How to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE)

Written by Banks Editorial Team
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Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read

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You can find digital currency Dogecoin (DOGE) in most cryptocurrency exchanges these days, and if you think it’s time to think about how to invest in it, read on to learn more about:

  • Dogecoin as an investment
  • How you can buy Dogecoin
  • The storage options you have for your Dogecoin
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Get Started With Dogecoin Investing

Send, receive, and exchange Bitcoin and 200+ cryptocurrencies with ease on Exodus—the world’s leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware crypto wallet.

Is Dogecoin (DOGE) a good investment?

Like most cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is a volatile investment asset with the potential for significant gains. Historically speaking, if you bought DOGE before the beginning of 2021, your returns would be no less than 10x anytime after March 2021.

As all disclaimers state, past performance is no indication of future returns. Historical prices of Dogecoin have fluctuated dramatically, though the picture so far is one of the significant long-term gains.

The above applies, to some extent, to most cryptocurrencies. As an individual asset, there are a few unique arguments in the coin’s favor. Dogecoin is one of the easier coins for beginners to invest in, both in terms of its low price and its current market position.

In terms of popularity, Dogecoin isn’t as popular as bitcoin or other leading cryptos. However, it has a unique position as something that started as a joke but carried on to become incredibly popular. According to co-creator Billy Markus, the original intention was to create a parody of the many clone coins coming out at the time. Clone coins were essentially boring reiterations of the same model that failed to differentiate themselves. Ironically, Dogecoin, in its attempt to parody the rest, became a unique coin that quickly gained traction.

Unlike other popular cryptos, Dogecoin is an infinite resource. It doesn’t have limits placed by halving restrictions, as Bitcoin does. Combined with frantic mining, meme-fueled mania has created a unique and highly volatile asset. The ease of mining has unclear implications for its future price.

One promising factor is Dogecoin’s popularity among the young and its ease of access through finance apps used by the same demographic.

It’s wiser to see “investing” in Dogecoin as speculation. There are certainly profit opportunities, but the coin’s position makes it particularly volatile. If you can accept it for what it is and only take risks you find acceptable; there’s nothing wrong with buying it.

How to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE)

There are different ways how you can buy DOGE, here you can find an example of the steps to take:

1. Decide the Investment Amount

Once you’ve found an exchange to buy your Dogecoin from, you will need to make a decision on how much to enter the market with. It’s your responsibility to make investment decisions based on your understanding of investment products. That includes understanding what moves its prices and the risks involved. 

2. Find a Crypto Exchange to Buy Dogecoin

Several popular, safe, mainstream exchanges and trading platforms make it easy to buy Dogecoin for both expert and beginners crypto traders. Some also offer hosted storage solutions, making storing your Dogecoin easier for beginners. Platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Gemini, Robinhood and Exodus all offer Dogecoin.

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Get Started With Dogecoin Investing

Send, receive, and exchange Bitcoin and 200+ cryptocurrencies with ease on Exodus—the world’s leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware crypto wallet.

Exodus offers a hybrid option. Instead of just functioning as an exchange, Exodus is a crypto wallet with a built-in exchange that you could use as a Dogecoin wallet. That means you can work backward; the platform is a complete, professional storage solution that also makes it easy for investors to purchase Dogecoin and other cryptos like Litecoin, Shiba Inu, Monero and, of course, popular Bitcoin. It offers a desktop software application that you can sync with a mobile app to manage your crypto for your mobile device on the go. To keep your assets secured, you are the only ones with access to your private keys to your software wallet, and they have also partnered with Trezor Hardware Wallet that you can use with no extra sign-in required.

3. Choose from the Different Options to Pay for Dogecoin

Most exchanges accept a mix of fiat and cryptocurrencies to purchase Dogecoin. If you already have Bitcoin or other popular cryptos, you can easily trade them for DOGE on an exchange.

Most exchanges enable users to purchase cryptos with fiat payment methods. The range of accepted payment methods will vary from exchange to exchange. Some of them will only accept bank transfers, while others will accept PayPal and other payment methods.

4. Store your Dogecoin

Storing Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency requires a crypto wallet.

Crypto wallets come in many forms. To learn everything you need to know about crypto wallets, click here.

If you purchase your Dogecoin on an exchange, you can typically just store it on your hosted wallet. Exchanges usually offer hosted wallets so their customers can easily store cryptos on their platform.

There are many more options for self-custody wallets. These can be harder to understand and use, but they offer better security and control over your assets.

Storing your DOGE offline is safer than using a hosted wallet. The track record for hosted wallets is not great, as security continues to be a problem.

One solution to these issues is Exodus, an easy-to-use crypto wallet that also serves as an exchange. Exodus enables users to store Dogecoin and over 70 other digital assets securely. Transactions are conducted in crypto, and it’s easy to send bitcoin to a new Exodus wallet. From there, users can trade for any of those dozens of available cryptocurrencies.

For crypto beginners, Exodus also offers passive income opportunities. Users can earn interest by staking crypto on the platform. While you can’t stake DOGE, there are other staking opportunities you can take advantage of. 

How to Get Started with Buying Dogecoin

So far, we’ve gone over Dogecoin and the process of buying it. Now, let’s put it in more practical terms. Anyone can get started on Exodus and start trading for Dogecoin. If you want to get started as well, you just need to follow a few steps:

  1. Download Exodus for desktop from their site or get their mobile app
  2. Add digital assets into the wallet
  3. Get on the Exchange App to trade for the cryptos of your choosing (DOGE included, of course)
  4. Send or receive DOGE easily with a secure DOGE wallet
  5. OPTIONAL: Take advantage of staking opportunities with SOL

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