Smart Credit Services: Improve Your Financial Health

Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read
Written by Banks Editorial Team
3 min. read

As all-in-one financial tool, Smart Credit services make it easier for you to pursue financial health. With a world full of online resources and services, finding a company that can offer many different services seamlessly isn’t always as easy as you may think. People frequently find themselves using one company for credit monitoring, and another for identity theft protection. Many will use yet another service to help keep track of bills and spending habits. Smart Credit offers its customers an opportunity to put all of these services and more under one umbrella. The following are some of the best features and services of a Smart Credit membership that you won’t want to miss.

Smart Credit Services

Easy Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring isn’t just about seeing a number that you don’t like and wishing it was better. For years, improving credit was a difficult task that few could manage to navigate. Smart Credit services offers credit monitoring that goes far beyond the norm. Not only can you monitor transactions that appear on your credit report, but now you can take action. Smart Credit will let you handle identity theft, negotiate debt and communicate directly with your creditors with the click of a button. No hassle and no lengthy paperwork are required to take your credit into your own hands. You can track the history of your credit and see how you are doing over a period of time, not just on a given day. You’ll also be able to look beyond just the overall credit score and monitor the numbers on your report that auto lenders, insurance companies and even potential employers may be observing.

Credit Score Apps

Experian Boost is a free service that allows you to add eligible, on-time payments to your credit report, potentially increasing your credit score.

Effective Money Management

Historically, people have either been good or bad with their money. This is usually because some people are better at organization and budgeting than others. Today, Smart Credit levels the playing field so that everyone can be good with their money. Smart Credit automatically finds your accounts so you won’t have to go digging through all your records to manually enter into the system. Managing your money doesn’t have to be such a chore. The following features with Smart Credit make managing your daily spending a breeze.

  • Monitor your individual transactions
  • Receive payment alerts before due dates
  • Get updated statements and reports within 24 hours
  • Develop a budget
  • Communicate with your bank instantly

Life is what you make of it, and life definitely wasn’t ever meant to be spent worrying about money. Smart Credit sets you up to be as organized as possible without any hassle or frustration. Knowing where you stand financially, and having the tools to stay on top of your overall financial picture is the most important way for you to stay financially secure instead of feeling the pinch of crippling debt.

Identity Theft Protection

Sadly, identity theft is more common now than ever before. Financial institutions and major companies work feverishly to increase security around your data, but new ways to steal your identity pop-up seemingly every day. While everyone hopes that they won’t ever have to worry with the burden of having their identity stolen, being prepared to handle it quickly and effectively is vital if that day should come. Smart Credit offers identity theft alerts that allow you to stop the problem immediately. You can quickly inform your bank and creditors about unauthorized purchases and without a lot of red tape. To minimize the damage, fast action is necessary and you don’t have the time to waste. Smart Credit makes it simple so identity theft can be stopped dead in its tracks, minimizing the damage.

Credit Score Apps

Experian Boost is a free service that allows you to add eligible, on-time payments to your credit report, potentially increasing your credit score.

Identity Fraud Insurance

Smart Credit doesn’t believe that because identity theft could happen to anyone, that it’s just part of the cost of living. If you are the victim of identity theft, your Smart Credit membership also includes $1 million in identity fraud insurance with your membership fee. This insurance is not an extra add-on, it comes standard for every member. There is no deductible with this policy, so in the event that you have to make a claim, you will get the full amount owed. This insurance doesn’t just cover the single member, but also every member of the household. The policy even covers expenses you incur as a result of having to replace your passport, driver’s license and other forms of identification. Every Smart Credit member must activate their insurance policy upon starting their membership.

Make Life Simple with Smart Credit Services

These are just some of the amazing benefits that come with a Smart Credit membership. With one of the most user-friendly platforms, anyone can join and immediately begin making their financial life a little more secure. Few other companies can provide the action tools, monitoring and alerts, and historical data that Smart Credit provides. When you add the element of $1 million worth of identity fraud insurance at no additional cost, there has never been a better service.

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