes. The crypto retirement account provider will store the crypto and let you use cash to buy assets. Investors cannot transfer crypto from their wallet or another source into a cryptocurrency IRA provider. Some crypto IRAs only let you trade a small number of cryptos, but Bitcoin IRA has over 60 cryptocurrencies available. That’s more than what most crypto IRA companies provide to their members.

You can invest in crypto for retirement even if you do not have a retirement account. However, the main attraction of an individual retirement account is the tax advantages. Investing in retirement accounts makes the most sense if you do not need the money for several years to avoid fees and penalties.

Are Crypto Retirement Accounts Safe?

Crypto IRA providers store your crypto off the grid to protect it from hackers. Many of these providers, including Bitcoin IRA, also have expansive insurance policies that offer additional protection. Crypto IRA providers use these safeguards to keep your crypto safe.

Invest in 60+ Cryptocurrencies - Easy. Fast. Secure.

It’s not too late to diversify your retirement with cryptocurrency. Get started with a Crypto IRA platform with over $2B in transactions and 170,000+ users. Buy & sell 60+ cryptocurrencies in your IRA and keep your profits.

6 Benefits of a Crypto Retirement Account

A crypto retirement account can be a useful resource as you plan for retirement. Investing in a crypto retirement account provides several benefits.

1. Portfolio Diversification

A diverse portfolio lets you capitalize on a wide range of assets. As a result, your portfolio has more opportunities to grow, and if an asset underperforms, your other investments can limit the damage. Cryptocurrencies increase your portfolio’s diversity and can bolster portfolios that revolve around stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, or real estate. Having other investments can help you compensate for crypto’s volatility, but when crypto soars, few assets can replicate its success.

You can start with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but investors can choose from numerous cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin IRA currently lets its members buy and sell over 60 cryptocurrencies. This range allows investors to diversify their crypto portfolios so they do not have to rely on Bitcoin and Ethereum for high returns. 

2. Decentralization

Fiat currencies are centralized, meaning a single entity makes decisions that impact the people who use the currency. The Federal Reserve printed trillions of dollars in a short timeframe, rapidly increasing the money supply and causing inflation in the process. The Fed is in the process of countering inflation with interest rate hikes. These hikes are slowing down businesses and creating more financial stress for consumers.

The current global economy demonstrates the risks of centralized finance. Crypto’s decentralized platform offers a solution. Cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain technology to increase transparency and use a decentralized approach. No entity can manipulate the crypto supply or make decisions that significantly impact every crypto holder. Crypto enthusiasts believe the asset’s decentralized nature can make it a robust currency in the future, and some investors are willing to get in early.

3. Potential for Growth and Gains

When cryptocurrencies rise, they soar. As of writing, the S&P 500 has been up 54% in the past five years. During the same timeframe, Bitcoin increased by 359%. Cryptocurrencies have crashed by over 50% on multiple occasions, and each crash makes people question these assets. After the 2018 crypto crash, people raised more doubts about crypto and dismissed it as a fad. However, cryptocurrencies proceeded to eclipse their 2017 highs and reach new levels. The assets have proven historical resilience in a wave of volatility.

4. Tax Benefits

Cryptocurrencies receive the same treatment with short-term and long-term capital gains taxes. Holding onto crypto for over a year will help you save. Cryptocurrencies are also free from the wash sale rule. You can sell crypto at a loss, immediately repurchase the position, and use it as a tax loss. Stock investors have to wait at least 30 days before repurchasing their positions for their losses to count as tax deductions.

Crypto has great tax benefits on its own, but combining it with an individual retirement account amplifies the perks. You can escape capital gains taxes with a Roth IRA or lower your current tax bill with a Traditional IRA. Some investors contribute to both types of retirement accounts to spread the benefits.

5. Security

Crypto retirement accounts provide more security than traditional crypto investing strategies, and you won’t have to worry about setting up a digital wallet. Crypto IRA providers know the best protocols for safely storing crypto and have just-in-case insurance policies that cover more ground than a retail investor could obtain on their own. Bitcoin IRA has a custody insurance policy that covers up to $700 million. Your crypto is in safe hands when you trust the right crypto IRA provider.

6. Long-Term Benefits

Investing in a long-term game where people hope their money compounds over time. Taxes can put a damper on your gains, but crypto retirement accounts shield you from those payments. Your portfolio will grow as crypto appreciates, and you can even trade crypto in your retirement account.

Where to Get a Crypto Retirement Account

A crypto retirement account can help you achieve your financial goals sooner. These accounts combine the immense potential of crypto with tax protections that help you get more mileage out of your investments. Crypto investors can get a crypto retirement account through Bitcoin IRA. Over 170,000 users signed up for the platform to obtain self-directed crypto IRAs. Investors can select between traditional and Roth IRAs and feel confident about their crypto. In addition, Bitcoin IRA has 100% offline, cold storage and insurance coverage to protect your assets.

Are you ready to enter the world of crypto and receive tax safeguards? You can open a Bitcoin IRA account by visiting their website and start investing for your retirement. Bitcoin IRA lets you select from over 60 cryptocurrencies, and you do 24/7 crypto trading on their platform. Cryptocurrencies will add more diversification to your retirement account, and Bitcoin IRA can help you generate meaningful returns in the process.

Invest in 60+ Cryptocurrencies - Easy. Fast. Secure.

It’s not too late to diversify your retirement with cryptocurrency. Get started with a Crypto IRA platform with over $2B in transactions and 170,000+ users. Buy & sell 60+ cryptocurrencies in your IRA and keep your profits.

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